FOI safe – Waverley Residents are watching you?

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Finding the truth within the maze that is Waverley Borough council.

Last summer alarm bells rang for all of us who feel strongly about the need for transparency on how politicians and bureaucrats spend our money when the Government set up a review of the Freedom of Information Act.

There was a serious threat that the Act could be watered down and made more difficult  for taxpayers to scrutinise public bodies – like “Your Waverley” splashing “our cash,” hence The Taxpayers’ Alliance  vocal campaigning on this issue.

So we here at WW are delighted  that in his initial response to the report of the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information, Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock says there will be no legislative changes to the existing Act and no introduction of charges for making Freedom of Information requests. Yippee – hear that followers – ask as many questions of “Your Waverley” as you like – the more the merrier.   But don’t hold your breath – you won’t always get an answer. but don’t be deterred keep on asking…

 Of course, we need to remain vigilant about any sneaky ways in which the Government could yet make it harder to obtain information and we must all continue to press for an even stronger FoI Act, but overall, we can all be extremely pleased that the  hard work to resist any dilution of the existing Freedom of Information Act has been successful.

This should please Waverley residents like Brian F.A. Egan – who is sick to death of Waverley’s wrongdoings – and who continues to ferociously  fight our  corner on the Great Waverley Fraud Cover perpetrated under the Leadership of the Great Robert Knowless – & Co. Those dirty dealing,  uncovered by a Waverley whistleblower, were hidden by the Gang of 19, aided and abetted by officers, to prevent any   damage to the Tory  chances in the May 2015 local elections.

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