Latest detailed Covid data for ‘Your Waverley.’


The Waverley Web has been studying the very informative Exel- spreadsheet provided to Waverley councillors and the public by Farnham Residents’ Cllr Jerry Hyman. We have linked it into the page below as it shows in detail, town by town and village by village the spread of COVID-19 – 31 December.

 We believe that any light that can be shone upon the rates of infection by any Waverley councillor has to be appreciated by the public. We found the in-depth statistical information very useful, as it revealed the hotspots in the borough. We have heard on private e-mails that many Farnham and some Cranleigh and eastern villages residents have found it very helpful. Let’s hope it makes us all very wary of what we do and how we do it -doesn’t it? We are not aware that on the official WBC website there such detailed information. Well done Cllr Hyman for the hard work this must have entailed.


Farnham Residents’ Cllr. for Firgrove.

Attached is my spreadsheet of the latest PHE Covid case data for the Waverley and surrounding MSOAs, covering tests to Boxing Day.
Farnham, and particularly the North Farnham areas of Upper Hale, Hale, Heath End, Weybourne and Badshot Lea, do appear to be suffering due to spread from Aldershot and perhaps visitors from Guildford (and the train connection to Woking, a recent hotbed of infection).   
South Godalming is bucking the trend, being the only Waverley MSOA with a 7-day rolling Case Rate less than 200.  
Of course, the south Godalming folk should not rest on their laurels, as the mutant virus may have since caught up with them.  The cases reported today are people infected between 7 and 10-14 days ago, and with the effect of pre-Christmas Tier 4 visitors and Christmas Day family mixing yet to be seen, the current situation may be somewhat different. 

You will see the light orange and darker orange hotspots for the period under Cllr Jerry’s microscope a few days earlier. These include – Farnham – to be expected in view of shoppers flooding in from Tier 4 areas when Waverley remained in Tier 2. However, the higher infection rate in small villages such as Witley and Wormley – are not easily explained. Could this be as a result of schools – such as `King Edwards – or perhaps Surrey County Council’s decision to send everyone from the eastern villages to the Witley dump? Cranleigh’s recycling centre is only open for certain materials on a Monday and at weekends so it’s off to Witley they all are forced to go?

The infection rate in Cranleigh is growing, as is Godalming where its popular shops had a burst of activity shortly before Christmas.

Waverley COVID-19 Cases 29 Dec, 3 sheets

The latest on schools in Waverley is as follows:

As far as I can see, this is the situation:
-Primary Schools- January 4th
-Secondary Schools- Years 11 & 13 January 11th.
 All other years January 18th
Just to add, this is a government decision and not a council decision.
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council
Leader, Godalming Town Council

Judging by some of the comments coming from junior doctors – remember the guys and gals our MP Jeremy Hunt had a fight with a while back when he was Secretary of State for Health? Here’s what one told us.

“Just spoke with a junior doctor. She’s broken. Physically and mentally exhausted. Her hospital is on the verge of not being able to cope. Strongly believes that without public support and people sticking to the rules the NHS isn’t going to be able to save you.” #Covid19UK

And if the message below doesn’t keep us all here in Waverley away from meeting up with your friends or family tonight, for a New Year’s Eve celebration – nothing will!

‘Your Waverley’s’ very own Trump on a roll again…


SW Surrey’s  Hunt chump will never get over losing out to Boris the Bulldozer will he?

The former UK health secretary has proposed taxing the over-40s to cover the costs of social care for the elderly.

He says “it’s now – or never” – to fix a social care system that is broken. Hunt broke ranks on Tuesday to propose a “tax surcharge to people over 40,” a measure introduced in Germany and Japan. He said the taxes were “only a small amount extra, but as you get older you start to pay a little bit more.”

Buy to Let landlord and multi-millionaire MP Jeremy Hunt who came under fire for setting up a buy to let property business – and snapping up seven flats in one town.
Mr Hunt has set up Mare Pond Properties with his wife Lucia and used it to buy the apartments in the upmarket marina Ocean Village in Southampton.
The Cabinet minister says the money he makes from the business will be used to make donations to charities and good causes. 

