Surrey wants to know your priorities.

Surrey County Council asks its residents for their views on the authority’s priorities for the next five years.

Stave off bankruptcy, perhaps?

Provide a lower threshold for supporting older people to remain independent for longer in their own homes.

Decent pavements to prevent residents from falling over and ending up in A & E?

What do you want Surrey County Council to prioritise for the next five years? -Better health and ensuring the well-being of all Surrey residents -Reinvigorating town centres and your high streets.
Share your ideas and take the survey by clicking this link at

One thought on “Surrey wants to know your priorities.”

  1. Or
    “Which service do you want us to cut first?”
    A travesty.
    A pathetic last gasp As if everything will be alright. A magic money tree will appear and the rich will pay more than they are obliged too.
    This Council is damned not only by a Govt wrecking ball but by it’s own sheer stupidity; it’s desire to bea superpower eliminating borough, it’s Iunatic investment in retail, BrightWells BrightWells Brightwells.
    And who pays?
    The populus.


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