COVID hunts out and hits our Jeremy – MP for SW Surrey.

Poor old Jeremy – first a broken arm after falling over on the ice, and now COVID has struck down the former Secretary of State for Health – who is now -Chairman of the Health & Social Care Select Committee. Despite having the vaccination for the dreaded coronavirus, our SW Surrey MP is self-isolating with mild symptoms – so far so good – along with the rest of his family.

Even hiding behind the trees at his country home in Markwick Lane didn’t help MP Jeremy Hunt avoid – COVID- 19.


The moral of the tale here is quite simple: ‘Have vaccine – doesn’t automatically mean immunity.’ We here at the Waverley Web have heard of a considerable number of our friends and family who know of others who have contracted the disease, despite having been vaccinated!

You will see from our MP’s article in the Farnham Herald that he has congratulated track and trace. However, a member of our team here at the Waverley Web has been waiting 14 weeks for his test results – and has heard Zilch from Track & Trace.  We are also aware of many, who are ignoring the rules on self-isolating and travelling vast distances!

We wish JH a speedy recovery. Because after all, he has much to do. Our Social Care system is quite simply, broken and unfit for purpose. It is a national disgrace.  Two wheels had already fallen off our SC system BC (Before Covid) now PC (Post Covid) the other two have rolled down the hill to join the others.

So where to now Jeremy? The Chancellor made no mention of the huge great elephant in the room. There was no reference to the biggest problem facing our country – WHY?

There is a huge lack of human help out there in the big wide world that is Britain today, and our old and frail folk are suffering badly. Here in Waverley, the once-proud borough introduced to a fanfare of trumpets, accompanied by shedloads of cash – Age Concern Waverley. Which we understand became – AGE UK Waverley. An organisation that boasted hundreds of gardeners, handymen, volunteers and administrators to help the elderly remain independent in their own homes. According to newspaper cuttings of the day, that organisation was sent to the scrapheap by the Tory administration at ‘Your Waverley.’

During this pandemic, some of our old folk have become the great unwashed. As their carers have failed to turn up.

So while isolated in one or another of your luxury home, watching Netflix, and playing board games spare a thought for all the poor older souls out there. Those who live alone and have experienced three lockdowns – with reduced help and assistance. Some of whom have now, simply given up!

However, Waverley Council is to be congratulated for its enormous and successful efforts to help out locally wherever and whenever it can. 

The older and fitter voters are rising up – fast. They are beginning to shout louder and will not be letting you and your party get away with breaking your election promise to fix our broken system social care system.

Our suggestion to the old and the bold in ‘Your Waverley.’

Write to your MP – the elusive Angela Richardson – in Guildford and Villages and Jeremy Hunt MP for SW Surrey and demand to be told what they are doing to provide a decent-level of elderly social care. If they don’t respond let’s start shouting from the rooftops …


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