Our MP Jeremy Hunt, Conservative chair of parliament’s health and social care committee, called for “boldness” from prime minister Boris Johnson, his rival for the party leadership last year. Because of course, he knows what the word boldness means – having upset every young junior doctor in the country on his watch – the very same guys who are now heading-up the teams fighting COVID-19. Some of whom have lost their lives in the process!

Hunt says  Boris should ‘seize the opportunity’ created by his large majority in the Commons and the public mood in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

“I just think the year after the pandemic, if we don’t do it now, it really is now or never. Because the public has never understood better how important our care system is.

Wake up, Mr Hunt! The public knows only too well how important the care-system is? They have been paying for their elderly parents and other family members down to their last penny. What rubbish you talk about down to their last £23,000 down to their last couple of pounds more like!

Under your watch, many of your residents were refused any NHS contribution towards their care, despite needing nursing-care input, for long-term health conditions whist in nursing homes. Appeals ignored, as families dug deeper into their own pockets. And now you suggest, they should be taxed more forevermore?

Mr Hunt says the current funding model for social care is widely seen as unfit for purpose, leaving huge bills for many who need care and significant pressure on cash-strapped local authorities and providers.

Perhaps he hasn’t read the new model of care proposed by Surrey Heartlands NHS Trust. The Trust that runs healthcare on his patch in Waverley?

Perhaps he should read it now? Because this is what the local health bodies have told Cranleigh Parish Council what health care will look like in the future.

Having discussed your concerns with colleagues across the Guildford and Waverley Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), we can now more clearly explain our joint position on our future plans.

‘Whilst we recognise the importance of local nursing home provision for those who need it, because of the rapidly changing nature of the way care is provided in the community, it is simply not possible for the CCG or SCC to make a firm commitment to purchasing a specific number of beds for NHS-funded care in the future. As an ICP it is our responsibility to ensure the best health outcomes for our local communities; with a Parish Council Meeting 17 December 2020 Page 5 of 7 significant shift away from bed-based care for older people – due to patients having better outcomes if they are recovering or being cared for in their own place of residence – we will continue to invest in enhanced community services and support to allow more people to be cared for at home wherever appropriate. This investment includes the creation of community-based multidisciplinary teams, aligned with the local geographies of our Primary Care Networks, creating a much more personalised and locally-based service. These expanded neighbourhood teams will include GPs, pharmacists, district nurses, community geriatricians and Allied Health Professionals e.g. occupational therapists. This approach means that community-based care in Guildford and Waverley will be in line with the NHS Long Term Plan and is where we want to focus much of our future investment for older people.

In conclusion, whilst there will always be a need for some level of NHS funded care home beds, the landscape is rapidly changing; in line with the NHS Long Term Plan, we are putting much more focus on community-based care, supporting people in their own homes for as long as possible, which is evidenced to improve outcomes and quality of care. We appreciate that the position explained earlier this year was different and we again apologise for this. We are, however, obliged to consider our current operating position and ensure our plans are aligned with best practice evidence and national strategies.

In light of this, we consider that it is not, therefore, appropriate for us to make a long-term commitment to purchasing additional bed-based care as this would be contrary to our overall direction of travel as a local health and care system. In the meantime, as I’m sure you will appreciate, our focus now has to be on responding to the pressing demands of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this helps to clarify our current position more clearly.

He says efforts to fix the system have repeatedly hit a wall, with ministers shying away from reform as many proposals have sparked a fierce backlash.

So says the longest-serving Health Minister in the history of this country?

Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt who this week proposed a tax on the over-40s to fund social care.

READ MORE: UK chancellor Rishi Sunak fuels tax hike speculation

Hunt broke ranks on Tuesday to propose a “tax surcharge to people over 40,” a measure introduced in Germany and Japan. He said the taxes were “only a small amount extra, but as you get older you start to pay a little bit more.”

The MP, a cabinet member for much of the past decade including as health secretary between 2012 and 2018, said both countries had avoided “public pushback” with the measures.

“I think the biggest battle now is with the Treasury because the sums of money are eye-watering. We were even more bankrupt as a country after the Second World War and then we had the imagination and vision to set up the NHS, and I think this is another 1948 moment.”

