Is ‘Your Waverley’ entering the race to buy a piece of the action at Dunsfold Aerodrome.


We Posted sometime back on  Trinity College Cambridge’s decision to do a dump on Dunsfold!


The Aerodrome near Cranleigh has become the Surrey Hills answer to the Californian Home of Big-Budget Blockbusters. As in “Welcome to Hurtwood.”

 Tom Cruise dropped in on Wimbledon and the European Cup fresh from filming   ‘Mission Impossible,’ at Dunsfold and Winterfold.  Is Waverley Council now embarking on its own mission – not entirely impossible – by bidding zillions to buy the largest brownfield site in the borough?  

Bidding for Housing against Hollywood?

Is the Waverley Web putting two and two meetings behind closed doors together recently and making five? One of which was held last night?

The Overview & Scrutiny committee shut the doors on the public.  But decided not to refer the decision made by the FULL COUNCIL last week back to the EXECUTIVE. However, the Tories who called it in for further scrutiny – gave the Executive a rap on the knuckles for not :

“holding enough interactive meetings with them , and not sharing information with them earlier.”

OH, dear! The Tories have their knickers in a knot again because that pesky opposition is being proactive… again! Here it is folks – you can hear what they want you to know right here – right now? Just leave it to us to tell you the rest.

PS Cllr Martin, you may think we weren’t still listening – but we were!

Has our council thrown its hat into the ring along with the big boys?   Bidders, that include Warner Brothers and a few other movie moguls keen  to snap up  a nice little earner by being among those on the  “Buy Dunsfold – Preferred Bidder List?”

Rumours are rife around the Dunsfold Homestead, so much so that ‘Little Britain’ the Alfold parish councillor who lives just a hop, skip and jump away from the site is beginning to hyperventilate. The man who previously played a lead role in ‘Protect our Waverley’ (POW) is now preparing to join”PHOBS’ – Protect his Own Backside – as he fears the worst. That, ‘Your Waverley’ may buy, and actually, build the 2,600 new home Dunsfold Garden Village!  With lots and lots of really affordable homes.


Following Trinity College Cambridge’s decision to press the nuclear button and sell Dunsfold Park to the highest bidder, Waverley Council has been forced to admit it does not have a five-year housing supply. In fact only 4.2 years. The housing it expected to come on stream at Dunsfold Park is now delayed by at least two years and, worst-case scenario, delayed to sometime never if the film moguls get their way!

The name’s Cruise.  Tom Cruise!

Others are convinced Surrey County Council may want to bid again. it tried to buy Dunsfold when it was sold to Trinity. Or perhaps the Chinese could expand its use as a private airfield, under cover of which they would establish a top-secret facility for overseas espionage overseen by the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the United Front Work Department and People’s Liberation Army …

Although most acknowledge that the airfield’s value is intrinsically linked to its existing planning consent for 1800 homes with another 500 (Total 2,300 or more)  to follow over time, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that someone with deep pockets – such as the aforementioned Chinese government, a Russian oligarch (in plentiful supply in the Surrey Hills) or, whisper it who dares, local resident and Indian Steel Magnate, Lakshmi Mittal (reputed worth £19.3 billion!) will snap it up. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a multi-billionaire must be in want of a private airstrip within  cycling distance of his country estate!  The eye-watering cost of acquiring Dunsfold Park would be small change to any of the aforementioned.   

But, on a serious note, our sources tell us that Waverley Borough Council has been pooping its pants over the very real threat posed to its Local Plan by the potential loss of Dunsfold Park to any use other than housing.  So that would account for all those “secret” meetings, during which the Tories are doing their utmost to shove a spanner in the works no doubt? After, all what a feather that would be in Leader Paul Follows cap? 

Make no mistake, a delay in housing delivery at Dunsfold Park is a serious issue for Waverley. Hence its decision to join the bidding round.

 Numerous developers and wannabe developers are drooling over the prospect as they feverishly measure up yet more fields in this green and pleasant borough. Many of whom have lined Tory grandees pockets with silver, in readiness for pending appeals they can’t fail to win now that the future of Dunsfold Park is, at worst, in the balance and at best, horribly delayed.

Meanwhile, while the reputation of Trinity College Cambridge is in tatters.  So much for the College’s long-cherished and much-envied reputation for taking the long-view. We now all know it is only really interested in making a quick buck.

Trinity College is the wealthiest of all the Oxbridge colleges with published assets worth £1.3bn in its latest accounts

Dunsfold Park, with its Green Agenda and eco-credentials, should have been a jewel – if not THE jewel – in Trinity’s crown.  But could it now become a scintillating jewel in Waverley’s crown?

One Waverley councillor told the Waverley Web

Our Conservative predecessors and MP’s who were adamantly opposed to Dunsfold (the largest brownfield site in the borough)  prompting years and years of delay, are now watching a complete volte face under the new administration’s strong leadership which is determined to do its utmost to make it happen, and they aren’t happy!” 

5 thoughts on “Is ‘Your Waverley’ entering the race to buy a piece of the action at Dunsfold Aerodrome.”

  1. Apologies Mr Web, but just above your screenshot of the Zoom call, I assume you meant “that pesky administration being proactive again! Rather than that pesky opposition being so? (old habits)
    Proactive = enterprising, eager, dynamic or energetic. Not descriptions I would associate with the current opposition!

    1. I think it refers to the Tory’s view of their opposition. The trouble is, the Tories don’t appear to think beyond “ whatever our Council propose we oppose. Now, what is it we are voting on? Michael, tell me how to vote again please.”

      1. I do agree, they seem to lack any imagination, other than political chicanery to oppose. Their performance at Full Council in the Maltings was a disgrace (where are my papers and I cant hear what’s being said etc etc)

      2. That related to the Guildford collaboration matter – Of course that was even worse if you know that the papers they were talking about were things that they had requested and they knew were being distributed by email on Friday (which they were). Was a shabby display and just proved once and for all quite a few of them had not read important information.

      3. It was quite obvious to everyone listening to the debate that the Tories were just playing games. They knew only too well, as you made it abundantly clear that the papers ould be sent by e-mail on Friday for reading over the weekend. If they hadn’t received they had ample time, to either make the request or seek information from colleagues. Did they do that – no way! They wanted to make a big drama and throw toys out of prams in front of the public. What they did succeed in doing, was to make themselves look even more inefficient and ridiculous than usual.

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