New Schools for the eastern villages coming soon?


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As you may know the property arm of Surrey County Council wants to relocate three schools into new buildings in Cranleigh.

The chosen site is behind existing homes on Cranleigh Common – and the new access for all the pedestrian traffic is between existing residential properties along an old, mainly disused footpath, opposite The Curry Inn on the High Street.

It is intended to provide around 540 places for primary school children and 68 nursery school places.

There is no parking provision, so presumably, the county wally’s are expecting motorists to stop in the high street to let their children out to walk across a common and reach the dark and dismal footpath alongside, we are told by the locals, a large white house owned by, wait for it, yes you guessed the Flying Dutchman. We collect stamps and money-off vouchers –  he collects property?

We have heard from villagers that they are predicting illegal parking and traffic chaos in the High St.

 We heard that the planning application for the school replacements was to be considered on January 14th, but the meeting, according to the SCC website was cancelled.  Does anyone over there know when it will be considered? Or, has it already been granted under officers delegated powers? Because if there are not enough letters of objection it will go through on a nod and a wink!

Here’s a post we made earlier.

Traffic chaos and danger for children in Cranleigh here it comes?
Please note this is an amended proposal so any comments made previously need to be resubmitted.
Please write, quoting the reference number SCC Ref 2018/0138 to:
Caroline Smith (case officer)

Copies to: Andrew Povey (surrey county councillor)

Just as a matter of interest.

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Here’s what the Cranleigh Society, the organisation that speaks up for the village says:

All our concerns for the future of Cranleigh Primary Schools continue

We are still beavering away as best we can –  and for all the letters and emails you sent to the various people we suggested – thank you!  We have received the Officers’ responses and are examining all minutely for gaps in logic and care.

 We feel under threat.

We believe Cranleigh is under threat from Surrey County council due to its apparent willingness to proceed to build a new school on its green fields. However, it does NEED  planning permission from Waverley Borough Council to build around 90 & 17 dwellings on the existing school sites in order to part-fund the new school and nursery.

They consulted with the right people?

Various meetings and online papers produced over the years – lead everyone to believe they’re actually was no choice.  To obtain a new school and nursery the community has to have all that new housing. SCC has done its figures – others have too, and just don’t agree. It is clear that a new school could have been built in the grounds of the old one when the two sites first joined together!

They are sure they can persuade nearly all the children to walk to school

By creating a very congested set of roads the future deems everyone will all walk and cycle – right? Little consideration then for those who have to deliver and collect from more that one school or nursery every day. Those who live further than 2 miles away – yes, those are all meant to walk like our grandparents did – and those who depend on Grandparents and carers who come from further away.  A greener future can’t be created this way…..

Traffic and Safety issues

We know that all Primary school suffer traffic issues, especially in September with new intakes!  This scheme however beggars belief!  Parsonage Road is where people have always parked, including the school buses. Now it is proposed to add more cars and vans of those living in the new housing – and the increased cycling – all accessed from a building tucked away behind established housing on Cranleigh Common. All of whose residents will be adversely impacted by the noise and any possible anti-social behaviour. 

We are trying

Cranleigh Society representatives and councillors have been asked to attend a meeting – online soon and hope to represent your views so do write in and let us know details of your feelings – especially if you can “consult” with future parents of the schools and nursery.


Will Blightwells in Farnham enter the brave new retail world post COVID?


WE DIDN’T foresee the virus coming, although there is evidence the government had modelled a response to such a situation.

In anticipation of its eventual control, we should be reviewing options and considering our response to all the matters affecting our town.


One critical sector is retailing. Retailers are in trouble. I don’t know whether you have been keeping track, but numerous national companies have gone into administration, and it has been reported that almost a fifth of UK small businesses are at risk of collapsing within the next month as they struggle to secure emergency cash meant to support them through the coronavirus lockdown.

The hardest-hit sectors have been high-street businesses such as retailers and restaurants that rely on shoppers and nights out.

Carluccio’s was one of these and one of the restaurant chains to be included in the original proposals for Farnham’s Brightwells scheme.

They were reported as losing their battle against higher costs and increased competition in March 2018 but survived by closing down a third of their restaurants as part of a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) rescue plan.

It was about then we discovered the name missing from Crest Nicholson’s list of ‘already signed up’ companies.

Other companies to have disappeared from the list include Byron Burgers and Wagamama.

