What the hell is the matter with our tone deaf MP’s?



Both of our MP’s voted against providing disadvantaged youngsters with a free-meal during the half-term holidays. No worries, loads of other local restaurants and organisations have stepped into their miserable Tods and Louboutin’s. So fear not, Waverley youngsters are not going hungry, despite your actions and Surrey County Council’s which shamefully received another healthy shedload of money, but refused to use it to feed them!

But this latest tweet from Jeremy Hunt and the response from Paul Follows says it all!

And here’s his boss – putting in a good word for the Self-servatives. Do these people have any idea of how they are perceived by the public?

Paul Follows Deputy Leader of ‘Your Waverley’


Here’s the man who should have won the SW Surrey election last year. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you think of the Lib Dems, Labour or Conservatives. Paul has more honesty, more integrity and more drive to improve and engage with his local community than we have ever witnessed from the incumbent.

November date fixed for re-run on Dunsfold drilling decision


Will the previous decision to REFUSE the UK Oil & Gas application (UCOG) – remain the same?

Proposed rig at Dunsfold drilling site. 

Five months ago Surrey County Council ruled that the original decision to refuse consent was invalid. It said there were technical problems with the online meeting of the planning committee on 29 June 2020. Another meeting has been fixed for Friday 27th November – COVID permitting. However, this time the meeting will not be held virtually – councillors will be in the same room.

Committee members voted in June by six to five against the recommendation of planning officers to approve the application by UK Oil & Gas plc (UKOG).

The company has applied to construct a site, on land owned by Alfold man Ashley Ward, to be called Loxley, on Dunsfold Road to drill and test vertical and sidetrack wells. The location is located on the map below.

In a statement  UKOG’s chief executive, Stephen Sanderson said:

“Despite the further delay to the PCM [planning committee meeting] rerun, UKOG welcomes the opportunity to restate why its low footprint Loxley gas project is of material local and national economic importance, representing an opportunity to power around 200,000 Surrey homes from Net Zero compliant UK gas.

“The submitted development presents minimal visual, local business and highway impacts and already has a full environmental permit from the Environment Agency.”

The June meeting heard that local councils and 84% of responses to the public consultation objected to the application. This included a strong objection from Waverley Borough Council. Concerns included the impact of the scheme on the landscape, climate change, local businesses, air quality, light pollution, highway safety, noise and local ecology and heritage.

UK Oil & Gas application in Dunsfold – Refused…for now?



 I will start with one clear statement: Waverley remains at Tier 1 (Medium) as of 27/10/20.
However, many of you will now be aware of the recent data (by borough) for Surrey and following this Waverley BC is asking all residents, as it is more important than ever, to follow all the government guidelines in order to protect our community.
A frequent question from residents is what the tier thresholds are. We know that they are based on a basket of different indicators but the government does not tell us what they are (despite how many times we have asked).
❗️For me, the most important question will become: once we cross into the next tier, what’s the game plan to get out of it again?
⛔️ But for now, we are really trying to AVOID going up to that higher level and so the basic guidance remains and we urge residents to follow it.
➡️ Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
➡️ Wear face covering when required
➡️ Keep a 2-metre distance from those outside your household
➡️ Do not meet up in groups of more than 6
➡️ if you are required to self-isolate, please make sure that you do so for the time required
For anyone interested in the full Surrey data pack (for the period up to Oct 23rd) the link is below and I have copied in some of the Waverley relevant elements here as images
Any questions, please do let us know.
Best Regards,
Cllr Paul Follows
Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council

Surrey spends £20m on a new lighting strategy to save £2m a year


When Surrey County Council agreed its Climate Change Strategy it pledged to do its bit towards becoming carbon neutral.

Now it is switching Surrey’s 89,000 Street Lights to LED Costs £20m to Save £2m a Year. This includes lighting up Waverley.

