As two of​ ​Your Waverley councillors sneer and deride the villages of Ewhurst and Cranleigh, officers are daft enough to remove the incriminating​ remarks​ from U-Tube.


Here’s a post we published a couple of days ago which revealed what the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee REALLY think about another part of our borough!  One councillor from Hindhead – another from Farnham! Hey, Ho, where did localism go? Certainly not to Ewhurst! Our video of the offensive remarks was removed, but not until many of you had seen it! 

Ewhurst is another part of the borough where ‘YW’ and a Government Inspector, intend to help the Cash and Clout brigade to cover the countryside in concrete!Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 17.26.31.png

The original streaming video has now been taken off U-tube and tidied up by the IT  guys, who cannot produce a decent webcast however hard they try! 

Well, just in case you missed it, here is just part of it below!  Sadly, we couldn’t get the whole conversation on video but we do have it on our telephones! And, if this is removed again, we will not hesitate to use it!

So next time Councillor Isherwood, when you feel like laughing and rubbishing the very genuine concerns of the residents of Ewhurst for speaking up for their village, act responsibly!  And, Councillor Cockburn before telling them to buy some shutters to block out offending development and making other derogatory remarks, turn your bl**dy microphones off! And…

Perhaps Councillor Cockburn,  it is you, and your colleague, who should take advantage of that councillors’ training programme offered to you by CPO ‘Bess the Biz, or Betty the Business! Because you need to do your homework.  The village you describe as: “after all we’re not talking about exquisite pretty English villages here are we,” and “there’s  an awful lot of rubbish there” Ewhurst, has won the Best Kept Village title on more than one occasion and is good enough for such world-renowned stars as Eric Clapton and Kenney Jones to call it home!

Cranleigh too is/was, pretty proud of its very attractive village status, and which you snidely describe as not having much ‘architectural merit.’ Dare we suggest that even those, who, in times past were among the most respected, reasonable, and fair-minded people, once institutionalised by Waverley towers, become self-righteous bores when they are long past their SBD!  

SHAME ON YOU for treating Cranleigh and Ewhurst with such contempt! Do the decent thing and either resign or apologise for your insulting and damning behaviour. Now we all know, right across the borough, what you really think about the East – wonder what you REALLY feel about the west?



9 thoughts on “As two of​ ​Your Waverley councillors sneer and deride the villages of Ewhurst and Cranleigh, officers are daft enough to remove the incriminating​ remarks​ from U-Tube.”

  1. Why am I NOT surprised! Those two are so damn rude about the Villages in the East. If they had their way all developement would be dumped here. They should be ashamed of themselves and offer an apology or better still resign from the JPC.
    They are quite obviously NOT IMPARTIAL and are contemptable

  2. We could not agree more. BUT, if and when are the people of Waverley going to stand up do something about this disreputable bunch? That is the question. To do nothing is an abdication of our duty. We get the Government’s we deserve!

  3. We are firmly of the opinion that there should be a written complaint to the Waverley Monitoring Officer! After all isn’t it the very same people who are complaining about the way Cranleigh and the eastern village councillors are voicing their concerns.One parish councillor was hauled in for claims that he was ‘ bullying’ council officers

  4. Perhaps both the councillor’s in question need to refresh their memories on item 3, section 7 of their code of conduct as set out by Waverley, which clearly states to consider the plan with an open mind etc, they obviously have forgotten this or clearly think they are above their responsibilities

  5. These people do not care about the Nolan Principles even though their Code of Conduct is based on it. Robin Taylor (Monitoring Officer) will do nothing, he is a waste of space.

  6. Finally managed to watch the Abridged version!! – What a bunch of Numpt-heads – “We will Encourage….” Give me a break if they can’t put electric charging points in at the begining then WBC are failing – Don’t get me wrong – I will stick with my ancient car until it expires as I cannot afford a new Electric/Hybrid one – But it should be put into new Developements. It has become a small form of torture to watch these webcasts now!

  7. Waverley Borough Council has a new chief executive and from what we hear, the man is trying to do a good job. Perhaps this is his opportunity to act and demand that Peter Isherwood and Carole Cockburn are removed from posts that they have brought into disrepute?
    We are receiving a huge volume of comments on and off the site. The people of Waverley are disgusted and ashamed, and this includes the residents of Farnham who take no comfort in their elected representatives rubbishing other parts of the borough!

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