Brands that have already disappeared from our high street include Carphone Warehouse in West Street and Laura Ashley in the Lion and Lamb Yard. Another retailer has also shut-up shop in Lion and Lamb Yard (WW)

Poundland has temporarily closed 100 of its 850 stores amid the coronavirus crisis, including the Farnham branch.

Monsoon Accessorize, located in West Street, is looking at a range of options, including a potential sale of part or all of the business, raising fears for the future of its shops.

Outside the town, Debenhams, the department store chain, went into administration on April 9 with the Guildford branch scheduled for closure in 2021. WW We now understand this store will not re-open. Middle-range fashion outlets like Dorothy Perkins, which might have come to Brightwells, are facing financial turmoil as a result of the lockdown, and brands like Cath Kidson, potentially a good fit, have gone into administration.

I have spent some time thinking about the proposals for the commercial element of the Brightwells development, and a couple of things struck me.

Firstly, Crest Nicholson should now accept loss of face and engage with the residents of Farnham, as they were asked to do at the society’s 2018 residents’ associations meeting. Their reply? “No.”

They should accept they need to incorporate some flexibility into the construction of the buildings with commercial uses.

A community asset to replace the Redgrave Theatre should be considered to increase the footfall when part of this site becomes unsustainable.

Another small observation – why aren’t there any public toilets, with disabled access, in the development?

The impact of the coronavirus will be with us for several years, if not a decade. Retail has to adapt.

* By David Howell, chairman of the Farnham Society planning committee

Almost all Waverley’s eggs are in the baskets of Haslemere and Farnham. However, Surrey County Council has splashed the cash all over the country. They have a Martini portfolio of properties – ‘any time – anywhere.’

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These boots were made for walking…


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 10.01.58

And that’s what they’re gonna do – In Godalming’s High Street when the shops throw open their doors next week.

Here’s a message from  Godalming Councillor Paul Follows who has been accused on the Waverley Web by former Tory Borough Cllr Jim Edwards of …
“a spate of self promotion he needs to ensure that members of the Executive attend meetings and get on with the job on how best to serve our hard pressed ratepaying residents.”


And there we all were  thinking that Paul Follows is/was/and has been doing his damnedest, along with his colleagues to keep us all supported, informed and in touch – during these unprecedented times? However, Sunny Jim obviously has a different view.
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 21.56.10
This meeting has already taken place. However the link to the agenda and papers are here on this link:…/0.-26-May-2020-PM-Agenda-Zoom…


Our Jeremy joins the ‘whack-the-Dom game’ whilst admitting he’s made mistakes.


This is the way to Barnard Castle…>>>


 Barnard Castle now Twinned with Specsavers?

Our SW Surrey MP gives the THREE lockdown rules Dominic Cummings broke.

The PM’s Special Advisor has been attacked by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in a letter to his constituents, which included us here at the Waverley Web!

In his letter to Waverley constituents, Mr Hunt laid out the three ways that Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules.

As if we needed him to tell us that Big Dom had ignored the key health messages that he wrote and we were told to obey!

Mr Hunt said that he was wrong in coming back into work when he had been with his wife who was ill; he should have stayed at home instead of driving to Durham; and should not have visited Barnard Castle.

The letter read: “These were clearly mistakes – both in terms of the guidance which was crystal clear, and in terms of the signal it would potentially give out to others as someone who was at the centre of government.”

In a letter to the Waverley Web, Mr Hunt laid out the three ways that Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules. He said that he was wrong in coming back into work when he had been with his wife who was ill; he should have stayed at home instead of driving to Durham; and should not have visited Barnard Castle. 
Silly old Jeremy, didn’t he realise that Big Dom was forced to drive to Barnard Castle, because that’s where the locals go for an eye test because it’s Twinned with Specsavers?

Mr Hunt, who ran against Boris Johnson for the Conservative Party leadership in 2019, and is still smarting from his failure, also told us, it was more important to hold the government to account on “whether we really are going to follow global best practice and introduce Korean/German track and trace so we kill off a second wave of the virus and get the economy back on its feet”.

But he said he would not join other Tory MP’s in calling for the senior aides resignation or sacking.

No of course, he wouldn’t. After all if Boris gets the bums rush, who wants to slip seamlessly into his shoes… yep you guessed! Our Jeremy! But be quick because judging by Big Dom’s obvious importance to the Government you may have a race on your hands.

