‘Your Waverley’ will ask residents – To ‘Take The Jump.’

Guess what came just moments after …  ‘Your Waverley’ agreed its new Mental Health & Suicide Strategies at last night’s Executive?

A proposal to join the ‘Take The Jump’ Campaign.

Then … hard on its heels the EXECUTIVE – (Waverley’s portfolio heads) agreed – ‘To Take The Jump’ actually – more like a ‘Giant Leap’ and recommend joining forces with Guildford Borough Council. Including sharing offices, staff, and functions. Is that the sound of rapidly approaching redundancies we hear?? The Full Council will have the final say on July 6… (post to follow).

The Take the JUMP Campaign (TTJ)based on the findings of recent independent research “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°c World”, is a study carried out by the University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, and Arup.

The research determined how global emissions must be reduced to ensure global warming is kept to international agreed safe levels of 1.5°c. It explores the impact that urban consumption has on global greenhouse gas emissions and assesses what individuals, businesses, and governments can do to reduce consumption-based emissions within cities and beyond.  

Er, just a thought? Has anyone had this conversation with China or India or a dozen other countries we could mention?

The research led to the creation of “TTJ” by founders Tom Bailey, Ben Hewitt, and Tom Edmonds who have 15 volunteers working on Social Media, JUMP Community Outreach, and Systems.

Waverley Officers asked to carry out due diligence on the company, found that as a new organisation it awaited charitable status. There was no background information available on the company’s governance and/or structure. 
But never mind, that hasn’t stopped the council’s EXECUTIVE agreeing to recommend to the Full Council  that  Waverley residents be encouraged to ‘Take The Jump?’  


Despite the fact that Farnham Residents Cllr Jerry Hyman said he was:

“Ashamed to be a part of a council that is bringing this in front of us – Is this a dream world? Is this a joke, he asked?”

The initiative would encourage organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors in Waverley to roll out a ‘Take the Jump’ seminar to their employees/members and encourage them to promote the National ‘TTJ’ launched in June. It would then run an awareness-raising campaign to inform Waverley staff and councillors. Following which they would be invited to make at least one shift in the way that they eat, travel and shop.

What we, at the Waverley Web want to know is how much it’s going to cost the Council Tax Payer to roll out this promotion and run an awareness-raising campaign … or has ‘Your Waverley’ discovered a magic money tree within the grounds of The Burys that it’s not letting on about?!

Apparently The Jump – who in God’s name came up with such a ridiculous name which in these angst-ridden times will have mental health charities all over the country up in arms?! – supports the evidence that whilst the government maintains responsibility for making strategic and potentially radical changes to reduce the impact of climate change, individuals and communities could make a difference by making just SIX shifts in behaviour while still living a fulfilled life. Ye Gods, will these do-gooders never give up haranguing us?

The six shifts suggested for your behavioural change are outlined below:

Take a deep breath (it is still allowed – unless of course, you live near Farnham Town Centre where it is ill-advised due to the toxic fumes from stationary traffic!) Because we will say this… only once!

1. End clutter: Keep products for at least 7 years

That’s easy. All we need to do is give up importing all Chinese products and begin manufacturing our own products here in the UK again. Oops!  We forgot!  We have no manufacturing base in the UK anymore and, even if we did, we can’t export our own products because we’ve left the EU and they won’t let us.  

On the plus side: no more dodgy Chinese kettles; Chinese garden furniture (that is even worse to assemble than an IKEA wardrobe!) we could go on and on and on … but you get the gist!

2. Eat healthy: Move over to a plant-based diet.  No waste, healthy amount

Er, what about our farmers?  All very well for the arable farmers but what about pastoral farming? It will be dead in the water – excuse the pun!  Meanwhile, no doubt we’ll continue to import lamb and beef from Australia and the Far East.   Is Take The Jump a joke – in very poor taste – about the suicide rates amongst farmers, who are 46% more likely than workers in other industries to take their own lives?

NB: Food miles calculator. As the crow flies it’s 10,554 miles if you import beef from Australia to the UK, so how does that equate with the Green Agenda?

