Handbags at dawn in Cranleigh?



The stilettoes were out  this week when newby Cranleigh Parish Councillors, Dominique McAll and Liz Townsend, fought over who should be selected as the Conservative candidate to stand in the Borough Council By-Election to be held next month.

Both ladies were well-placed to take on the borough councillor mantle being parish councillors, but as the cards fell Ms McAll lost out to Ms Townsend – who in addition is the popular Chairman of the Cranleigh Civic Society and for whom she has earned  a formidable  reputation for….

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Waverley Web informers told us Ms McAll felt so bruised from the fallout with her former colleague-in-arms that she has now resigned from the Parish Council in high dudgeon, and… is considering appealing to Tory Tossers Tower where  the head honcho’s of the party preside.

That’s probably the dumbest thing Ms McAll has ever done – and if she’s not careful, we will have no choice but to call her Dumb not Dom!

Why? Because Cranleigh Parish Council has been on an upward trajectory ever since Ms McAll and Ms Townsend joined that former hotbed of self-interest. The two newby councillors punched well above their weight from the outset, lending their support to the previously beleaguered Councillor Mary Foryszewski who, for far too long, had been a lone voice in the parish council wilderness. 

For a short space of time – too short – the three Valkyries bestrode Cranleigh as if it were Valhalla but now Ms McAll has fallen off her pink cloud with a thud.

Our advice to Ms McAll is to pick herself up, blow her nose, wipe her mascara and throw herself back into the fray. Never mind! There will be other opportunities and, in the meantime, CRANLEIGH NEEDS YOU!

There’s not enough space here to explain just how much or why Cranleigh needs you – really, really needs you – besides, you know why – Cranleigh is the new land of milk and money, it’s been designated an area of outstanding natural profitability by greedy landowners and cowboy developers! And who’s going to save it if you don’t? Ms Townsend & whose army?

So Dom, don’t be dumb, stow your pride, put your lipstick on and get back in that saddle before someone far less able grabs the reigns! 

And our advice to Ms Townsend (not that anyone takes any notice of us) is to pick up the phone and tell Ms McAll, “there’s been a lot of sh** flying around and things got a little heated  – so lets put the sh** behind us and get on with the real job in hand  sorting out the Sh** and floodwater that Cranleigh will soon be up to its neck in and …keep working on behalf of the people who had enough confidence in us to elect us  just over a year ago! Because some people/developers would love to see CPC implode!

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