Farnham’s David & Goliath type fight goes up a notch?



‘Your Waverley’s” Bully Boys think that may have got the better of those damnable residents dubbed by councillors as ” people with too much time on their hands.”

This oh, so predictable Council of ours, has decided to try and kick Farnham residents’ into touch even before the real fight  begins – typical?

The Farnham FIG, has  been given leave for a judicial Review of just some of “Your Waverley” dodgey dealings with the even dodgier partner/developer Crest Nicholson – {what a dastardly duo?) But now the BB’s, as we shall now refer to them, are claiming the local ratepayer has no right to challenge the power crazy Council over the way  their taxes are used. So…the BB intends to give them a good drubbing – in their pockets – where it hurts!

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 14.10.27.png

Challenging Waverley is exactly what you mustn’t contemplate, according to “Our Elsey” who told her Overview and Scrutiny colleague as she laid into  newly elected Farnham Residents’ Jerry Hyman.  He could be a “critical friend,” but no “Challenging” thank you very much. Read it for yourselves  here: Oh really “Elsey” – you are awful?

So if their own councillors can’t  Challenge “Your Waverley” who the bloody well can? Certainly not the upstart residents of Farnham who are too far above themselves for their own good. Or, for that matter, those tenants  who dare challenge, The Egan’s of Milford who challenge BB’s  underhand dealings with “that fraud”… the organisations in the voluntary sector that dare to question … in fact anyone who challenges the iron fist that is “Your present day Waverley”

And… as the writer of this letter to the Farnham Herald claims, what exactly is Goliath and his developer friend afraid of? Being found out by little old David?

You know what folks, maybe we should all be dipping into our pockets to give these brave souls a helping hand, in the name of fairness and to protect what’s left of our local democracy? 


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