Johnson promised to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all” on the steps of Downing Street in his first speech as prime minister last year.

Oh, dear! As we said before – Hunt’s having a Trump moment!

If you were with others on Christmas Day you may be in for a shock.


If you were mixing on Christmas Day then this is really important as cases of the virus in Surrey continue to grow.
It may shock you to know that if you’ve been in contact with someone that has COVID-19, you will be most infectious around New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay as it is known in Scotland. You also may have no idea you’ve even caught it!
Hospitals are now under extreme pressure with some London hospitals reporting that they are running out of oxygen.  They cannot believe they are in the same position they were in early on in the pandemic!

There have been 825 new cases of coronavirus  recorded across Surrey in the last 24 hours, according to figures released on Monday (December 28).

The largest number of new cases was recorded in Reigate and Banstead with 116, followed by Guildford with 106, 81 in Tandridge and 75 in the borough of Waverley.

Latest NHS England data reveals another 14 new Covid-19 related deaths – six at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, seven at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and one at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. 

One nurse follower has asked?
If the NHS is at breaking point, why has the government abandoned the £100m Nightingale Hospital at London’s Excel centre? Department of Health couldn’t even tell us what had happened to it, a week or so ago!
The Waverley Web understands – there simply aren’t enough staff! And as we write, many nursing staff, who have not been vaccinated, are testing positive, and are therefore forced to leave their posts and their patients.

There was a little Spider – his name we do not know.



William is a spider – with a team of three or four?

He’s tucked behind the curtains and the door.

He moves about with stealth and ease – and once a year –

 with others – moves into Waverley’s Christmas Trees.

Among the twinkling lights, William and the others – spin their glistening webs – 

No-one sees them do it! – They are all in bed.

They cover most of Waverley – despite the fallen trees,

Exhausted by their efforts – they fall upon their knees.

Avoiding all the diggers and HGV’s, William made his way back to Farnham,

to his favourite Christmas tree.

It’s there that you will find him like a shining a star.

So – when next you see a spider   – be grateful, jump about and shout with glee,

Cos it isn’t every day there’s a homemade spider star – atop your Christmas tree.

Tears for Tiers in ‘Your Waverley’


By now it will not have escaped your notice that Waverley has now moved from Tier 2  to Tier 4 which has no doubt brought many of our residents close to tears!

Everything you need to know – and instructions you should heed are in the link below:  This includes a message from John Ward, the Leader of Waverley Borough Council 


However gloomy you may feel- and however anxious you are about the future. Just take a moment to reflect on what Christmas Day 1914 was like for these guys.

Let us all hope for a brighter 2021. The shortest day is now over, minute by minute light will return and Spring is not so far away now? So let’s hang on in there. Let’s get through Brexit, get vaccinated and let 2020 become a salutary lesson on the importance of Infection Control.

Here at the Waverley Web, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, safe and happier New Year.




COVID-19 is accelerating across the South East – including Surrey.


Mayor of Godalming Penny Rivers out and about with the town’s Round Table recently.


Follow this link to hear messages from Waverley’s Deputy leader Paul Follows and Penny Rivers Mayor of Godalming on COVID-2020.


The speed of COVID’s acceleration is spelt out in stark data on HSJ today which shows the number of COVID positive inpatients in English hospitals rose 2,256 to 16,183 over the seven days to 19 December.

The 16.2 per cent increase compares to one of 7.4 per cent in the previous seven-day period, underlining how the pandemic is speeding up.

If this rate is maintained, the English NHS will end 2020 with approximately the same number of COVID positive inpatients as at the peak of the pandemic on 12 April.

The Health Service paints  the following picture for the regions:

  • London: Responsible for the largest rise in patients, up 817 (39 per cent) to 2,909 on the 12 December figure.
  • Eastern: Inpatient numbers jumped 536 (38 per cent) to 1,943, the highest ever total recorded in the region.
  • South East: A rise of 376 inpatients (19.3 per cent) to 1,943, the highest total recorded since 20 April.
  • South West: The fourth region to see a dramatic increase in inpatient numbers, up 208 (24.7 per cent) to 1,051, a figure last recorded on 17 April.
  • Midlands: The region with the highest number of COVID positive inpatients. The number rose 7 per cent to a level equivalent to that on 14 April.
  • North East and Yorkshire: Rose 4.5 per cent to 2,413. The region reported a similar number on 9 April.
  • North West: Inpatient numbers remained flat for a fortnight. Its 2,253 inpatients is very similar to the number recorded on 28 April in the region.

