Perhaps Our Waverley MP’s have something to say ?

Nurses may not be striking at Frimley Park, The Royal Surrey or St Peter’s Hospital – but the anger among staff working is palpable.

Nurses in these hospitals didn’t take industrial because they didn’t meet the  50% turnout threshold required by law. Many nursing staff couldn’t bring themselves to vote at all. However, those who did vote voted overwhelmingly to strike.

Is it any wonder that our MPs remain silent?

Do our MPs pay for parking? No! – Nurses and NHS staff do!

The basic annual salary of a Member Of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons is £84,144 as of April 2022. In addition, MPs can claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office, employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London.

MPs who commute to Parliament from outside London can claim expenses for having a second home, including their council tax bills.

Tory MP Laura Farris – who sits on the Standards Committee – even tried to claim an £85 “late payment fee” on expenses after she failed to pay her council tax on time. The claim was rejected by authorities, who told Farris she must pay the fee to Kensington and Chelsea council herself.

Special parking privileges for MPs at airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, have now been scrapped.



6 thoughts on “Perhaps Our Waverley MP’s have something to say ?”

  1. Our local MP’s earn £84k a year plus expenses, they spend all day on twitter bragging about what they do and retweeting garbage from other cabinet members instead of working for their constituents.
    Our nurses average pay is £33k a year, it takes years of training and dedication to reach that amount and they work tirelessly every day for their patients.
    Let our overpaid MP’s go and work in a hospital for a week and see what our NHS staff have to endure.

    1. Hear, hear. But remember, it does cost a lot of money to have a photographer/PR/PA travelling around with you all the time taking photographs of you to post here there and everywhere.

      1. Thank you fed up for help with the spelling B, or is it Bee? Our concentration went to pot today after hitting a massive pothole on the way to work, which completely wrecked my car tyre – the roads are riddled with potholes, and the garages are up to their necks dealing with Surrey’sthird-world road networks and the incidents they provoke. Is it any wonder people want to work from home?

  2. A days work from them on our behalf would be a start. Stop the subsidised meals and pay all our NHS staff.

  3. MPs should take a pay freeze until they have started to develop a realistic means of repaying the £2.4 trillion debt that they have accumulated. I was appalled to learn medical staff paid for parking when, unless mistaken, other public sector workers receive free parking as an untaxed benefit in kind.

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