Apparently BD  is so clever, infinitely more clever than most of the men in Government – so the pundits say. But if he’s that clever why didn’t he think up something more plausible than excusing his trip to the countryside rather than going to Specsavers? We suspect any 4-year-old could have come up with a better excuse than that.

Jeremy added: “As someone who has been at the centre of media storms with a young family, I know you do make mistakes in these situations.”

“I am also not convinced that politics gains much from the spectacle of scalp-hunting even though I recognise that accountability is central to our democracy and sometimes people do need to resign.”

You must have some serious marks in your a** Jeremy as you rock from side to side on that fence you so often sit on?

Here’s what his opponent at the last General Election told us.

Paul Follows - Lib Dem Godalming

Dear Editor, 

One rule for them, another for us.

This week has been dominated by the revelations about Dominic Cummings but for me it breaks down into two very clear statements. 

Did he break the rules? Yes. Has he been punished for that? No

I can really only apply my experience of the local context in Godalming and the wider Waverley where I am a councillor.

Large numbers of residents have emailed me (from all over the borough) over the course of this period asking ‘is it ok if…’ when it came to the lockdown rules.

Many did not exactly love the responses that sometimes, because of the guidelines –  I had to give. Most of the time I didn’t love having to give that guidance either – especially considering the sacrifice this sometimes meant for these residents. But that was the guidance and it was very clear (particularly if you had symptoms) and I know people understood that. I also have family within Surrey that I could not visit. 

I cannot praise those residents enough for following the guidance and in some cases under some pretty unpleasant circumstances. Some of them at least as serious as the issues allegedly faced by the PM’s senior advisor.

Our MP, Mr Hunt eventually took made a statement and again we can break that down into short statements. 

Did Mr Hunt think Mr Cummings broke the very clear rules? Yes. Should there be any consequences? No (and move along, nothing to see here)

We can only conclude from his comments that it is clearly one rule for them, and another for the rest of us down here on the ground.

Reminding us all that his overwhelming desire to one day get the big chair himself means that the only side he is on is not yours, or mine but his own.

Cllr Paul Follows, Deputy Leader, Waverley Borough Council

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for South West Surrey (2019)


And here’s what the Hon Angie – MP for Guildford & Eastern Villages had to say, and is now Tweeting telling us all to … move on! Who is out of step with their constituents – Angie or Jezza?

Any friend of Boris is a friend of mine? 


Here’s the man to oust from Surrey County Council – if you want change?


A week is a long time in politics, but a year is not a long time pre-election.

Here’s the man Paul Follows, Waverley’s Deputy leader has to beat to take the Surrey County Council seat for Godalming South, Milford and Witley in the May 2020 elections. The Liberal Democrat who put up an amazing fight against MP Jeremy Hunt in the General Election has announced he will stand for Cllr Peter Martin’s  county seat.

That is of course, unless Cllr Martin decides to anoint another? As he is after all, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Association. He has also held the seat for almost a two-decades.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 09.46.53

Over the coming months we will be revealing what voters would like to know about Mr Martin. Even some of the things that Mr Martin would prefer you didn’t know?

E.g. Has anyone in Bramley ever wondered how that monstrosity of a building which now towers over a listed building in the heart of Bramley’s Conservation Area was ever allowed?

The massive new Science Block that now dominates the centre of Bramley, has a very good friend in… yes – you guessed Cllr Peter Martin, a Governor of St Catherines. Another of Peter Martin’s colleagues Richard Seaborne is also a Governor there. The overdevelopment of the school site has been a bone of contention with residents for many years. For the past 20 years, the school has grown like Topsy and now dominates the village.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 09.42.01

Mr Peter Martin

Party: Conservative

Political grouping: Conservatives

Division: Godalming South, Milford & Witley

Borough and District: Waverley


Any friend of Boris is a friend of mine?


Are we surprised that the MP for Guildford & the eastern villages is making excuses for Big Dom? Despite Accusations of Repeated Lockdown Breaches


Like Zoe Franklin The Lib Dem’s Parliamentary Spokesman  – The Waverley Web believes the MP and former Cranleigh parish councillor should reconsider her support, even if she does risk slowing down her climb up Westminister’s greasy pole? Because, she is undoubedly out of step with most of her constituents – and sticking up for Big Dom, could prove she has pinned her colours to the wrong mast! We cannot help wondering what her predecessor our former MP Anne Milton’s views might be on the subject? 

At least we all know now that the Hon Angie was  – ordered, advised, told, instructed, cajoaled, by the Whips Office into Tweeting her support for her colleague. Wise choice?  