WORRyIng. No Plan B for The Big C!

The ending of contracts with the independent sector has put cancer surgery in the capital under threat, writes Ben Clover on HSJ today.

COVID admissions have put pressure on services that can no longer turn to alternative providers. Although many of Waverley’s patients receive their cancer care at The Royal Surrey Hospital, some are also in the care of London hospitals.

The HSJ discovered that NHS England ended contracts with HCA, The London Clinic and the Cromwell Hospital at the end of August, after concerns about underutilisation.

Under the previous deal with the private sector, rules were in place to make sure low-priority private patients were not treated ahead of NHS patients who needed surgery urgently.

HCA and The Cromwell have confirmed the contracts were ended in August and were not renewed. 

HSJ understands NHSE, under pressure from the Treasury, was not willing to pay the prices asked by the three private providers.

Since the start of the Pandemic private hospitals received millions in Government funding despite most extra capacity going unused. The NHS contract with the Nuffield Hospital in Guildford has ended. Around two-thirds of beds in private hospitals like The Nuffield in Guildford and Mount Alvernia were not used during the summer. However, the Independent Provider Network, which represents private providers said any profits made were returned under the terms of the contract.

Just a little something to make you smile – after all this gloomy news.

We see that Sainsbury’s is saying that if the travel ban on UK freight continues for much longer we could see shortages of lettuce in our shops.

“Hope this isn’t just the tip of the iceberg”


Panto off this Christmas? No way – It was alive and well at ‘Your Waverley.’


CartoonsDon’t mess with me – when I say the word ‘Confidential’ I mean it!

A couple of days ago we wrote about the Ding-Dong not so Merrily on High at Waverley Towers in the bad-tempered pre-Christmas council meeting.  But we reported on only half the Pantomime! The curtain then rose on the second act – during which The Borough Solicitor’s advice – no, actually more like an instruction – was ignored by all but one of the Tory opposition.

The political fracas followed Mayor Penny Marriott’s motion to hold a ‘sensitive property matter’ that was subject to a legally binding confidentially agreement’ behind closed doors. Enter, centre-stage on her broomstick, or was it the parachute she used to protect her backside in the last election came Julia Potts, leader of the Tory Group. The lady did protest her ‘extreme concern’ that the matter that had generated extreme public interest was to be debated in private. 

Galloping in as the pantomime horse – the *rse end, of course, came ‘Oh Carole’ Cockburn claiming it was perfectly easy to debate confidential items in public just as she had done many times when she was Mayor “provided the meeting is well chaired!” Giving a second kick to the present Worshipful Mayor for the second time in one evening. Neigh!! 

You can read the earlier Ding-Dong below.


Next on stage in a bid to halt the “Tories political grandstanding” came Baron Hardup AKA Deputy Leader Cllr Paul Follows, who said the council was merely “adhering to legal obligations it was forced to abide by.” In part made necessary in view of the “disinformation” that had already been spread publicly on the subject by the Tories!

He resented being accused of misleading the public and could if he wished, reveal e-mails written by non-other than former solicitor Wonersh Cllr Michael Goodridge and comments made in public – saying, “we can provide the evidence.”  He claimed, the Tories had, either not read their papers, or were trying to present false information.”

Godalming’s Widow Twanky – Steve Cosser – so steamed up and puffed up we thought he was going to implode – claimed the confidential papers revealed how the matter – the identity of which we at the WW know not – has been handled. “The secrecy that surrounds this site, could and should be scrutinised by the public. “You are setting a dangerous precedent shoving an issue into Exempt that doesn’t need to be there” he yelled!

Is this coming from an experienced councillor who has seen numerous items debated in private by his crowd during its controlling years – mainly in a Conservative Group Pre-Meeting? 

