Coming soon – to another green field near you!

The bulldozers will  be on the new Crest Nicholson development site in Horsham Road within the month to build the first phase of  149 homes  in  Cranleigh’s countryside.

The developer who found few friends when Waverley Planners considered its detailed application a month ago, made a few minor alterations – and Bingo – another piece of the precious countryside  goes under concrete.

But what happened when “Your Waverley”s Joint planning committee met? (just 15 out of the 23 members who turned out ?) A letter was read out from Cranleigh’s intrepid travellers, supporting the application that Councillor Jeannette Stennett has  backed consistently – from their sun beds  in Oz!

YIKES! This is scary, really scary. “You cannot be serious,” as Mr Meldrew would say,  the Stennett’s can flee the country but still influence the decision-making here in Waverley from down-under? And – will they – stay to watch the misery, somehow we doubt it we see  the sunny climes of Australia beacon WWethinks?

But the bigger issue, as far as Waverley Web is concerned, is why those Cranleigh Councillors who lost their mandate to represent their parishioners  when they resigned from the Parish Council should be allowed to continue to sit as Borough Councillors and influence decision-making? It is utterly iniquitous and something must be done about it.

Of course, if the Stennett’s  had an ounce of integrity or any respect for their fellow residents they would have resigned from their positions as Borough Councillors when they resigned as Parish Councillors but then, of course, they wouldn’t be able to wield undue influence on planning matters.

In light of their own recent planning successes, visions of pigs, snouts and troughs come to mind. 

We heard from one follower, whose contact details are known to us:

>” I am interested to know if it is Waverley Borough councils policy now to allow comments to be read out from planning committee councillors who are not attending to become the norm. I find it totally unacceptable that this should happen, maybe we need not have meetings anymore and perhaps you should just have an answers on a card policy, it would certainly save the tax payer money. I am of course referring to the planning meeting where the chairman read out support from councillors Mr and Mrs Stennett for the planning application of 149 houses on Horsham Road, Cranleigh. I would also like to know if their comments were counted in a show of hands as support for this application.

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Read the decision  and the debate from the Cranleigh Society website here: you will be shocked.

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2 thoughts on “Coming soon – to another green field near you!”

  1. WW – Shocking as ever – But If “The Two” resign we will have B*all representation on the JPC from Cranleigh so like or hate them we still need someone to speak up for Cranleigh – although obviously not in this case – shocking and my heart goes out to Cranleigh YET AGAIN! – You asked me to Support development at DP in order to stop this… I CANNOT – I do not believe you are right that if DP goes through this will all stop – It will enable developments like this in Cranleigh as well as many of the other developments proposed as it will negate the unsustainability aspect to be null and void if this happens…

    where do you honestly think these new residents are going shop or send their Kids to school and Please do NOT say DP – we know there is only a tiny Pre-School and Primary school (which I cannot find any details for on their amendments) – do point me in the right direction if you can find it! – as in Land Allocated for the Primary school.

    You also know the scale of the proposed Shopping…. WW Tell me you shop for your weekly shop in a shop of 500sqm (net shopping space!) I work and do not have the time for day-to-day shopping ( I wish) so why do they presume the residents of DP will???

    DP is just the beginning and if some of the comments I have seen from Rowledge and a Small part of Godalming and alas your neck of the woods – West wants Dunsfold – East Doesn’t – As I have said on previous emails etc… WBC have managed to split us as they hoped and now we are so busy opposing each other we forget the real enemy WBC and The Planning Committee. Sorry I hate being negative – But this whole thing has left me with the feeling that if this goes through we will ALL be in a worse space and so will all of you with Children and their children

  2. WW is doing its utmost to uncover the FACTS – the real FACTS on Dunsfold Park, but in the meantime the bulldozers are rolling into Cranleigh, Farnham and all the villages around – and believe us please – we are no happier than you are! Thanks to the crass stupidity of Waverley Borough Council we are going to get the worst of all worlds. Why? Because we have no Daft Local Plan!

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