3. Holiday local: Only one flight every three years.

So we all get out our bucket and spades and drive down to Cornwall and Devon – where we’re not wanted and the locals mutter under their breath about Emmets & Grockles and Covid. Insulting or what?  Still, it beats being called a Gringo or a Frangi! Or we could go to our very own Frensham Ponds and contribute to the traffic chaos and the litter mountain there?

4. Dress fresh: Only three new items of clothing a year.

There’s nothing fresh about only buying three new items of clothing per year!  Are we allowed to buy a pair of socks and a pair of pants or does that count as four items?  And we thought it was only the French who wore their undies two days in a row! Still, no problem for Cllr |Andy Macleod he says he has enough clothes to last him the rest of his life.

5. Travel Well:  

Eschew personal vehicles. If you must travel by car you should switch to an electric vehicle.

Yep!   You need to trade in your 1992 Nissan Micra and get on your bike or, if you really, really, really must have a car you can invest in a new electric Nissan Leaf – the cheapest electric car on the market at a mere £29,790! (Including a £2,500 government incentive).   No problem!  We’ll take two on the ‘never-never’,  Simples!

6. Change the system:

Make at least one life shift to change the system – this could be changing your energy provider to a green supplier or reducing your household emissions.

At last, something we can all do without too much hassle: STOP FARTING!  Although that could be challenging for those who’ve moved to a plant-based diet! 

So, the recommendation was AGREED – but not without dissent.  
That the Executive supports the ‘Take the Jump’ campaign and that Waverley residents be encouraged to ‘Take the Jump.’  Those organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors operating in Waverley. be encouraged to roll out the ‘Take the Jump’ seminar to their employees/ members.
Here at the Waverley Web, we have a much better idea.  We’d tell Waverley BC to take a running jump and stop wasting Council Tax Payer’s hard-earned dosh on Nanny State-type initiatives pointing out the flaming obvious. 
We all know civil servants are encouraged to think the British public are stupid and can’t work out anything for themselves but, given the country is facing the biggest deficit since the second world war (the debts of which we’ve only just paid off some 77 years later!), we’d rather they spent our money on the elderly, the young,  the deprived and the vulnerable in the Borough rather than teaching us how to suck eggs!

As so eloquently said by Cllr Kika Mirylees :

“I believe the general public may say – Who the hell do they think they are patronising us. I fear they may find this alien to them and say Oh My God is this really what Waverley is recommending?’

However, we should point out that Cllr Mirylees, voted for the recommendation. We apologise to her for not pointing this out in our earlier post.




TAKE THE JUMP (Pages 95 – 100)

10 thoughts on “‘Your Waverley’ will ask residents – To ‘Take The Jump.’”

  1. I watched Cllr Hyman’s theatrical rant last night on the Waverley You Tube channel.(by the way Cllr Mirylees actually voted FOR the motion) Cllr Hyman didn’t just rant about this item but almost every other item on the agenda. It’s quite painful to watch these episodes – such a waste of energy. I’ve yet to fathom much of what he says. But this was completely overshadowed by the vote to recommend to full council that Waverley and Guildford should share a chief executive. I understand there is more to follow from Waverley Web, but surely this is a much more important story for your readers that the silly nonsense that is “Take the Jump”

    1. Yes, it was all a bit theatrical – however, you are absolutely right – the Waverley and Guildford Borough Councils issue is far more important, but the post on ‘Take The Jump’ was already on the stocks and part-written and as we are working people with proper jobs sometimes we have to prioritise. Fear not – GBC & YW ‘collaboration’ will be up tomorrow. Unsure about Cllr Mirylees – who appeared to agree with Cllr Hyman, said how she felt and then did a volte-face and voted for it! Stranger things have happened.

  2. Whilst I admire the fact that WBC acknowledge the need to be Greener and more environmentally aware, but I cannot for the life of me understand why they would spend (OUR) money preaching to the Converted!

