Wonder why it costs so much to Park at The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford?

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The Waverley Websters wrote a little missive a few months back … read it here:Focus on “financial position?” What’s it all about Alfie?

 You can read about  the predicted £60,000 a month that Mr Steve Leivers  was getting at his previous turnaround job but we now know it has not been matched by the Good old RSCH! Phew… breath a sigh of relief?

The tightwads at the Guildford Hospital who  have (just shoved up its car parking charges again…) has sent us the comment below to show that Mr Leivers has only been paid a measly £168.350  exclusive of VAT = £202,000 for four months = So they have only being paying the poor S** Just over £50,000 a month, not the £60,000 he was getting in his previous job!

So the miserable bunch of misers have only shelled out just over £50,000 a month for Mr Leivers help to reduce the £11.5m deficit?  Oh! and we mustn’t forget the £4.4m spent on a failed merger with Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey and the diddleydump more millions they will now spend on a wider collaboration in the “Surrey Heartlands Sustainability and Transformation Plan which is due to the changing NHS landscape”

You couldn’t make it up could you? No really – could you? 
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So. Thank you Ann Phillips for your comment on behalf of the Trust – We award you  the Waverley Web’s 2016 Scrooge Christmas Medal – for being such a penny-pinching outfit.

Wonder if they would like our medal to be  hand delivered or sent by post?Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 19.43.38.png

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