A stark message from the National Health Service and a suggestion from the Waverley Web.

There are men and women all over the borough of Waverley who are risking their lives in a bid to help save ours. All we can do now is reward them by heeding the advice they are appealing for us to take – for all our sakes. We owe it to them to heed their warning.

Without our dedicated professionals in the NHS we cannot beat Covid-19, with them we can. How about when this dreadful chapter in our lives is over we reward all our health-workers by giving them FREE & PRIORITY parking on their hospital sites? 

With best wishes for all our readers’ health and wellbeing from the Waverley Web team.

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2 thoughts on “A stark message from the National Health Service and a suggestion from the Waverley Web.”

  1. If you have to leave home to shop for your household, then shop local if you can. Your local corner-shop, butchers and bakers will probably have what you want, without having to share a supermarket with hundreds of others.staring at empty shelves.

  2. Yes that makes good sense, except in the larger towns where family butchers have all but disappeared and the corner shop that we once knew and loved has gone too. Unfortunately, those large edge-of-town supermarkets are what many are forced to rely upon.

    If only people would stop panic buying, but then people are still flooding into parks, playgrounds and are travelling to their second-homes in other parts of the country. Someone contacted us from the Lake District to-day, begging, yes, begging for people to stay where they are, and not spread the virus into the countryside where health facilities cannot cope. Apparently they are walking through the streets, eating ice creams and pretending they are on holiday, then going back to in their holiday homes for a Spring break. You couldn’t make it up!

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