    1. End the Clutter – all of us would like to ensure our equipment lasts longer than 7 years, but as you say – if we keep buying cheap goods that in many cases are more expensive to repair than replace, who will? I know there is a new Government bill about ensuring manufacturers must ensure that “parts” are available to repair goods – But the proof will be in the Pudding!

    2. Eat Healthy – I think most of us do try and hopefully once this pandemic is over – we will all recognise how beneficial it was during it to have local produce

    3. Fly only once in three years, Hmmmmmm I am doing well then as we haven’t flown since 2019 … Who has??

    4. 3 items of new clothing – I am in Credit then!

    5. Get rid of your car and get on your Bike or go Electric – This one really gets my goat… Am I supposed to cycle to London? Then again with the shambolic road works here in the East it would probably be quicker! A Cyclist that I overtook near Smithbrook Kilns beat me to Guildford the other day!

    Electric cars and Hybrids are so expensive it makes them prohibitive for all but the wealthy. Electric Charging Points….. Where are they? It is fine in London as there are loads, but here in the East of the Borough, I believe there are a couple in Cranleigh, Godalming and Guildford that I could DRIVE to, but in a Hybrid that seems to account for 40% of your electric used to get to one. As for trying to install a Home one- Don’t even go there if you have a Listed Building or your Electricity Supplier says that you are sharing your Electric with a Neighbour and therefore can’t have one….. I believe that is the supply that was installed in our Garage 20+ years ago, and the Gov’t Grant scheme is being reduced as I type.

    6. Reduce your emissions – again anyone living in a Listed Building will know – You cannot have double Glazing, or make any structural changes to the property to reduce your emissions… We make do with Hay to fill the gaps in our walls etc..Guess that is GREEN. We looked at changing from our Oil fired heating to Air/Ground source heat pump system and the cost was simply prohibitive, with the Government only contributing small grants spread over 7 years, so there is a large initial capital outlay required.

    They should be looking at doing more to Protect our Green Spaces, Ancient and semi ancient Woodlands and our Hedgerows that absorb emissions and not concreting over them all.

    1. I think it would be fair to say that lots of the things you have suggested we should do ‘instead’ – where we legally can we are doing as well.

      Much of that derives from the planning system itself though and is out of our direct reach to regulate (if we could, we would).

      All of the above about take the jump is about providing encouragement

    2. We just loved your interpretation – you always, as they say, hit the nail on the head.

  3. Waverley web – unlike you to do this but that’s a bit of a odd place to truncate that quote from Cllr Mirylees considering what she said directly after that about this…

    1. Sorry – missed off a sentence. Now updating. Was running out of time and space. We do our best to give everyone a fair say, however, we don’t want to lose reader interest by making it too long. WW

  4. Sorry but I think one of the most important changes not mentioned – is – ask for a Doggy Bag in restaurants and take leftover food home. otherwise it goes in the bin. Don’t over-order on-line shopping orders – just because you have to pay £5? As for buying three items of clothing? Get real? That’s not going down well in my household!

    1. What’s a Restaurant??? Haven’t been to one of those for over 18 months – Just a quick snack in the Pub Garden and takeaways from our lovely Local Restaurant The Barn in Alfold.

      I pay Priority Pass for my online delivery so I can get them and don’t need to over stock to get the cheaper delivery as I do it weekly and share a Van with many others – it has to be better than various trips by many households to the shops. I do buy Local (where I can) and OH does 1 trip to Cranleigh a week on a Sunday.

      I Honestly do think people are far more aware since the Pandemic, We are now composting and TRYING to grow our own Veggies and fruit – with, I have to confess limited success – We have a lot to learn about planting from seed!

      I made my own Sloe Vodka from Fruits from Wildwood last year so maybe one day you and the team should come and test our skills!! But I am guessing you are all rather more partial to beers and cocktails!

      I shall look forward to the Guildford/Waverley Partnership – so long as we don’t forget we are the smaller Borough and much as we know Guildford WOULD have loved Dunsfold Park – They can’t have it! and will have to make up their own numbers – we have enough problems ahead
      Best as ever
      The BAG-LADY of Alfold
      (No new clothes in this house)

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