The WW can certainly awards Boris Johnson 10/10 for choosing not to present the facts to the Nation, and refusing to answer any of the train crash of questions from the media. Just a shedload of evasion and waffle, which has led us, and almost everyone else we have spoken to suspecting that even Boris believes, truly believes, that what Big Dom did was wrong. Then another car crash Press Conference where Mr Big was treated as though he runs the country? Or perhaps, he does? So he could give, “with respect” his own interpretation of the rules. ‘Stay at HOME, Protect the NHS  Save lives.’ 

So now do you accept Angie that the message to us voting fodder that has been upholding the law to the letter, not visiting our grandchildren, elderly parents, or helping out our relatives, with children that had the virus, was just aimed at US and not YOU or your colleagues?    Might you change your tune/support now the FACTS are revealed?  Now we all know he drove 30 miles to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight and then drove to London and popped in for some petrol? Does he/you think we all just fell off the last banana boat!

Was it really worth tarnishing your own, very fragile reputation to support someone elses?

Because if the Police do their job properly, and are unhindered in the task ahead, and there is full disclosure of the FACTS, perhaps you, and others will be slighty more circumspect in future?  As a new ‘Girl on the Block’ it is often wise to pause – before obeying an insruction. So may be, you should look before you TWEET?

by Martin Giles of The Guildford Dragon

Guildford’s Conservative MP should “reconsider her support for Dominic Cummings and join the growing chorus of voices calling for him to go”, said Zoe Franklin, the Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson for Guildford.

But Angela Richardson MP responded: “It is disappointing to see that the Guildford Liberal Democrats are still quoting from factually inaccurate news reports.”

On Friday (May 22), the media revealed that Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief adviser, allegedly broke the lockdown rules by driving 260 miles to County Durham with his wife, sick with coronavirus, to his elderly parents for help with childcare, provoking calls for his resignation.

Claims of further lockdown breaches by Mr Cummings are all over  today’s newspapers (May 24).

Ms Franklin said: “Understandably, this has angered and upset so many families and individuals who have diligently remained at home throughout the coronavirus outbreak to keep them and their families safe, and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“It is an illness which has resulted in thousands of people dying alone, families being unable to be with loved ones as they have died, or meant people have been unable to be there to look after seriously ill relatives.

“The lockdown rules about avoiding unnecessary travel and self-isolating were clear and designed to save lives, yet Dominic Cummings appears to have believed they didn’t apply to him. To my mind, it is clear that he should resign from his adviser position or be removed, as has happened for others in similar roles who ignored the rules.

“I was therefore surprised and disgusted to see Guildford’s MP Angela Richardson tweeting in support of him. 

”I find it inexcusable that, as far as our MP is concerned, there seems to be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the rest of us.

“Ms Richardson’s support is also surprising, given that in previous tweets she has made clear, repeatedly, that people should avoid unnecessary travel and stay home in order to save lives. Yet over the course of several tweets she is now attempting to justify behaviour which has potentially put lives at risk and has violated the clear lockdown rules which she herself had previously, and rightly, enthusiastically endorsed.

“Ms Richardson’s constituents deserve an explanation. Does she also think it’s acceptable for the rest of us to leave self-isolation and travel the length of the country to visit relatives if we’re infected with Covid-19? Or does she think the rules don’t apply to the Prime Minister’s chief adviser?

“I sincerely hope that, in addition to offering an explanation, Ms Richardson will reconsider her support for Dominic Cummings and join the growing chorus of voices calling for him to go.

Ms Richardson responded: “It is disappointing to see that the Guildford Liberal Democrats are still quoting from factually inaccurate news reports.

“Number 10, through the statement released yesterday and the press conference last night (Saturday), addressed questions from the media about the actions of Dominic Cummings.

“I endorse the comments of Dr Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer, that safeguarding of both children and those who are in the vulnerable shielding categories has always been a consideration in the guidance issued by the government.

“The care and wellbeing of young children is always of fundamental importance. There is great risk in making assumptions about an individual’s circumstances and access to support.

“My tweet speaks of my own personal family circumstances of illness with SARS in 2003 and therefore my perspective and understanding of the difficult decisions parents of young children face in trying to get the best support.

“That the spokesperson for the Guildford Liberal Democrats should use the word disgust in relation to my personal experience as a parent of a very ill baby, while very ill myself is unfortunate.


