More than 12,000 hits and growing!

Some good advice below  for the mounting number of followers logging onto the borough’s ‘very own’ Waverley Web.  We are proud that in just three months WW has notched up…

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Well over  12,000 hits  We are also aware our posts are being shared on other social media/e-mails /twitter etc right across the borough and beyond. We have heard from Waverley ex-pats from as far afield as  Australia, Canada, South Africa, and beyond.

 So don’t be shy – subscribe to our posts. We treat your details with the same privacy as we treat our own. This blog is not about boasting about our success – more about thanking the huge number of people that are feeding us with information.  Both insiders and outsiders! We are enormously  grateful for the contributions, comments, photographs and compliments – even the two complaints! We cannot always get it right, but if we make a mistake we will always apologise and make a correction.

To all those people who have asked who is Waverley Web and why was it was founded? Please read the About page.

To those who have hazard a guess that it is: (a) The Farnham Society; (b) the Cranleigh Civic Society; (c) a particular Cranleigh parish/Farnham councillor; (d) a former Surrey Advertiser/Farnham Herald/ Haslemere Herald journalist and (e) a former WBC councillor and former WBC employees. Sorry, but you are all wrong… but do please keep guessing… We also understand that Waverley Borough Council now has a team of people trying to identify us – why we wonder? What does it have to be afraid of? If it is as open and transparent, as efficient and robust as it claims- then what does it have to fear?

P.S Waverley Web is not, (unlike WBC,) a large group – it is just a handful of very committed  residents who care a great deal more about the borough, its future character,  and its prosperity than they do!

It also concerns us that one part of the borough does not know what is going on in another – in other words is a little too parochial. If WBC  wants to comment it can at any time contact@waverlyweb. org or it could just ignore us – and take the same view  it did recently with the Surrey Ad – and claim, “that few people read it anyway.”

2 thoughts on “More than 12,000 hits and growing!”

  1. I trust that WBC is not spending hard earned tax payers money to fund this private eye investigation to find out who you are, but I am sure they will be. Perhaps someone ought to inform them that this a democratic country and we all have freedom of speech.

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