Are the skeletons surfacing in Waverley’s backyard?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 08.38.40.png

Since March 2013 an amazing 85 skeletons have been excavated from a building site in Godalming where 14 ‘affordable homes’ are to be built by Waverley Council.

So far the cost of excavating the site, on what is believed be a ninth century burial ground, is estimated at £227,000, approximately £16,000 per home. This has been approved by the council, and takes the cost of the homes thus far to £2,257,000.

So, how affordable will these homes actually be?

According to the authority it  will take a ‘sensible approach’ to dealing with the bones – WW wonders what ‘sensible’ actually means?

The site is near Godalming Station and is being excavated by the Surrey Archeological Unit.

Neighbours of the site reported seeing bones as recently as last October despite reports  that they had already been taken to the Surrey History Centre to be examined in June. So…what’s going on down in deepest Godalming?



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