Whatever happened to Diane James?

Our former local Waverley Borough Councillor, UKIP MEP and UKIP leader (for a massive 18 days) didn’t stand in the recent Euro elections, even though she has recently switched to The Brexit Party.

Her social media intern has stopped the updates, and her website has been hacked.
At least she has her redundancy ‘transitional allowance’ to see her through if she is unable to find a job – MEPs who have served one term get a maximum pre-tax payment of €50,900 (£44,930).

So do we expect to see her back on Ewhurst Parish Council soon? Better still – get yourself back to ‘Your Waverley’ at the next available By-Election Dianne? That would certainly stir things up – and you could finish off what you started. By sorting through that basket filled with all the dirty washing left by the Tories. Because now that Farnham Residents’ has turned its back on Cllr Jerry Hyman, the man who could have checked the laundry – is there any one man/woman enough over at ‘Your Waverley’ to do the job? 

So go girl – go? Get back into the local scene – because you certainly stirred things up in Europe.


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