Will Waverley now have a Monitoring Officer up to the job?

 Last Summer, the partnership of Guildford and Waverley  Councils considered options to collaborate.

They agreed to create a Joint Management Team (JMT)to include the Chief Executive, Directors, and Heads of Services.

Most permanent Joint Executive Head of Service roles have now been appointed, except the Executive Head of Planning Development and Executive Head of Legal and Democratic Services.

‘Your Waverley’s head planning honcho going, going…

The Joint Appointments Committee (JAC), comprising three councillors from each Council, met on December 5 to interview shortlisted candidates for the appointment of the Executive Head of Legal and Democratic Services, which includes the statutory post of Monitoring Officer.

 Like other failing Waverley officers who have been put into a big brown paper bag and shaken up, Robin Taylor now appears in a new role with another title. 

Mr Taylor is now head of Organisational Development: 

  • Business transformation
  • Climate change
  • HR, learning and development, payroll
  • Strategy, policy and performance
  • Programme assurance
  • Risk management, business continuity.

The JAC had recommended the appointment for confirmation at full Council meetings at both Guildford and Waverley and had been included on the agenda for the last Council meeting on December 13. However, although they had concluded the process and agreed to a recommendation regarding the appointment, there was insufficient time for a conditional offer to be made to and accepted by the successful candidate to enable the Council to ratify the JAC’s recommendation.

 The successful candidate has now accepted the conditional offer, which will be ratified at an Extraordinary meeting of both Councils. Waverley’s on January 10 and Guildford Borough Council tomorrow, January 3.

5 thoughts on “Will Waverley now have a Monitoring Officer up to the job?”

  1. Out of interest what does the author of this post do for a living. Will he or she publish their name with a photo. Would they be happy to be described, “like other failing officers” What a nasty vindictive post, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Recollections among many of the present and former councillors and staff at Waverley and members of the public may differ.

  2. Wow a coward, you Lib Dems really are the real deal when it comes to abuse of public servants

    1. Well, there’s someone who’s revealed where his politics lie! As a former parish councillor (independent) I have had direct dealings with some of the public servants at Waverley under the last administration. Hopefully they have improved now, but it was clear then that in some instances (especially planning) they were less than neutral in their advice.

    2. No Cowards or Lib Dems- just doing a public service by telling it s it is! It is not an abuse of public servants when the truth is told of a monitoring officer who chooses who will and who won’t face the Standards Board.

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