Ghost Busters?

JOB VACANCY: Ghost Buster wanted in Cranleigh

Be afraid! Be very afraid! According to the Surrey Advertiser the Elderly Crusader (AKA Kay Newham) has cranked open the lid of her coffin and been resurrected as a Cranleigh Parish  Councillor!

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Just when you thought it was safe to walk Cranleigh High Street, Marmite is on the march again.

We knew things were a tad desperate over there in Cranleigh with resignations raining down like confetti but we didn’t realise the Cemetery Committee was digging up the bodies as fast as the Ellises and the Stennetts were trying to bury them!

We heard at the Waverley Web from a follower that the former borough councillor had gone Down Under – not died of course – but gone to Australia  – because she is so embarrassed that Cranleigh still does not have the replacement  hospital that she fought so hard for!  Has she really returned to become a Cranleigh councillor? Answers on a postcard please to?

Watch out Cranleigh: broomsticks at 11 o’clock! There could be trouble ahead?

You can read about it in the Surrey Advertiser here :

16.07.22 – Shouts of Shame

4 thoughts on “Ghost Busters?”

  1. I rang the Surrey Advertiser over this very article and was told that the reporter had put Kay Newnham instead of Kate Fernandez. I did suggest that they should make amends on their web page but it must have fell on deaf ears as still no correction.

  2. Easiest election I have ever won, no canvassing, no effort, I was even abroad when the count was held. However I hope the Cranleigh Parish Council will accept my apologies for the coming year! Off to Oz.
    P.S Waverley Web, the name is Newnham!

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