8 thoughts on “Out goes 2019 – and in comes 2020 – and it’s back to work for ‘Your Waverley’ next week.”

  1. One important fact missing from Mr Follows (dare I say it) rather self-centric statistics, is that Farnham Residents (part of the “alliance”) took full control of Farnham’s Town Council.

    1. The WW doesn’t consider this an ego trip – more like a decent communications policy. A Policy that is sadly missing with the Farnham Residents’ and the Tories.

      Perhaps nobody noticed, that over the Christmas period Cllr Follows was the only person to post up the bin collection times on Social media.

  2. This post does read like an ego-trip. Missed the stat on the amount of paper wasted by the Lib Dem’s on incessantly spamming the residents in the election campaign though. ‘ X amount of trees used’ etc..

  3. That is a very true statement regarding the election paperwork that kept appearing through my letterbox, in fact in the end I kept giving it back to the person, what a waste.

  4. Hi – sorry I didn’t mention FTC, which is of course FR led (GTC and HTC are led by our alliances) and then the combination runs Waverley.

    Main reason of course is that I listed things I was involved with, and I’m not involved with the workings of FTC in the same way I am with the others.

    And yes we (the Lib Dems nationally) sent our way too much paperwork (though analogous to parties in other areas they considered targets). I very much share that frustration as it limited what we could say about local issues out of fear of putting yet another leaflet out. I have fed that back Informally and will do so formally to the parties’ election review that is happening nationally in the next month or so.

  5. Well done Cllr Follows. Leave it to the Farnham Residents’ to speak up for themselves – not your job – and from what we hear – possilbly just as well as not everyone over here in Farnham is too impressed with its performance thus far. Too many ego’s battling for supremecy? We all believed the FR’s was about – Farnham Residents’ not politics?

    Agree with everything said in the above posts about Lib Dem leaflets, but that is a Party matter.

    1. Well – being a group of independents doesn’t prevent people from being political, as we saw from the leader of FTC during the general election (and as much as some may disagree with my politics it is at least upfront and clear what it is).

      FTC is not my bailiwick though (but of course my party maintains an interest on FTC via double-hatted Cllr Mark Merryweather) and the work of FTC is obviously important to the wider Waverley.

      At the Waverley level though (and as much as this version of WBC was a hopeful intention of a few of us – this is a surprise to me as much as anyone) – the cross party executive actually works well.

      John Ward and I probably not the most predictable outcome for leader and deputy leader either but actually that (quite unexpectedly) works too in my opinion as we both bring quite different perspectives to this but equally both understand the situation we find ourselves in.

  6. Glad to hear that the cross-party executive is working well – there are plenty of challenges ahead for the borough – and a cohesive administration working for Waverley residents is all we ask.

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