Another one bites the dust?

Sing along with us at WW.

What is it with those councillors over there in Cranleigh – now you see them – now you don’t!

Let’s recap.

Two councillors resigned shortly before Christmas – one was Bob Wilson – the other was Gareth Emmett both of whom wanted to spend more time with there families?  Or something like that? That prompted a by-election for the East Ward – and Bryan Freeston  an Independent was elected. –  but, not until after Waverley Borough Council had cocked up and sent incorrect postal ballot forms out, forcing them to be re-issued. Richard Bryant leading member of the Cranleigh Civic Society was co-opted into the other vacant seat.

Two down

The Chairman resigned because he had an hissy  fit over being blamed for the shenanigans which surround the Beryl Harvey Field. His name is Gill and he remains as a councillor.

Another one to go.

Howard Wagstaff – a paper candidate last May, who obviously was just used to ensure the Tory stranglehold on Cranleigh continued and to kick out the Lib Dem duo – The Reeds,  has now himself been kicked out because he broke the six month rule by not even turning up. Talk about treating the Cranleigh electorate with contempt.But then what do they say, – we get the government we deserve! The people of Cranleigh are telling us they are  no longer prepared to accept “the old regime.” They want “change and that CPC is in chaos.”

Another one bites the dust!

Following a real old fracas last Thursday a new Chairman and Vice-chairman have been elected. Mary Foryszewski and Dominique McCall. Now that Cranleigh’s old guard have bitten  the dust!  However -WW believes:

Patricia Ellis and Stuart  Stennett have both resigned from the planning committee – but remain as councillors, WHY WW wonders? Have they thrown their toys out of the pram because an Ellis wasn’t elected as Vice – Chairman? Or, more likely, having been prevented from speaking out on various local planning applications, they may now feel their shackles have been removed! Talk about corporate/village responsibility!

Two more down!

So now there will be yet another By-election for the Cranleigh East  Ward to fill Wagstaff’s boots (not very big ones we hear.)

Now if you think things are bad at  Cranleigh Parish Council’s front of house  – you cannot imagine what is going on behind the scenes! Apparently there have been so many verbal punch ups, that they make Big Brother look like Mary Poppins.





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