Perhaps we should ask our legal advisors’ for their view, said  ‘Aunty Elsey’ – Cllr Jenny Else, who regularly claims she always obeys the council’s Code of Conduct and its rules!

Borough Solicitor Daniel Bainbridge told members” “The recommendation from officers is that you debate EVERYTHING on this item IN EXEMPT. This is not the first time the council has been asked to consider something entirely in private, and there are very good legal reasons why at this stage in the proceedings this should happen.”

“I cannot stress more strongly the risk to the council if the contents of the report are discussed in open session.”

Having listened, but obviously didn’t hear his advice, or chose to ignore it – Cllr Else, together with 19 of her colleagues voted against; Only one Tory – Cranleigh’s Cllr Mary Foryszewski opposed the Tory whip. The remaining 34 councillors, based on the legal advice voted to exclude the press and public.

Will ignoring the whip find former Mayor Mary chained to her dog kennel?










Vaccinations are on their way to ‘Your Waverley.’


Despite the latest gloomy news, and despite Waverley being in Tier 2 – Christmas is going to be a shadow of its former self for many of us – as we now border other towns and villages in Tier 4 with much tighter restrictions.

Only Waverley residents among Surrey boroughs will be able to mix indoors and only on Christmas Day, as opposed to the five-day period originally proposed. But we cannot be complacent. Waverley is still reporting 217 cases in the past seven days, an increase of 104 on the previous week.

It was reported earlier today that there were 608 reported new infections in Surrey and six deaths in Surrey hospitals overnight (Saturday).  This brings the death toll in Surrey to 1,553. 

new Christmas rules?

A brief summary is below:

  • Anyone in Tier 4 areas, this is all of Surrey except for Waverley, should not mix with anyone outside their households.
  • Across the rest of the country including Waverley, the rules allowing up to three households to meet will now be limited to Christmas Day only rather than the five days.
  • People must not break the rules at New Year – as before there will be no relaxation of rules on December 31.

What are the restrictions now in place for most of Surrey?

The new Tier 4 rules are similar to that of the national lockdown in November. They include:

  • Non-essential shops and gyms in Tier 4 areas must close
  • Plans to allow social bubbles over five days will be scrapped with only those in Tiers 1 to 3 allowed to form a bubble on Christmas Day itself
  • People should not enter or leave Tier 4
  • People can only meet one person from another household in an outside space

The majority of Surrey is now in Tier 4 after new tougher restrictions came into place at 12.01 am this morning.

‘We will not be having the Christmas we all hoped for’

Surrey County Council

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, has issued a statement.

I know this will come as a blow to residents and businesses across Surrey, but it is absolutely necessary that we act fast to save lives.

We are essentially heading back into the lockdown restrictions the whole country was under in November, and unfortunately, we will not be having the Christmas that we all hoped for.

It is tough to take, after a really difficult year but we must keep up the fight. Let’s not let our guard down, let’s all play our part and keep Surrey safe.

Surrey’s Local Resilience Forum, including the county council, will continue our work to ensure that help is available for those in need and our Public Health team will continue to monitor local data every single day to track this virus and stop the spread.

“We will continue to support our NHS colleagues in rolling out the vaccine as fast as possible across Surrey – this is our hope of returning to normal life and we will do everything we can to make this happen.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest advice and statistics for Waverley

Waverley is in Tier 2

The borough of Waverley has been in Tier 2 (High Alert Level) since Wednesday 2 December. You can find Tier 2 FAQs by visiting our Covid FAQs page.

Find out more about Tier 2 restrictions

Currently, Waverley remains in Tier 2. However, infection levels are rising and it is more important than ever that residents and people in the borough remain vigilant. 

Those who work in the borough should follow the rules of the tier they live in. Visit the gov.UK website to find out what the Covid restrictions in your local area are. 

Christmas bubbles

On 19 December, the Prime Minister announced there would be stricter restrictions to Christmas bubbles.

Bubbles of up the three households in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will now only be allowed to meet on Christmas Day, instead of meeting across a five-day period. 

Households in Tier 2 have been told to stay local and not to host people from Tier 4 areas. 

Find out more about Christmas bubbles

Fear Not – help is on the Way. Here’s the Pre-Christmas scene at St Christopher’s Church in Haslemere. How apt that the authorities have allowed a church to be used to bring us tiding of great joy.


