Homelessness is rising in ‘Your Waverley.’

There is now an incredibly long waiting list for homes in ‘Your Waverley.’

There is now a waiting list of 1,180 applicants, which may be even higher, as this was the June 2023 figure. Last year, there were 1,066.

4 thoughts on “Homelessness is rising in ‘Your Waverley.’”

  1. Prime painful example of a Govt that couldn’t care less, byslashing social funds until there is nothing less and s BoroughCouncilthrowing millions away on planning legal cases.
    The priorities were and remain skewed and the people pay for it. We see the collapse around us and the casualties that so easily could be us. In a borough with property values in the multimillions we cannot house people because land values and property isskewed. Every garden is a potential million pound house. And the developers are like leeches going to any lengths to gain precious acres. What chance doed any ordinary person have?
    There is of course.For once. An answer. Take all the vacant property at Brightwells. CrestNicholdon has made a £16M loss so far. Just use all those empty properties.

    Why not?


  2. Any of your spiders looking into the gang fight on Cranleigh high Street in broad daylight this week and CPC’s debate on private policing for Cranleigh?

    1. We will be posting on this very sad situation over there in Cranleigh. However, we have to check the exact details of what actually occurred, and what the police response was. We would be grateful to hear of any views the public may have on this Bunty.

      1. The private security firm debate on social media is an interesting one. It seems that those who produced a laughable ‘Cranleigh is Dying’ for lack of new residents promo video some years back to push their huge housing development through now want private security to deal with the impact of a large number of ‘outsiders’ coming to the village where there is nothing for young people to do. Where are the local Councillors and MP to lobby the real police to get a police station re-established in Cranleigh? 100% sure the private-police promoters want public money to protect their newly established park from anti-social behaviour.

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