Can we all commit a planning foul and get away with it?

WW will watch this space to see if enforcement action is taken by “Your Waverley” against “Your Waverley.”

See if it gets a Red card for moving Farnham  footballers?

Place your bets in the comment blue blob at the top of the post page! Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 13.55.46

We have heard from numerous residents  fuming  at the unnecessary enforcement action taken against them for the most minor infringements of planning control. One of whom built an island in the middle of his Wonersh lake for the ducks to nest, another for a dormer window, another for a stable a couple of inches higher than permitted and so many others we do not have the space to mention. Suffice to say “Your Waverley” is pretty damned sharp at making the voting fodder toe the line!

Taken from the good old Farnham Herald – the paper that keeps a watchful eye on “Your Waverley.” on  behalf of us all!

And – what’s more it is not the first time that Waverley has “forgotten” to put in planning application before work commences on its own property. There are numerous examples of “Your Waverley” riding roughshod over its own rules! And… Mr Westcott you are absolutely right. The Council had absolutely ‘no intention of returning the changing rooms to the Memorial Hall following the refurbishment. What’s more … it is playing a game of Monopoly with Farnham properties, its residents, its heritage and…worse still its residents personal money and the borough taxpayer’s money!                                                           

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