Surrey’s Community Vision for 2030 contains the ambition that:

“Residents live in clean, safe and green communities, where people and organisations embrace their environmental responsibilities”

This ambition reflects the shared ambition of Surrey’s 12 local authorities that our residents live in clean, safe and green communities, where people and organisations embrace their environmental responsibilities.

In support of this ambition – and the UK’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 – on 9 July 2019 the council declared a ‘climate emergency’ and committed to working with partners to agree Surrey’s collective response.

 SCC has published its Climate Change Strategy and a New Tree Strategy which establishes the approach for how Surrey’s local authorities and other partners will work together to put the county on the path to net-zero carbon emissions and strengthen climate resilience.  It believes success lies in everyone taking action to shift behaviour and to live more sustainable lives to help safeguard our communities and the environment.

The WW wonders if this includes protecting the countryside from the Oil and Gas exploration planned by UK Oil and Gas on a Waverley borough site in Dunsfold? A scheme strongly opposed by ‘Your Waverley.’http://www.wealdactiongroup.org.uk/why-we-dont-need-more-onshore-oil-in-the-uk/?fbclid=IwAR266UMlkoia8DOdFwOWO3wOQHgqPkVwIuYZz34_iEpmQYM4VA9VTPJj4NA

An application which was refused earlier in the year, but which now has to be reconsidered. Link: UK Oil & Gas application in Dunsfold – Refused…for now? Surrey Dummies forced to do a Dun – re-run!

The Climate Change Strategy will work in conjunction with a number of existing strategies, as well as borough and district action plans, like the Surrey Place Ambition 2050 (PDF) and the Community Vision for Surrey 2030.

The consultation on Waverley’s Climate Change Strategy Action Plan has just ended with a good response according to the portfolio holder Steve Williams. Comments on the plan are now being analysed. However, early signs are: that residents believe the council’s efforts to tackle the climate emergency is important, and that the council should lead by example.

Cllr Matt Furniss and Skanska’s Simon Woodford, pictured before social distancing measures were in place

Surrey’s conversion of all Surrey’s 89,000 street lights to energy-efficient LEDs has begun in Guildford borough. Lights in Waverley and Surrey Heath will follow in the three-year rolling programme.

Currently keeping the lights on cost the county £3.8 million a year. LED ones will save £2 million a year, based on current prices and last 20 years, six times longer than traditional bulbs. If energy prices rise, the saving will be even greater.

County Cllr Matt Furniss (Con, Shalford), the cabinet member for transport, said:

“LED lights demonstrate our commitment to reducing our energy consumption. As well as supporting our aim of being net carbon zero by 2050, the reduced costs also benefit the taxpayer.

“The lights will be warm white, designed to direct the light more on to the highway so they’ll be less intrusive into people’s homes and gardens.”



Come on Surrey County Council – do the decent thing.


Suppose we have to forgive them for getting their priorities right. Surrey is far too busy building a new empire to concern itself with the stuff of our disadvantaged children’s lives?
We all know where our Waverley MP”s stand on the subject. We wonder WHY?
So come on  Surrey County Council – get to it – and you can do it!
If they can do it in Conservative-run Kensington & Chelsea they can do it here in Surrey for our vulnerable youngsters. Children that have had their education and their lives, disrupted and will be paying for this pandemic for decades to come.


Free My Meal – a Godalming based outfit now has 6,000 members and almost 30 groups nationwide. 
A Godalming resident started @FreeMyMeal
from her home 9 weeks ago! Now it boasts over 6,000 members and nearly 30 groups nationwide! Check out our groups and the meal pledges for half term help! So far its supporters include Louis Tomlinson, Nigella Lawson, Lord Alan Sugar and Kathy Burke.

Ignore village leaders and the public at your peril Cranleigh Village Health Trust.



CVHT care home refused in 2019. An appeal lodged in 2020. A new planning application lodged in June 020 - potponed in October 2020 until????d in 2019 Appealed in 2020 - Appeal withdrawn in 2020 and new planning application submitte in June 20 and now postponed untild

CVHT Private Care Home refused in 2019, appealed in 2020. The appeal was withdrawn in October 2020. New Planning application lodged in June 2020 – postponed in October 2020 – until???

