It wasn’t a lot like Christmas!

Despite what the pundits said on Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce website – some people thought Scrooge was running the Christmas festivities this year

Our contributors want to know: Where were the snow machines that the kids absolutely loved? Where were all the stalls selling goodies, handbags/scarves Christmas gifts etc and stalls laden with food?

Where was the children’s entertainment? Oh yes, guess where – in Manns of Cranleigh – where else shoppers! Drag the kids in and get a parent too.

DSC_3714Great that Ewhurst’s own little drummer boy was invited to switch on the lights. The wannabe developer has just had his development kicked into touch we hear. He says he is coming back with an even bigger one soon!

The lights turned on at 6.30 pm – too late boys!  It’s normally at 5 pm for families – hence families making a quick getaway, in the bitterly cold wind. The streets were almost empty by 7.15.

WW poses the question on behalf of Cranleigh residents? Is it about filling tills or providing an evening of festive fun and market shopping. Is Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce turning into a businessman’s club?

Shall we hazard a guess as to which property developer sponsored the lights this year? Answers on a postcard please…

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