Who’s let the cat out of the bag – on all things Dunsfold?

Can you Adam and Eve it – the Alfold and Dunsfold councillor who opposed a new Garden Village at Dunsfold Aerodrome has now scuppered Waverley’s bid to stay shtum on buying the 600-acre site.

Hi, My name is Kevin – the blabbermouth cat.

Kevin De anus just couldn’t contain himself when he rocked up at a recent Alfold Parish Council meeting.  He let the cat straight out of the bag, blabbing to parish councillors that he didn’t agree with Waverley spending taxpayers’ money on buying Dunsfold Aerodrome!

Of course, he probably felt entirely comfortable alluding to the fact that behind closed doors – quite sensibly on this occasion for “commercially sensitive reasons” – the borough council wanted to keep its powder dry.

 With only a couple of members of the public present, one of whom the Waverley Web understands was snoozing – just going to prove the not so old adage, You snooze, you lose! – and the other a parish councillor’s husband – a man who never dares utters a word – Alfold PC is as close as you can get to the KGB outside of The Kremlin!

Alfold Parish Council, on the Surrey/Sussex border, has demonstrated repeatedly over the years, that it can do whatever it likes, without any complaint from the public. Why?  You may well ask! Because nobody attends the Alfold parish council meetings: meeting dates aren’t advertised on the Alfold Village Network, the font of all knowledge about Alfold. Neither have the meeting Minutes appeared since October 2020! Presumably, the Clerk can’t be arsed to inform the public … Or maybe Alfold parishioners simply don’t care what goes on in their locale.  But, as far as Alfold Parish Council is concerned, they stand by that old Navy adage of Mind over Matter: We [the Parish Council] don’t mind and they [the residents] don’t matter!

Perhaps all the newcomers flooding into Alfold’s ever-expanding new developments will pick Alfold PC up by its fraying bootlaces and shake it until it rattles? Even the football club has been taken on by players from as far afield as Crawley Town? What’s local about that and, more pertinently – how the hell did that happen?

It appears to some who have contacted us, that  Alfold Parish Council has gone to pot under the ‘leadership’ – we use the word advisedly, you understand –  of  Penny Main since the former chairman left.  Talk about grabbing the Main Chance!

We understand from a villager, who heard it on the grapevine, that Cllr Deanus’s little indiscretion met with stony silence. Except for Cllr ‘Little Britain’ who bemoaned all the noise emanating from the aerodrome.  No doubt little Britain would love for Waverley Borough Council to OWN the Aerodrome.  Then he could leverage his influence to show them what’s what!

Come back Beverley ‘Crystal Tipps’ Wedall all is forgiven! After all, it can’t be nearly as much fun running Guildford MP Angela Richardson’s office as it was laundering all that ‘Protect Our Waverley’ money to stop the development at Dunsfold? A bid that delayed development there for three years, peed off Trinity College Cambridge – and heavily influenced the College’s decision to do a heavy-duty doo-doo all over ‘Your Waverley’s Local Plan!

If Dunsfold Garden Village had got out of the starting blocks three years ago – before the advent of Covid and the New Bursar, Richard Turncoat – Alfold wouldn’t now be on schedule to quadruple in size!  And who does it have to thank for that?  None other than Councillor Little Britten & his cohort Bob Liars – who’s he?  You might well ask as defeated, he disappeared back into the obscurity he came from! Wonder if POW ever paid Waverley’s costs?  Thereby hangs another tale?

Paul Follows

Meanwhile, back to ‘Your Waverley,’ which is keeping its bid quiet in the hope, it may become a ‘preferred bidder’ when Trinity College Cambridge finally gets down to spinning the roulette wheel. Where will the red ball drop this time we wonder?  Who will be the new purchaser?  The Chinese – in which case, hold onto your hats, because they’ll have built London’s third runway there before even thinking about asking for permission! … Or Lakshi Mittal, who might turn it into Britain’s new steel-making plant, cos there’s no denying there’s a real shortage of steel at the moment!   … Or will it be George Lucas and Tom Cruise, hell-bent on filming blockbusters there?  In which case, we all need to reach for our hardhats and ear muffs if the Mission Impossible franchise is anything to go by!

Never mind that Waverley desperately needs the promised housing at the Aerodrome to help it meet its five-year land supply – which now stands at a miserable 4.26 years. With Thakeham Homes now launching its appeal against the refusal to build homes on the Springbok Estate land owned by Care Ashore, what we predicted all those months ago, could be about to come true …

With the site only a hop skip and a jump away from the airfield – and the proposed new Wings Museum – we could end up with a new garden village called…  


Aldun and dusted


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