Is the charity behind a bid to build a private care home and a residential development on former parish land ignoring Cranleigh village leaders and its donors?

Silence has been anything but golden for Cranleigh Parish Council – a former partner -of the Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust – which has now morphed into The Cranleigh Health Trust (CVHT.) It has failed in its repeated attempts to get answers to its concerns for many months.

Now – The Cranleigh Village Hospital Campaign Group, which is backed by many thousands of villagers, many of whom were donors, claim it to is being ignored. But will not sit idly by any longer!

Campaign leader Andy Webb has written to the CVHT informing it that the group he leads wants to be included in any further discussions it has with Cranleigh Parish Council. It believes it has the mandate to speak on behalf of villagers, following a pre-COVID public meeting held at the village hall in September 2019. It also has a petition with over 5,000 signatures calling for a halt to the charity’s 20-year battle. 

It also has the backing of the many hundreds of residents in the eastern villages who have objected to the Trust’s latest scheme. The Trust has a current live planning application with partner HC-One To build a private care home, and 16 community beds, and a residential block of flats for Surrey’s care workers. This despite the fact that all key stakeholders including – The Royal Surrey Hospital; The Integrated Care Partnership and Surrey Heartlands Trust have all withdrawn their support. Surrey County Council has also jumped ship. The Trust chairman has also publicly confirmed that it has no operator signed up for the private care home but would find a suitable partner once planning consent has been given.

Whose left to back a Cranleigh Charity’s bid to build a private care home?

So here you have it! Cranleigh Nursing Home circa 2001/2021?

However, according to Andy Webb, The Campaign Group’s leader, the e-mail requesting to be included in any further discussions has not, as yet, received a reply.

The Trust’s media company – Bamford Media was also asked for a statement regarding confirmation that CVHT has withdrawn its appeal against Waverley Planners earlier refusal for a larger scheme. But again, has received no response.

The Waverley Web (which has no connection with Andy Webb) received the following statement.

On 24 Oct 2020, at 08:43, Andy Webb <andy@andywebbphotography.com> wrote:

Dear WW, 

The reason I started this campaign was in memory of my mum and to get some answers for the community who have given their time and money to a charity which promised us a new fully functioning hospital and day hospital. 


Even after the hospital was a distant memory the charity still called themselves Cranleigh Village “Hospital” Trust which was very misleading to the public who were still donating money to them. 

Now, even though the CVHT has withdrawn its appeal against the “Not For Local Residents” Community Beds and Private Care Home, the fight to stop the new planning application continues. 

We have been pushed aside and kept in the dark for so long. We have been blocked on the CVHT social media platforms, read their so called myth busters and who was responsible for all of this?  None other than the media company they use to offload more garbage than an overfilled refuse truck. 

They have tried to dismiss the petition I set up but failed as everything was done legally and above board. 

They tried to play down the amount of money the public raised and what it was misspent on.

Even though the original landowner retained the strip of land around the Bruce McKenzie Field they deny it is classed as a ransom strip. 


What is the old saying? You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

With stakeholders pulling out and CVHT now desperately looking at hospices and other charities to dig them out of a hole, it proves that their proposals are not viable. 

As the community and local organisations have donated £1.8m to the charity we (the public) are classed as major stakeholders and therefore should be treated as such. 

It is now time for us to have our say in any future CVHT plans with the newly formed Cranleigh Village Hospital Stakeholder Campaign Group. 


With so many supporters and with petitions totalling nearly

5000 signatures we are more than just a few loud voices. 

With everyone working together we have a chance of stopping this application and if we are successful the Paddock Field must be returned to the parish and kept as a much needed green space. 


We will never give up on this and I would personally like to  thank everyone for their continued support and much valued help with the campaign. 


