‘Your Waverley’ goes into battle with oil giants on Thursday in the High Court.

However, views are still being sought on UKOG’S detailed plans for its Loxley well site in Dunsfold.

A consultation is underway into detailed plans for the gas site near Dunsfold Aerodrome, even though the scheme is being challenged in court this Thursday, June 8.


Extract from the report on changes to the lorry route to the proposed Loxley site. Source: UKOG report on highway and access works

UK Oil & Gas plc (UKOG) was granted planning permission by the government in June 2022 for the site at Loxley, Dunsfold, following a public inquiry. The county council twice rejected the proposal, and ‘Your Waverley’ has worked with opponents to stop the exploration. 

UKOG has now submitted six sets of reports, totalling more than 400 pages, required to meet the conditions of the consent.

This is despite a legal challenge at the High Court on June 8 2023, by the local campaign group Protect Dunsfold and Waverley Borough Council.

They are expected to argue that the government acted inconsistently in granting planning permission for the Loxley site. On the same day, it refused permission for gas testing in Cheshire because of carbon emissions.

The reports deal with some of the most controversial aspects of the application. These include:

  • Proposed changes to the junction between Dunsfold Road and High Loxley Road
  • Management of heavy goods vehicles visiting the site

Each report has been submitted as part of a separate planning application and has its own reference number.

Council officials, using delegated powers, are expected to approve or reject the applications.

Comments on some of the reports are due on the day of the legal challenge. Others are due on May 17 2023 (see below).

The applications deal with the following conditions:

  • Condition 7: Provide details of highway and access works. SCC_Ref_2023-0074. Comments deadline June 8 2023.
  • Condition 9: Provide details of a Transport Management Plan. SCC_Ref_2023-0075. Comments deadline June 8 2023
  • Condition 21: Produce a surface water drainage scheme. SCC_Ref_2023-0054. Comments deadline May 17 2023.
  • Condition 24: Provide details of a Construction Environment Management Plan. SCC_Ref_2023-0076. Comments deadline June 8 2023.
  • Condition 26: Provide details of a Pre-development Baseline Geochemical Testing. SCC_Ref_2023-0063. Comments deadline May 17 2023.
  • Condition 30: Provide details of a written scheme of investigation for a programme of archaeological work. SCC_Ref_2023-0062. Comments deadline May 17 2023.

Representations should be sent to Caroline Smith, Planning Development Manager, Planning Group, Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, 35 Guildford Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 7QQ.

The legal challenge will be at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, London WC2A 2LL.

One thought on “‘Your Waverley’ goes into battle with oil giants on Thursday in the High Court.”

  1. Mix. It’s an interesting word. A mix requires ingredients. This Government has an energy plan which has a mix that includes

    Nuclear power
    Solar on and offshore
    Gas offshore

    Offshore energy suddenly has risk due to hostile powers.
    Nuclear is expensive and vulnerable to climate change
    Major hydro was scrapped (River Severn barrage)

    Onshore Gas is going to happen and will be pushed through on the grounds of national energy security.

    It’s also very cheap.
    Thus, mega profits. (Pension companies rubbing hands together)


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