Take me to ‘Your Waverley’s new Leader?

But not if I’m a Tory?

The average primary school playground could have shown the Conservative Group led by Cllr Julia Potts a lesson in good behaviour last night.

As the annual mayor- making ceremony was well underway and all chains and all virtual robes had been distributed among the honoured councillors and their consorts – revealed below…It was onto the real business of the night.

To Lib Dem Cllr John Robini – Mayor – former Council Leader and Farnham Residents’ Cllr John Ward Deputy. 

Conservative Leader Julia Potts at her pottiest yet?

Then along Trotts Potts – to ask the new boy in the big chair – if there could be a recorded vote on the appointment of a new Council Leader. Of course, said Monitoring Officer Robin Taylor. “If enough councillors support it.”

Here’s proposer Penny Rivers speech, which did nothing to convince the Tory Tossers that  Deputy Leader Lib Dem Cllr Paul Follows was the man for the big job!

So it was when the voting began – Mr Whiplash himself –   Tory Whip – ‘what do you mean? There’s no Tory Whip – I’m the Tory Whip’ – Michael ‘Sleepy’ Goodridge’s good work became apparent to all. 

For some Tory councillors, there was no show.

Elstead’s dynamic duo Jenny and David Else (was Elstead named after them) sent their apologies. Where Cllrs Robert ‘Knowless’ and Peter Isherwood were is anyone’s guess, did they fall off Zoom? However – we all know why Brian Adams didn’t appear to be in the Zoom Room – he had been kicked out of the SW Conservative Association and the Tory group a few weeks earlier, for what we understand was ‘behaviour unbecoming,’ at a public meeting of Tilford Parish Council.Rumour has it that it was the same phrase uttered by a Tory MP under Theresa May’s leadership and lost her the whip until of course, the PM  needed another Brexit vote in the house – and all was forgiven!

Paul Follows The New Leader of ‘Your Waverley’ The man who joined as a lone backbencher just over 3 years ago.

So as officers recorded  35 votes in favour of following Cllr Follows from now until 2023 – across all parties including Independents; Labour; Liberal Democrats; Greens and Farnham Residents’ the Tory Group to a man and woman ABSTAINED. Showing once again by its petty actions that it has demonstrated its impotence.

How much more respect would have been gained for the beleaguered Tory group, which has become almost inconsequential in the workings of ‘Your Waverley’ in recent times if it had shown some respect for the role, if not the person. Surely not every Conservative councillor, the saner and more pragmatic – such as Alfold’s Kevin Deanus and Dunsfold’s John Gray could have shown more maturity and respect? All our councillors, regardless of party are there to do what is right for us, the residents of Waverley and should be working together during one of THE most difficult chapters in the borough’s history.





8 thoughts on “Take me to ‘Your Waverley’s new Leader?”

  1. Clearly the Tories are worried what’s coming next and are showing their disapproval before he has even announced anything. The current shrewd administration seem to have run rings round the Conservative group, who probably thought they wouldn’t last more than ten minutes. This was under the leadership of the veteran John Ward. So I trust Paul Follows will show the same degree of political acumen.
    So best of luck !

  2. Oh dear JWS I do think you are looking through rose tinted glasses as far as PF is concerned. He does however talk a good job but unfortunately the results and the accuracy of his comments do not stand up to close scrutiny.

    1. Hello Jim 🙂
      Good to see that you still share the same ethos as many of your still elected colleagues in the chamber.

      The reason I am replying to this is just I am getting quite fed up with the constant stream of untruths coming from Conservative councillors in the press and in the council chamber.

      I also know from the last few years just how unused to challenge you have all been in the last decade and quite what thin skins you have as a result.

      So the words I say to you and will say to your colleagues at the next full council. If you seek to mislead the council and the public this administration will challenge you and call you to account.

      We will do so every time and in any medium, it is required. We will not stand for this revisionist claptrap that some of you seem intent to pursue on a number of very serious matters.

      I am fortunate that you are all so bad at it I’ve not met a resident yet anywhere in the borough that doesn’t see through it with ease.

      I don’t care what party you are, deliberately misleading the public is a cardinal sin in my book.

      1. Enough sour grapes from anything but, gentleman Jim- enough to make a mountain of wine vinegar? A man who will never forgive others for taking his God-given role at ‘Your Waverley.’ We will not attempt to point out how many times he mislead his colleagues and the public – because we would require too much space. However, joking apart, we hope under your leadership you will call the opposition out every time it attempts to mislead. We say attempt because the public is now wise to their tactics.

  3. Frankly an appalling show from the Tories – I would have expected a more Grown-Up approach to this and the Tory leader is a Child – Governed no doubt from ON HIGH! Shocking. If the Tories think they have a hope in Hell in the next Major Elections they are on a road to no-where

    1. Why on earth – only days before the Surrey County Council elections would the Tories reveal themselves to be so childish and irresponsible by playing silly politics? Another own goal!

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