Surrey County Council’s Community Helpline is still active to aid those in need: Community Helpline number: 0300 200 1008

Most of Surrey goes into Tier 3 – but not ‘Your Waverley.’



An appeal by Waverley’s Leader Cllr John Ward to exclude Waverley from Tier 3 COVID alert measures introduced by the Government yesterday, has paid off.

Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock announced that although “sadly” the whole of Surrey would move up a tier – Waverley would not.  So remains in Tier 2.

Direct appeals by the borough council, combined with residents’ determined efforts to stick to the rules, has paid off for our borough. Well done Waverley – let’s keep up the good work. Let’s make Christmas safe in our borough and enter the new year in a fit state for the vaccination programme to begin.

Councillors in Cranleigh heard last night that the CCG will begin the local vaccination programme in its village hall after Christmas, and is proud of the part it is playing in the battle against COVID-19.

Guildford and most of Surrey moves into Tier 3, the very high Covid alert level, from (0001hrs) December 19, due to rapidly rising infection rates. 

Movement between Waverley (including Godalming, Cranleigh, Farnham and Haslemere) and the rest of the county, including Guildford borough, should now be restricted. The tiers are not due to be reviewed again until December 30 and another on 13 of January.

The decision is based on several indicators, not just the overall infection rate but the rate in the over-60s, and pressure on the NHS.

Tier 3 means:

  • You can mix households (in groups of up to six) only in outdoor spaces, such as parks and the countryside, not in private gardens;
  • All hospitality venues such as bars, pubs and cafés must shut, or stay open only for takeaway;
  • Indoor entertainment venues, such as theatres and cinemas, must close; and
  • Accommodation, such as hotels and B&Bs, must close.

These are in addition to existing guidelines that state you must not mix with anyone you don’t live with who aren’t in your support bubble, in any indoor setting.

Residents in Waverley should continue to follow Tier 2 rules. Those in Tier 3 should avoid travelling outside their area, including for overnight stays, other than where necessary, such as for work, education or medical treatment.

The Waverley web has received some worrying information from one of our followers saying these dangerous and irresponsible leaflets are dropping through doors in Waverley. Perhaps faster than their Christmas Cards? Ignore them, bin them, destroy them! 



Your Waverley says goodbye to 2020 with political rows and a lesson in grammar.

Because they know how to make the Season To Be Joyful – la, la, la, la, la! 

The cycle of Full Council Meetings of 2020 ended with some very testy – and testing – moments, including personal insults, a lesson in grammar,  a legal argument and one councillor describing the new administration as “An Unholy Alliance”, which was followed by a stinging rebuke from The Mayor! Hey, Ho, is that the sound of the monitoring officer we hear?

In fact, the council’s December meeting proved to be anything but It’s  ‘Looking A Lot Like Christmas’  and was more akin to ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas.’ Thankfully the meeting was held on Zoom otherwise there might have been fisticuffs in the Chamber or, as one Waverley-Web-Wag succinctly put it, no nipping into the Mayor’s Parlour for a post-meeting mince pie and a punch up!

The pantomime atmosphere began after Waverley’s very own  ‘Chancellor’ – Finance Director Cllr Mark Merryweather – completed his gloomy forecast of the council’s financial position, after grappling with challenges imposed by Government cuts and COVID-19. All of which he advised was leading to an imbalance in the budget of an estimated, £3m next year, falling to £2m from then until 2023/24. Despite identified efficiencies and savings! Some of this deficit could be addressed IF – and only IF (and yes, it’s a BIG IF), the Government allowed councils to retain more of the business rates they collect.

He said, “What with COVID and BREXIT, we are living in very uncertain times.”

Cranleigh Cllr Liz Townsend with her halo of gold having just joined the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Liz Townsend asked how she was supposed to explain to Cranleigh traders on her high street, paying £8,300 pa business rates, that Waverley would only receive £415 of their hard-earned cash for the local economy?!?!

She was followed by Cllr Follows – who drove the knife into the Government a little further, saying,  it had not met its pledge that the pandemic would not leave local authorities out of pocket! He said promised government grants had covered under half its shortfall.