Twitter reports show the Conservative whips’ office has asked Tory MPs to support the prime minister’s position on the Cummings story.

A Cranleigh Charity has now unveiled its new development plans to village leaders…


…To its cry of  – “We are NOT DEVELOPERS!”


Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 21.00.49

 Chairman Dr Robin Fawkner-Corbett rocked up to the monthly parish council meeting to acquaint village leaders with Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s (CVHT) latest cunning plan. It plans yet another development, in its war of attrition, to be submitted to Waverley Council by June 9. It will sit in tandem with an appeal lodged against a previous refusal for a larger scheme. However, he said he could not ‘yet’ share any documents with village leaders.  Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

You try refusing that one with an appeal hanging over your heads Waverley Planners, particularly during a Coronavirus epidemic, when planning meetings are held virtually and there is no Joint Planning Committee!

Was that just what the Dr ordered?

Rumours have been rife for weeks that after being thwarted by Waverley Planners in BC – Life before Covid – the Charity was gearing up for yet another go at building on the former parish council playing field in Knowle Lane that it snaffled for £1 from villagers.

The Dr said a planning application was to be submitted for a 64-bed Care Home –   16 community beds – and an apartment block of 14 individual one and two-bedroom self-contained apartments. The scheme, amounting to a 20% reduction would run in tandem with an Appeal for an 80-bed Care Home, 20 community beds, and a 26- bed apartment block that was  REFUSED in December 2019. The Trust’s previous aspirations for a replacement hospital had been overtaken by changes in the health system and an increase in the elderly population, he claimed.

 Surprisingly, there was no mentioned of the recent planning consent for 25 extra beds granted to Caring Homes Healthcare Group’s Knowle Park Nursing Home 200 yards away in Knowle Lane just a few months ago?

Neither did he say if the Trust’s partner remains HC- One, reported nationally to be in dire straits! In its latest financial accounts, the national care home operator said: ” if the current worst predictions on occupancy and payroll costs proved correct there would be a “significant impact” on its profitability and cashflows and it would require bank support on deferring loan repayments.”
Adding: “The directors consider the specific downside scenario impact of Covid-19 on the group’s occupancy levels and cash flows to be so significant that it represents a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt on the group’s . . . ability to continue as a going concern.””

 Dr Fawkner-Corbett  said there had been “important changes to the Board of Trustees with the resignations of Nick Vrijland and Andy Leahy.’ “We are now delighted to welcome new Trustee Richard Everitt – who brings with him a wealth of business experience.” The Cranleigh resident was appointed on March 3 2020.

The mutter in the village gutter is that the developer duo, currently building  265 homes in Cranleigh – with other developments including at David Manns’ in the pipeline, resigned from the charity to pursue their business interests without charitable constraints!

Dr F-C hoped the new scheme would overcome previous objections of “over massing” as it would have a lesser impact on Wiskar Drive. Though reminded the council that the 2006 consented application (which the Trust allowed to lapse) was a larger building on three floors – larger than that refused in  2018. He said the Trust was obliged to lodge an appeal bearing in mind the large sums of public money raised. 

However as always, economical with the truth the Dr failed to mention that the original scheme was for a replacement hospital, health centre – and a day hospital and it was for that purpose that the money was raised.

Mr Everitt read Trustee John Bainbridge’s statement as he had been taken ill shortly before the meeting. This would dispel some urban myths about how much money had been fundraised and a ransom strip around the Beryl Harvey Memorial Field. This was an agreement between the parish council of which he (JB) was then a member, and the landowner  (Nick Vrijland), which he claimed, was a “win, win for the community.” A transaction completed in 2010 and which had nothing to do with the Trust.

There had been no fundraising since 2006, though the Trust had continued to accept donations.  However, the £2m figure quoted on social media was a myth. The Trust had raised only £950,000, far too little to build a replacement hospital. £630,000 of which had been spent on planning applications and professional advice.  Included were significant items of expenditure including the ‘Keep Beds Open’ campaign, the levelling and laying of the new football pitch (£90,000) and the improved access and new footpath works in Knowle Lane (£98,000). He said the Trust had been advised by its professional team that the reasons for the 2018 refusal were – ‘Not sustainable,” which is why it would be lodging an appeal.

These works in Knowle Lane were part of a condition of the consent for the Knowle Country Park, part of the Vrijland and Leahy developments in the park, and the (KPI) development at West Cranleigh Nurseries in Alfold Road.

