Another day – and another planning appeal. Today it’s Haslemere turn.

The highly contentious appeal against Waverley’s refusal to allow Redwood to build 50 homes in Scotland Land, Haslemere begins today Thursday. The Inquiry will begin at 10.30 a.m. Contact WBC to participate on Zoom or hit the webcast.


The Council Chamber at Waverley Towers is still warm from the Hollyoaks, Loxwood Rd Alfold Inquiry which ended yesterday.

Why wasn’t that webcast Waverley Borough Council? Is there something not quite so special about “poor old Alfold” as it is often referred to by councillors?

For the past six-days Sussex-based developer, Thakeham Homes has fought tirelessly to persuade a Government Inspector to allow 99 homes in the countryside.

A post on Day 6 of the Alfold inquiry, the final submissions following crucial site visits including those in Haslemere will follow soon on the Waverley Web blog.

Previous days. A resident describes the ‘ real Alfold’ whilst a developer has a very different vision for the village’s future.

Day 2 – Alfold Inquiry – You couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

Has Thakeham Homes shredded Waverley’s five-year housing land supply figures?

Day 4. Alfold Public Inquiry. Is ‘ Your Waverley’ in a sticky situation?

WA/2020/1684 Scotland Lane. Timetable. 16-December. Free Day on Friday. Monday 20, Tuesday 21, Wednesday 22  and Thursday 23rd and 6th January. (all subject to change)

Redwood’s reasons for seeking Government approval at the Inquiry are as follows:

 The planning balance will be struck through the significant planning benefits that the Appeal Proposals have to offer.

The Appellant will provide cogent reasons why planning permission should be granted and demonstrate that there are no significant adverse impacts to granting planning permission that would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

The reasons that the Appellant requests an Inquiry are:

  • Significant public interest in the application including circa 500 representations, including local interest groups and the Town Council;
  • Objection from the Surrey Hills AONB unit and relevance in respect of the AONB setting. The NPPF July 2021 Revision now references the setting of the AONB setting, where it will undoubtedly be a key issue of debate;
  • The Local Landscape Designation of the Site;
  • The position of the emerging Haslemere Neighbourhood Plan, which will likely be adopted by the Inquiry and thus a detailed opportunity to scrutinise its policies will be required;
  • The Appeal proposals, forwarded by the Appellant for a Section 106 which would secure appropriate Wealden Heaths SPA avoidance measures, and the consequential wider public benefits arising, and potential implications for Local Plan Part 2 on this matter;
  • The position in respect of the most important policies in the Local Plan Part 1 which restrict the supply of housing and the due weight to be provided to them against the Appeal Proposal, when the development plan is read as a whole. This is s position on Five Year Housing land supply, and the relevance of other S.78 Appeal Decisions in the Borough; and Connected to the five-year housing land supply, availability and deliverability of housing land over the whole LPP1 plan period is the approach and timing of the major strategic allocation at Dunsfold (and others), which requires scrutiny via an Inquiry process.
  • The implications of the substantive delay in adopting a complete Local Plan (LPP1 found sound by Inspector based on the fact that LPP2 would be adopted by 2019) and the acute need to identify deliverable sites require cross-examination.
  • Demonstrating how consent will help restore the 5-year land supply and primacy of the Development Plan, but moreover, the ability to make an early boost to supply within Haslemere. Detailed evidence and trajectory analysis is required. The implications arising from the 5-year review of LPP1 is due to be completed within 19 months (February 2023), given the substantial increased Housing Need for the Borough under the latest Standard Method figures (a substantive increase over LPP1 OAN figure, before adjustment for unmet needs) requires examination and underlines the urgency of the local housing crisis 3.47.
  • Waverley’s reason for refusal.


2 thoughts on “Another day – and another planning appeal. Today it’s Haslemere turn.”

    1. Pity a few more councillors had not witnessed the Alfold Planning Inquiry! No wonder councillors refer to the village as “Poor old Alfold.”
      No webcast for Alfold!! Why not? Doesn’t Alfold matter to anyone over there, because that is how it appears? The residents of the eastern villages, an area that is taking the lions share of development – over 40%, according to our postbag, are thoroughly fed up of being dumped on!
      It appears to be ok to webcast the Haslemere Appeal for Scotland Lane. Not everyone can watch it all day – some of us have a day job. Will Waverley put the Haslemere recording of the first day back up tomorrow, we wonder?

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