Come on Uncle & Aunty Elsey get this eyesore moved?

One of our followers is fed up. No, that’s an understatement she is VERY FED UP and here’s Why.

So Councillors David, and Jenny Else – she who once claimed  (“we never get complaints at Waverley”) your constituents in Elstead are waiting for you to do something about this eyesore on your patch. So start jumping on someone’s toes at Waverley Towers? Or if you have tried, without success, please let us know the name of the toes we here at the WW need to tread on, because it does Waverley, or if it is a Surrey County Council responsibility, no credit. 

Dear Waverley Web,
I am a resident on Thursley Road, Elstead
Several vehicles have been left on the lay bye for months know. One of which(picture) hasn’t number plates and is full of rubbish, including bags of dog waste.
Several residents have contacted Waverley Council about this, we have had various replies, but basically they are not concerned.
People are finding it hard to park, when they are visiting the village, but frankly it’s a eyesore
Hopefully with your help we may get something done.
Dear Tesha,
Please let WW us know if and when it is removed? WW

14 thoughts on “Come on Uncle & Aunty Elsey get this eyesore moved?”

  1. This truck has been parked in a layby in Elstead for weeks and weeks. You can’t check on line to find out if it’s got an MOT or is taxed and insured but it’s highly unlikely and on that basis it should be taken away. Not only is it an eyesore in our village it’s a health hazard. Residents have pleaded with Waverley to take some action but it seems to no avail. Come on Waverley surely you can do better than this.

    1. Perhaps now that it is getting a good airing on the Waverley Web something will happen – and soon. The local councillors, who regularly perform miracles on the Elstead patch are onto it – and you can rely upon them to get things done. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to let us know who the owner is – and then perhaps we can name and shame?

  2. There is no number plate … so surely it’s abandoned and should be moved. It’s a disgusting health hazard as well as an eyesore.

    1. Hi Sara – perhaps someone should lob a match onto it? But, no doubt if they did the police and the owner would be down on them like a ton of bricks. Funny old world isn’t it?

  3. Dear Nephews at WW – Uncle Elsey here.
    We have been trying for months to get this truck removed.
    The latest comment from Waverley officers is that “whilst the vehicle has no number plate it is reported to be in good condition.
    The owner has been spoken to by the police, they are happy that its parked there legally. He has been asked to remove it and has said he would when he can. It is not in legal terms abandoned and Waverley are not able to take any action to remove it.
    The officers have been asked to speak to the Police again and ask them to try to persuade the owner to move it.
    We have queried how can a truck with no number plates can possibly be legal under Section 42 and asked officers to confirm whether or not it is taxed, MOT’d and insured.
    We always work hard for our residents and do whatever we can for them within our remit. The impossible we do immediately but miracles take a little longer !

    1. Hi Uncle Elsey,
      We are not surprised that you are onto this – from what we hear from your residents you are normally on the ball with all things Elstead. However, isn’t it a sad day when getting a lorry removed when it contains rubbish and is stinking of dog Sh*t turns from an everyday request intoworking miracles!

      Why is a lorry with no numberplate parked on the street? Why hasn’t the owner been told to remove it by the Police if it is contaminating the atmosphere? And as you so rightly say – is it taxed and insured? If not then – SIMPLES – it should be removed immediately.

      We know you, and Aunty, are capable of getting things done – so we wait news of your latest miracle. No doubt if the vehicle was damaged any way the police would be onto that straight away!?

      Your nephews here at the Waverley Web.

  4. I am sure if I parked my car on the highway (I assume a layby is part of the public highway) with no number plates, loaded up with bags of stinking junk, i would be in big trouble. That is, if they could find out who owned it without registration plates. How does that work then?? Do they really know who owns it, or not. Maybe they could explain how.

  5. There are a couple of boards in the back of the truck behind the cab advertising a local landscape and tree care company. Is this how they know who the owner is – is it them or are these signs just part of the junk in the truck? If it does belong to this Elstead company, I suggest people boycott it.

  6. If you look at the third picture you can see a rope attached at the front which might suggest it was towed there?? So is it roadworthy? Is it driveable? If it’s not driveable does it have an MOT?? I doubt it.

    1. No doubt we can all rest easy in our beds – as the local councillors for Elstead are onto it? But everyone keep their yes out for any sudden movements – particularly if you are driving 34 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone – then the police will be onto you in a trice.

  7. Surrey County Council probably don’t know where Elstead as it is south of Walton on Thames.

  8. An update from Waverley officers –
    The police tell WBC that the owner has been identified but, as it is legally parked and taxed, it does not fall under the category of an ‘abandoned vehicle’ and therefore is outside Council and Police remit to get it removed.
    As the vehicle is currently parked in a lay by, which falls under the jurisdiction of Surrey Highways, which has its own process, it is suggested that complainants contact Surrey Highways direct as well as the Police (although at this point they have no objections to the parking of the vehicle in this place).
    Like many of you, I can’t understand how a vehicle with no number plates or MOT can be legally parked on the highway for months on end, but that is the official view.

    1. Very many thanks for the update which may not have satisfied many of the complainants, but suffice to say that the local councillors have done everything they possibly can to set out the facts around the situation. As you say, it is difficult to understand how a vehicle with no number plates, no MOT and piled high with stinking rubbish can be allowed to legally park on the highway for many months. How can we name and shame the owner?

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