However, there was no mention of the £500,000 paid out in salaries – or fundraising generated in the Cranleigh Village Hospital Shop which continued until its closure in 2018.

Dr Corbett hoped the parish would look at the latest scheme in a new light, with an open mind and consider the significant benefits for the community. There would be no physical Public Exhibition of the plans due to the Coronavirus epidemic.   It would be conducted “virtually” on its website. However, the Trust would be happy to answer any questions, if they were received in writing.

Parish councillors looked like rabbits caught in a set of headlights during the presentation.  One said afterwards she was “dumbfounded” believing the Trust was coming back with something that the parish council – a former partner of CVHT who had made the land deal for a hospital possible – on the community’s behalf,  could at last work on together to achieve something everyone would back.

Chairman Liz Townsend said her first response was “disappointment.” at the Trust’s announcement of its appeal against the original scheme. She had hoped the charity would work more closely with the parish council, which is the community, and which had many concerns and objections in the past and had hoped for a real “community project” that everyone could help to shape and get behind. She recognises, there was strong feeling on both sides. In response to Dr Corbett’s argument that the parish council had refused in the past to sit down with the Trust, Cllr Townsend refuted this saying council rules did not permit it to sit down with ANY developers – regardless of who they were.  

“We have to meet in public and deliberate in public, we cannot and will not meet developers behind closed doors in private to discuss applications.”

Dr Corbett said:

“This Charity has been labelled by some as developers, we have never seen ourselves as such.”

There will be a public consultation on the Charity’s website in two weeks.

Zoom in on Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?

Background of the 20-year Saga, which has proved to be a toxic chapter in Cranleigh’s history.

• First it was a replacement for the old Cottage Hospital, closed down by local health chiefs. A building with 14 beds, a Day Hospital Physiotherapy Unit and `Outpatients department.  This hospital still operates now with improved services including an X-ray department and Midwifery Hub.
• Then it was a replacement Cottage Hospital and a new GP surgery – with ambulatory services – a Day Hospital, outpatients and with minor injuries.
• It then morphed into an 80-bed nursing home, with 20 community beds for ‘local people’
• Then it mushroomed into an even larger ‘Care Home ‘ – with 20 community beds and a bolted on a block of apartments for local health workers.

Then … wait for it … wait for it… 

• They wanted a Care Home, with 80-beds for HC-One; 20 community beds AND an apartment block with 28 bedsits for health-workers from anywhere in the Primary Care Trust, or is that now Surrey Heartlands area!

And so the Great Cranleigh Hospital/Care Saga goes on… and on…Ad


Has Godalming managed to do something Farnham has been trying to do for donkeys years?


Paul Follows - Lib Dem Godalming

The Waverley Web bets Paul Follows wishes he could be sporting this well-trimmed barnet now?

Paul Follows – Leader of Godalming Town Council Writes.
Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 12.42.57

Judging from the comments which are growing as we publish – looks like this is could be a goer?

Allegation of serious historic sexual assault in a Cranleigh Baptist Church lavatory on Christmas Eve.


Cast your mind back 9 years, were you at a Christmas Eve function at the Cranleigh Baptist Church opposite Cranleigh Common in the High Street?

It was HM The Queen’s  – Diamond Jubilee Year.

Other memorable events that might help jog your memory, because someone must have been badly affected by the incident to come forward after such a long time?

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 19.05.51


Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 18.58.46

How to shut people up Surrey County Council style.


The Waverley Web used a piece of masking tape to keep Waverley Councillor and Green Campaigner Steve Williams shtum.

But the clever wallers at the county council had their own means of ensuring Waverley’s Portfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainability was silenced. Well, that was before UK Oil & Gas’s planning application to drill in Dunsfold was postponed until the end of June!

Cllr Williams, Chairman of Waverley’s Green Party and the architect behind the council’s  Climate Emergency Declaration was refused the right to speak to the virtual committee on Thursday.
Surrey County Council told him he did not qualify as a speaker because he submitted an objection on behalf of Waverley Borough Council on council headed paper. Only individuals were permitted to participate in the meeting, he was told.


Now the county council will have to find another reason to gag Waverley’s first Green Councillor, an educationalist, green socialist and political activist, and editor of The Compass. No doubt he will ensure next time he makes his objection at the hearing on June 29, it won’t be on Waverley’s headed paper!

No determination should be made until site visit restrictions are lifted. Seeing the area, on the ground, is an essential part of any decision-making process – let alone on such a controversial planning application.