Oh dear! What can the matter be?


Oh, dear, what can the matter be?

Oh, dear what can the matter be?

 Waverley Council just will not  listen to me,

and we all  think its unfair!  

So say Parish Council Chairmen, Richard Hogsflesh (Chiddingfold) and Charles Orange (Hascombe), who are still arguing in the Haslemere Herald that:

“We do not need so many houses so why are [Waverley] planning on building them?”


“I am quite sure the vast majority of Waverley residents would want us to have a lower housing target, so why isn’t our council taking advantage of more up to date statistics?”


“I am disappointed many comments seem to have been made in order to attempt to justify the inclusion of the large housing and business development at Dunsfold Airfield rather than responding in a balanced way.”

Even Yesterday’s Man, Groucho Ground, had to get in on the act, bleating:

“The indications are the Waverley steam train for 2,600 houses on the aerodrome is proceeding regardless of all obstacles/objections on the track – rather as the fenders on the front of trains in the USA sweep everything before them off the track from cows to stage coaches.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 16.18.02.png

Got it in one Groucho! Nice to see you’ve taken on board what Waverley webbers said about that train having left the station! Now you just need to jump  on it or get over it!

As for Messrs Hogwash and OJ we can tell you why Waverley is no heeding  your – advice? 

You just haven’t been listening to Sajid Javid, The Tory’s Communities and Local Government Secretary, who has urged the public [that’s you, in case you hadn’t realised] to drop their Nimby objections to house building and warns failing to build new homes will  be a “betrayal” of the next generation!

To be more precise what Mr Javid, actually said was too many people “object to houses being built next to us” and he urged them to “change that attitude”.

He also made very clear his determination to boost housing supply when he defended the Tory record on housing saying that the last year saw more than 170,000 more new homes in England, which he described as “not a bad number but it’s far fewer than we need.” He also said the government and councils “have a responsibility to build more houses. A responsibility not just to their constituents but to the next generation.”

In case Mr Javid’s message isn’t clear enough for you, Messrs Hogswash and OJ, let us spell it out for you:

He said  that the Conservative Party was “willing to take difficult decisions, make the hard calls, in order to build a better Britain for everyone.” He also said – and please take the cotton wool out of your ears and listen up Messrs Hogwash and OJ – that if the Party chose “popularity over progress today, it would be betraying the voters of tomorrow.”
Is that clear enough for you? Do you finally get it? He’s talking to people like you, the worried well-to-do, and telling you that you can jump up and down, stamp your feet, cry foul and throw your toys out of the pram but it ‘aint going to make any difference because whilst “everyone agrees we need to build more homes … too many of us [ie, you!] object to them being built next to us [you].”

And… we here at the Waverley Web are totally opposed to homes being built on the sites that destroy the countryside, remove ancient woodland, on flood plains, served by country roads with inadequate infrastructure!

But Dunsfold Park is

… Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 10.42.03.png   Which proposes one of the most modern sewage systems in the country!

here’s a little missive we received from an Alfold villager this morning worried about the sewers after the overnight rain!

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 10.29.33.png



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