Our next step is to get as many objections against the planning application and to get the petition signed by as many people as possible. 

Our aim is to stop this planning application being approved once and for all and have the Paddock Field returned to the parish. Also, if any of the Charities money remains it should be donated to the League of Friends of The Cranleigh Village Hospital. After all, the community donated its money towards a Hospital/Day hospital and not a commercial venture. 

Please click on the link to submit your objections to the planning application. 

Here is the link to the petition.


To have your say please join our Facebook Cranleigh Village Hospital Stakeholder Campaign Group. 

here is the link


Kind Regards, Andy Webb.

‘Your Waverley’ now has the second highest COVID infection rate in Surrey.


nick palmer

WBC Labour Councillor and former Member of Parliament.

A missive from Executive member of WBC Cllr Nick Palmer.

The level is still rising locally – we have the second-highest in Surrey – so it seems only a matter of time before we move into Tier 2, the main difference being that people not in a joint bubble are then not allowed to meet indoors (or in crowds outdoors).
“The Government rules have peculiar exceptions – the notorious one is that it’s illegal for children to get together to feed ducks, but legal for adults to get together to shoot them (“field sports” are exempt from the rules).  The latest twist is that we’re allowed to have a big group sitting together inside a restaurant so long as we claim we’re discussing business, and the press has picked up cases where large groups are munching away and obviously not talking about business at all.”
The point, though, is that the rules are to protect us, and whether we think the Government are geniuses or incompetent doesn’t actually matter – we shouldn’t want to mingle households and have big get-togethers, because we’re putting everyone’s lives at risk. In the same way, wearing a mask when we’re shopping or meeting people even outside, is good because we’re less likely to kill them and vice versa, not because a Minister has laid down a rule. There’s nothing political about it; it’s just common sense.
On the bright side, it does look as though vaccines will start to come through in a couple of months. Deciding on priorities will be the next job. I think it makes sense to give the first ones to NHS staff and carers, even though the very elderly are more vulnerable, because (a) the NHS and care staff come into contact with far more people, many of whom are vulnerable and (b) the vaccine trials are mostly of healthy adults of working age, and we won’t initially know whether the vaccines are equally helpful for the very elderly. During 2021, we can expect further trials to see which vaccines work best for each of us.
Godalming Community Store – do encourage people to use it!
A friend who helps run this cross-party Town Council community group asks me to encourage more people in difficulty to use it. She writes,
“When the country began going back to work, the call on the store reduced. But we’re well stocked and could help more people hit by the end of furlough in 10 days. I’m concerned the message doesn’t get to the right people. The experience of using the store is dignified and could be life-changing. But individuals and parents finding themselves struggling may never have been in this situation and would find the decision to ask for help and come to us a difficult one.”
If you know someone who might be struggling, do pass this message on. It couldn’t be less bureaucratic or embarrassing – you phone 01483 523575 or email office@godalming-tc.gov.uk to make an appointment, you turn up and are made welcome, and you take what you need. Zero paperwork or personal questions. Details are here: https://godalming-tc.gov.uk/community-store/which also has details of their Christmas raffle to raise funds to keep the shop stocked and the goods in shorter supply if you can help them in that way.
Given the billions being paid out to keep businesses going, you wouldn’t think that the modest cost of providing free meals for children outside term time was controversial – not many of us are comfortable with the idea that some children won’t have enough to eat over Christmas because their parents have lost their jobs in the pandemic.
Unfortunately, this seems to have turned into a political judgment for the Government – they gave in to Marcus Rashford’s first campaign as it was so popular (and decently gave him an award), but are resisting the idea of extending the concession over Christmas as they “don’t want a footballer pushing them around”. Really they should get over themselves and just do it – the cost is relatively trivial, and it’s a one-off since by Christmas 2021 we all hope the problem will have receded.
The 5 Conservative MPs who revolted on this (one even resigned from her Government position to do so) and backed Labour’s motion to extend the rules to Christmas deserve special credit. Our own MP’s,  Jeremy Hunt & Angela Richardson did not, nor are Surrey among the many educational authorities who are helping out.
Best wishes
Nick Palmer
(Chair, SW Surrey CLP and member of the Waverley Council executive)

Why did our MP’s vote against providing school meals – and will Surrey mind the gap?


