Farnham has plenty to worry about?

This is how one Farnham wag responded to our blog on the mucky brown stuff hitting the fan in the East of the borough.

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Jerry Hyman writes:

“Clogging the town with poo is the least of CNS’ East Street, Farnham, Scheme’ worries.

The new road scheme and part-pedestrianisation (“the Royal Deer charade”) would choke the town completely, to the extent that CNS had to concoct a fraudulent traffic model, Transport Assessment and Environmental Statement. It threatens the entire local economy, and is the reason why we cannot and will not allow it to proceed.

The ‘SPA mitigation’ supporting it is fraudulent too; WBC invented an imaginary new car park by the Six Bells roundabout (supposedly serving Farnham Park) to create imaginary ‘SANG Capacity’, and are selling the imaginary mitigation to developers for £4.58 million. As Cllr Ellis told the Chamber recently, they are keen to eradicate the endangered bird species with impunity – and being above the law, that is exactly what they are doing.

The East Street Scheme’s design is still impractical (and incomplete) even after 13 years and ten major re-designs, so now WBC (who are CNS’ ‘Development Partner’) are spending millions of our council tax subsidising Crest and Sainsbury’s.

Well if they need our money that badly, I suppose that justifies all the Conservative Councillors turning a blind eye to the constant dishonesty.

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