MP Jeremy Hunt is a hypocrite – its official.

Just listen to this tirade from our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt in the House of Commons this week – you couldn’t make it up!

Might doctor shortages have been less severe perhaps if you hadn’t gone to war with junior doctors over revised contract terms when you were the Health Secretary Mr Hunt? Your bare-faced hypocrisy belies belief. 

Remember This in 2015?  Didn’t we do well in Waverley? When we voted the saviour of the National Health Service back in! 

via The Spectator

Consultant Surgeon J. Meirion Thomas, the fearless Welshman, says the row with junior doctors will leave the NHS more reliant on doctors from overseas. Up to 15,000 junior doctors are just 11 days away from voting to strike over changes to their pay and conditions, which JH is determined to push through.


And here’s the hypocrites Latest Tweet

Jeremy Hunt said on Twitter
As we look ahead to life post-Covid, we need to address doctor shortages across most specialties in the NHS. Time to overhaul workforce planning – my question to @BorisJohnson today
Cranleigh Waverley and Surrey County Cllr Liz Townsend said:
And if they were valued more (this applies to all health care workers), had better working conditions, were paid more and didn’t have to self fund their continuous professional development.

One thought on “MP Jeremy Hunt is a hypocrite – its official.”

  1. Well said Liz
    I wish more felt like you – But I guess the Tories have to toe the Party-line As for Mr Hunt – NO COMMENT – It’s the weekend!

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