Angela Richardson's Boob with Boris

Now MP’s can claim the expense for the Poppy Wreaths they use for their picture opportunities. This picture appeared in 2019 on the Guildford MP”s Facebook page.

You can listen to Cllr Follows here:


Young Paul Follows – ‘Your Waverley’s’ Deputy Leader is not the only one questioning the wisdom of the Hon Jeremy and the Hon Angela’s recent No vote.

Many of us here at the WW were incredulous at your lack of compassion, as were many of our readers. This is not about politics – this is about children, who may be hungry. Winston Churchill said ‘ A nation that forgets its old – has no future.’ Well, we could say the same about the young. They are our future.

No sooner had the Hon Angie voted against extending free meals for those in need during the holidays than she was opening a new McDonalds in Guildford! Crass or what?

Our MP’s must be relieved that their  Government has just announced that they can now claim the huge expense of buying a Poppy wreath when they rock up to any Remembrance Day commemorations!

A question to both Mr Hunt and the Angie WHY did you vote No? Have you recently undergone a compassion by-pass? We recognise that with all your children being privately educated in schools where they tuck into the best fodder on offer, you many no fully understand how the other half lives? Or is it because you, like so many ignorant people around the country, believe that if you live in wealthy Waverley or Snobbish Surrey – the only thing you have to worry about is what type of gin to drink, or where to play bridge?

Wake up you guys – there are very real areas of deprivation and those areas are on your patch and are growing, faster than knotweed. Now we wonder? Will Surrey County Council stump up the cash like many other county councils in the country? Or will you leave it up to the borough’s and districts to mind the gap?

as Cllr Follows says – we need an explanation WHY?

Hundreds of thousands have signed a petition against using public money to support MPs’ food costs, amid the controversy over the Commons vote. 

More than 390,000 people had put their name to the appeal as of Friday evening.

The petition — called “No public money for MPs’ meals” — was set up after politicians rejected the proposal to keep providing free school meals to children in need during the holidays amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Its creator said she was inspired to set it up after feeling “angry” following the vote in the Commons



So here you have it! Cranleigh Nursing Home circa 2001/2021?



Here they go again… let the trumpets blow again?

All that bunkum about postponing its planning application for a Private Care Home in Cranleigh was just that… a load of tosh!

Although the costly appeal has been ditched. The planning application, which the Cranleigh Village Health Trust had hoped would be heard on 21st October – yes – this week – will now be heard – at a later date?

And, there were all those objectors – including the Group campaigning to stop the development in its tracks thinking that – together with the withdrawal of support from its key stakeholders, Uncle Tom Cobley and all the 20-year saga would end. No way – this saga will not be over until the fat lady sings? 

Read this :

Whose left to back a Cranleigh Charity&#8217;s bid to build a private care home?

Now Tetlow King Planning has written the following to Waverley Planners – seeking yet another delay. This comes to you complete with grammatical errors!

Dear Sirs,

Although we have been pushing for the application to be heard at the 21st October Eastern Planning Committee, we now believe it is unrealistic to make that date. We, therefore, ask that the application is heard at a later date.

The main reason for this is that the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) have out of the blue with no warning, recently written to us stating that they have issues with their support, which we are seeking to clarify with them.

While the ICP’s very recent equivocation is disappointing, we remain fully committed to providing an appropriate form of health care for the local community, through Community Beds available at local authority rates, to the residents of Cranleigh and surrounding area. We are working to achieving this – still through the physical proposals as they stand in the application, but possibly using alternative organisations to the ICP (e.g. hospices, charities etc) who would use the beds that CVHT make available on the application site at local authority rates. There may still be a role for the ICP in this, as potentially one of bodies who use our beds. Nevertheless, the response from the ICP means that we will have to re-think some aspects of the structure for instance in the legal agreement and its mechanisms.

