Roll up for the new – Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?


According to the Parish Council’s Agenda for its Extraordinary meeting at 6p.m. tomorrow Thursday – the re-named Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) has now morphed into Cranleigh Village Health Trust (CVHT).

Nothing to get confused about there then? “Change the name but not the letters is a change for worse and not for better,” so the old saying goes.

Fresh from the bruising treatment it received at the hands of Waverley Planners, CVHT (the new model not the old model) has decided to come forward with

‘it has an exciting new vision for healthcare in Cranleigh.’ 

And wants to make a presentation to the parish council  hence an Extraordinary Council Meeting. Let us all hope for the villagers over here that have been waiting for 20 years that the charity can rid itself of an ugly chapter it has contributed to  Cranleigh’s history?

Rather than grizzle over its old model that was well and truly trounced – Power to the people of the eastern villages as they joined Waverley Planners to give a controversial Care Home development the order of the boot.

CVHT is coming up with something new – and is unveiling it FIRST – to its partner – CPC. ‘Followers of the WW need no reminding that the parish council handed over land in a very unequal swap for £1! It believed it was a partner in the scheme to build a replacement for the old cottage hospital. However, it didn’t quite get what it said on the CVHT collecting tins! It actually ended up as an 80 bed-private care home with 20 community beds and some hostel residential accommodation (26 rooms). So its objections came over loud and clear!

But on Thursday evening, the public will be rolling up to hear at first-hand exactly what CVHT is going to provide for the village with the £1.8m it collected from the residents of the eastern villages.

Like everyone else – we can hardly wait!

The meeting is at 6pm in Cranleigh Parish Council’s offices in Village Way.

Changing the name – so what’s the game?

Oh dear! Before the refusal letter has been posted boys toys are flying out of Cranleigh prams?

In the interest of clarity – here are the new Cranleigh Health Trust’s future charitable aims.

5 thoughts on “Roll up for the new – Cranleigh Village Health Trust’s latest cunning plan?”

  1. Heard they’re pulling out because they want to be heard in private. Luckily we’ve got a few above board councillors on CPC at the present time.

    1. Had heard the same last I spoke to Liz. Shouldn’t be any question that this sort of thing is in public or not at all. I’m sure CPC actually have that as policy these days (after some of the none sense of the past).

      1. No doubt the Charity believed it could carry on doing what is has done so many times in the past, according to our followers?

        They seem to think they are above council rules, which prevent parish councils from meeting developers in secret. Cranleigh parish councillors of a while back, embarked on secret meetings just whenever they liked no transparency, and no accountability to the public. Thankfully those days of the Brian Ellis era and his cohorts have long gone.

        If this is correct, and there is to be no show because they want to hold meetings in secret, then it says it all.

        This so-called Charity is up to its old tricks…again!

  2. They’re now playing games with everyone. Nearly 4.00 pm on a Thursday, we hear they’re now attending, when the meeting is at 6.00 pm. Are they hoping many of the public can’t make it? Well they’re probably right. We have a right to know what’s going on.

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