Twas ever thus, according to senior Tory  Cllr Peter Martin, despite the Government saying it would make changes to business rates.

It was the opinion of Farnham’s Jerry Hyman that the Government was deliberately forcing councils into bankruptcy in a bid to bring on more Unitary Authorities.

“It is absolutely disgraceful and is a direct attack on democracy and a financial attack on us all.”

It was then that Simon Dear, the Tory Cllr for Haslemere & Grayswood, came sweeping in, like the Wicked Witch of the North on his broomstick, to smack Waverley’s new boys and girls, and those moaning traders. He said he could easily explain the good news on business rates to Cllr Townsend’s Cranleigh traders. They had received a business rate holiday from the Government for a year, a free gift to overcome the difficulties faced by the high streets.”!

He said :

“Just like our own dear Waverley Council, Elmbridge Council was taken over by an unholy alliance of liberals – local residents’ associations and others, who had just increased parking charges to keep businesses afloat.”

Interrupted by a fuming Leader John Ward shouting “I don’t wish to be associated with an unholy alliance,” didn’t stop Cllr Dear who was now on a roll continuing with…

“While our own unholy alliance here this evening will not put up parking charges and to have that glorious moment recorded on U-tube for posterity.”

Hasn’t anyone told him that some of those businesses are already on the brink – because they haven’t actually been in ‘business’ for most of the year? Never mind – back to Planet Zonk Dear boy!

The Mayor – was not amused and neither was Cllr Anne-Marie Rosoman who demanded an apology for his reference to Waverley’s administration being called “an unholy alliance.”  However, the Mayor’s rebuke and Cllr Rosoman’s request fell on deaf ears – or maybe it was just the Northwind whistling up Councillor Dear’s broomstick!

Responding to Cllr Dear’s “pantomime question”, Cllr Merryweather said his colleague obviously hadn’t understood the changes to parking charges either.  The council didn’t have a blanket charging policy now.

After a vote of 50 for, with just two abstentions, the recommendation to approve the budget was adopted. Needless to say, Simple Simon abstained.

The second act of Waverley’s Pantomime Season began when the Council’s Corporate Strategy came up for discussion.

It was then, adopting her very best schoolmarm tone, that ‘Oh Carole’ – AKA Councillor Cockburn – switched on, with the alacrity of a set of faulty Christmas lights – and gave the Full Council – and the few dummies, like us who listen in – a lesson in punctuation from the Pantomime Dame who knows a thing or two about grammar and punctuation, don’t you know! Of course, she omitted to mention that reports/documents put before the council are produced by Waverley officers! Oh dear – now, living up to her nickname Oh Carole!  There won’t be too many Christmas cards from staff coming her way this year then?  Never mind, she can blame it on the Post Office’s poor performance during COVID – why not, everyone else is!

You can listen to the complete tirade on the link below, but, to give you a flavour, if you can’t be *ssed, this was one of her questions: “Have you eaten Cllr Follows?” Careful observers might have seen her claws unfurl as she stretched and arched her back and added, “If he had read that, he would have thought I had accused him of some heinous crime – even though he wears those awful ties from time to time?” MEOW!

Lack of space prevents us from giving you the whole-long diatribe – but it ended with an unforgivable dig at Waverley’s treasured Worshipful Mayor, Penny Marriott. Although we were not among those fortunate enough to receive a card with her good wishes. Obviously, not-so-dear ‘Oh Carole’ obviously had! 

“One rule that may come in handy Madam Mayor – next time you do your Christmas Cards don’t use a double negative.”



Ding dong but not so  ‘merrily on high?’

So, as you can tell folks, the Spirit of Christmas is alive but not very well on Planet Waverley!!

A post will follow on the debacle prompted by a Tory revolt on a decision, on the advice of the council’s legal eagles, to take an item in Confidence and behind closed doors. However, you can watch it for yourselves here:


Apologies to Cllr Cockburn from the Waverley Web team  who had only hours earlier partaken of some amber nectar at our virtual Christmas get-together.  Our excuse for any grammatical or punctuation mistakes. Thank God she didn’t move on to chastise everyone for using split infinitives.







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