We are also awaiting your comments on the draft s106, our viability evidence and the appeal Statement of Common Ground. The late request in particular for the viability evidence also makes the October committee unrealistic.

I hope this is clear but please contact me if you require any further clarification. This should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Kind regards Oliver

Oliver Marigold BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI Principal Planner

So all the “free at the point of delivery” community bed promises made by the Charity- were like pie crusts easily broken.

As The Campaign Group’s leader Andy Webb (nothing to do with the Waverley Web) says: “You can fool all of the people, some of the time, some of the people all of the time – but not ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!

Tomorrow we will put the Campaign Group’s message on the Waverley Web.

Alfold’s mole watches holes being dug at Wildwood Golf Course.

For anyone who has just dropped into the eastern villages from the moon – back in the good old days in 2010 – Alfold’s Wildwood Golf Club was given consent to build a £35m hotel, golf lodges

and an HQ for the PGA Academy. 

You can read all about it in the link here:

A new era for Wildwood.

Fast forward five years and the club finally went into the rough – leaving staff and suppliers out-of-pocket and its members and the owners in a bunker. Has Alfold&#8217;s Wildwood Golf Club gone into the rough?

Wildwood 10 Dec 2019 Gazette Notice

 Now, years later,  the natives in the Surrey/Sussex border village are getting restless (and not for the first time we might add.) It appears someone is taking a swing at developing the site – and a bit more besides!

Our local mole – Denise Wordsworth – we don’t have her post-Covid pic yet, tells us life down on the range – driving that is, is stirring up a certain amount of discontent. She tells us…

Dear WW

As ever I do like to keep you up to date with the latest Shenanigans in Alfold!

“At last…” we all cry “The Golf Club is going to be updated, and there will be a new Hotel, Health Spa and of course the lovely Lodges” Well that is what the Village thought back in 2011 and even in 2018 – But as the years rolled on and the golf course fell into disrepair and was used for livestock, it became blindingly obvious that things were not progressing as planned.

Then over the last 4 weeks or so it was obvious something was going on due to the number of Cars (and some very expensive looking ones) seen in the car park and lots of men in High Viz mooching around the place. Even a van from IDSE Ltd a Developer from Kent on several occasions. Then we started to notice the Spray painted markings on the road saying “ GATE 1” “GATE 2” etc…. which we thought a little odd.

Then last week we noticed a massive gap in the Hedgerow towards the 9 Hole and the pictures above show what has happened as of 21st October.

It has to beg the questions:

  1. Did they inform WBC Planning Department they were going to commence with this destruction?
  2. Have they done the Archaeological Surveys they were supposed to have done prior to any works?
  3. Have they done anything to protect the vast amount of Wildlife in the whole area – but quite specifically in the 9 Hole area? – We would always see deer, hedgehogs, mole-holes, herons, cormorants, woodpeckers, kingfishers, ducks of all kinds, geese and so many others we never saw. The ponds are filled with fish as we have seen, as have the anglers that enjoyed their escape to the Ponds during Lockdown

OMG, this is beginning to sound like Red Court at Haslemere!

As ever the sceptic – It does beg the question as to whether this demolition work is for “Phase 1” of the original application or is it something completely new – In which case where is the Planning application?

Where indeed we hear you cry?

It looks very much to me like they will be looking at the hardstanding in the car park and putting it down as a brownfield site and the 9 holes that were supposed to be for the 23 “Academy Lodges”  – as a site for new housing?

Our Local Councillor Kevin Deanus has been onto Planning to request a site meeting as you can see below – So hopefully someone will have some answers ……………Watch this space

As ever


What would the good people of Alfold do without her?

PS Fear not: Alfold’s Cllr Kevin is onto it!

Here’s the picture postcard of Wildwood circa 2020.