“Your Waverley” sinks the hopes of Godalming residents.


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Farnham Residents’ new boy  is repeatedly referred to as “Mr Hyman” by Waverley’s Tory Tossers – rather than the more usual title of Councillor – which  he  earned through the ballot box recently.

 Regardless of however rudely he is treated he continues to “Challenge,”ask questions, seek explanations and even more important insist on answers from “Your Waverley’s” Planning experts on residents’ behalf.

Because presumably he is under the strange misapprehension  that it’s what the residents of Farncombe expect Councillors to do? 

Pictured here he was challenging a recommendation from officers to approve the reserved matters following a permission granted earlier to build 50 houses on a contaminated flood plain in Farncombe. He asked about flood levels; queried the Sustainable Urban Drainage Plan (SUDS) and did not believe officers had addressed and answered many of the residents’ concerns including   siting a proposed children’s playground near proposed Swayles (ditches?)

 Councillor Kevin Deanus said  he too had very little faith in the Flood Authority (Surrey County Council) who were …  “perfectly happy” with the on-site flood prevention measures and despite the fact that nearby residents live with sandbags at the ready. Others too were  unsure the SUDS  – were  robust, and some were not confident  that the site would be managed properly in the future by a Residents’ Management Committee.

Councillor Hyman asked what responsibility the developer would have for the site in the future? To which he received no Answer.

The Waverley Web wonders who ends up carrying the watering can – if  homes flood in the future?

Just look at the expression on the face of Alfold & Dunsfold Councillor Kevin De’ Anus – sitting in front of Councillor Hyman this picture  says it all!

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Councillor De’Anus could be – thinking  – “one more word “Mr” Hyman and I’m out of here?” 

Fourteen councillors voted to approve  the Reserved Matters to the outline application from Croudace Homes on the site in Furze Lane and Pond Farm – one voted against (Councillor Hyman) and another abstained – we believe…(Mary Foryszewski Cranleigh.


Another Green Field That Floods Bites The Dust! And…

There are lots more similar sites to come? So… watch this space.

2 thoughts on ““Your Waverley” sinks the hopes of Godalming residents.”

  1. Councillor Hyman spoke so well and deserves Support – I think Kevin’s face was more an indication of his frustration with the lack of any answers from the Planners – I watched whilst making dinner and nearly threw my pan at the TV in Frustration with WBC

  2. If Councillor Deanus was frustrated with the lack of answers from the planners – why did he vote in favour of the application? And…. a bit of advice – Rule number One – never watch the webcast whilst making dinner – it affects the way you digest your food and can lead to stomach ulcers!

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