‘Fields of destruction’ and misery in Godawfulming!

Godalming Ashill 82 Million
Ockford Park

More “ affordable homes” on their way to Godawfulming?

Godawfulming – here we come?

Do developers take one scrap of notice of the conditions imposed on them when granted their planning consents? Are the developers doing what ‘Bob the Builder’ Robert Jenrick wants – “building beautiful?

Here are some of the beautiful and “affordable” new homes!

and here’s another “beautiful home” a snip at just ‘from £555,000.’ 

That is the question being asked by the residents of Eashing Lane in Godalming. We have heard similar tales of woe from residents living around other building sites in the Waverley Borough. Some of whom have put their homes up for sale packed up their belongings and left!

One said:

“I was woken at 0710 by Cala Homes vehicles being moved around and beeping on the building site today. I’m woken at 0745, most days they are moving machinery around and working well before 0800. It’s bad enough we have to put up with all the noise, the bad language and excessive dust coming over from the site and covering everything during the day, but breaking the rules on the noise when people are sleeping especially night workers is totally unacceptable.”

5 thoughts on “‘Fields of destruction’ and misery in Godawfulming!”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this, Waverley Web! As I’m the Waverley portfolio-holder for planning enforcement, I’ve drawn the attention of officers to this and they’re looking into it. If anyone wants to send further details to me they’re welcome to do so (nick.palmer@waverley.gov.uk) and we’ll try to sort it as quickly as possible.

    1. Great response Cllr Palmer. what is the point of imposing conditions on developers that they ignore? From what we hear the enforcement department picks on the little people, not on the big guys.

  2. I often use Eashing Lane up to businesses and beyond towards The Stag and goodness – the number of lorries using that section of the road between the development site and Godalming is astounding. This is not helped by car drivers parking on both sides of the road as you approach the T Junction meaning these outsize monsters get stuck and folk trying to turn into Eashig Lane off the main road gets backed up particularly at rush hour.
    There is a bit of respite right now with school hols and thus less traffic but once all those houses are built and the traffic quadruples it will be a permanent nightmare.
    The houses are soooo ugly – and they all back on to each other so the only thing you can see from your mini back garden is another ugly house a matter of a few metres away.
    No thanks.

    1. Well said Chris – our town is beginning to earn the title of Godawfulming. Who insisted this awful ugly development was given the go-ahead? The Tory Tossers.

  3. I agree with Chris. It’s really cramped and ugly and the construction traffic sounds horrendous.
    Milford residents have all this to ‘look forward’ to on the Station Lane T junction when CALA gets going at the golf course site ………unless the neighbours with the covenant can throw a serious spanner in the works……………or whatever it is you do if you have a covenant……

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