Isn’t this wonderful?


The Italians show their life-affirming, defiant, joyous expression of the human spirit.

Let’s follow their example in ‘Our Waverley’ with our very own brand of stoicism in the face of the Coronavirus?

Our Waverley Councillor, and former Nottingham MP Nick Palmer had this message:

“The Italians show their life-affirming, defiant, joyous expression of the human spirit.”

In that spirit, please pass on this email to anyone who you think may benefit from it. One advantage we have over past epidemics is the range of electronic contacts that 95% of people have. But of course we need to be careful that we only pass on accurate, up-to-date information, so I’m linking to websites where you can get the current position, rather than copying today’s information which could be out of date when you read it. It should go without saying that councillors of all parties are working together on this, and I see little point in arguing at local level about politics at the moment. Whether the Government’s strategy is right or not is something we can debate with the luxury of hindsight.

This is Waverley’s guide to the current position with a focus on our area.

These are useful websites on Government guidance – please check them out regularly for any changes.

And this is a voluntary initiative to help people in difficulty: and a local one for Farncombe and Godalming:

I think this is a really excellent idea. The only point I’d make is that people seeking help from volunteers shouldn’t take risks that they wouldn’t usually take – giving them money (apart from paying for shopping), asking them in on their own, etc. But the kind of help that is envisaged – helpful phone contact, delivering shopping, and so on – seems to me entirely good, and just the kind of grass-roots solidarity and mutual support that a healthy society needs.

We’ll get through this together!

Take care of yourselves.

All good wishes


We would like to thank Nick for this very helpful guidance on behalf of the Waverley Web team and join by adding our good wishes to all our readers.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t this wonderful?”

  1. Good Morning,
    Some of us will be familiar with the app: Next Door
    I have noticed that the Farnham group are already creating a network of volunteers to help the isolated and vulnerable. Other local areas may also be doing the same.
    So It may be worth joining up, whether it’s to volunteer or to seek support.

  2. Thanks for the very helpful information Peter. We hope people look at the comments, if not we will post this information up as the elderly, and the disabled, will need all the help they can get.

    Let’s all volunteer?

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