‘Your Waverley’s’ Sale of the Century gets lift-off?


Was ‘Your Waverley’ reading the Waverley Web a couple of days ago – reading our predictions for 2020?

Godalming Town Council off to pastures new in 2020?

No – of course, it wasn’t – but we did hit the nail right on the head with our predictions because next week the Council’s EXECUTIVE – the engine that drives council business – will propose a massive land and property sell-off – to stave off bankruptcy.

Here’s the cunning plan to be considered next Tuesday. All the sites outlined in red are owned by either ‘Your Waverley’ or Surrey County Council.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 21.38.25.png

Here it is folks a £40,000 Options Appraisal of Waverley’s land and buildings proposed.

A previous costly appraisal carried out at huge expense a while back by the previous administration was put on ice, and the Tories did nothing.

 Now the new Rainbow Administration is going in all guns blazing in a bid to replenish the borough’s dwindling coffers, by making better use of its assets.

Year on year Governement cuts has had a damaging impact on Waverley’s finances. The recent revelation that a major Farnham development will not now produce the benefits the Tories’ predicted, is expected to worsen Waverley’s financial situation.

Next Tuesday the Executive will decide whether to approve the appointment of specialist advisors to produce a further Options Appraisal assessing the investment opportunities of key Waverley and Surrey owned sites in Godalming, and to request the Executive that budget is allocated from the Property Investment budget.

  1. Recommendation. it is recommended that the Executive approve the use of up to £40K for the completion of the Options Appraisal.
  2. Reason for the recommendation A previous outline Options Appraisal on the key sites indicated a significant return could be generated and a major improvement to customer experience can be achieved by developing the sites sympathetically. Such a return on investment would support the projected budget shortfall in the future.


Halleluiah Your Waverley takes action – at last – to bring truly “affordable housing” to the borough.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.04.28.png

 In recent years there has been much talk about bringing more “truly” affordable housing into our borough, but very little evidence of this actually being achieved.

We should point out that the Government’s definition of “affordable housing” is 80% of the market rate – in other words just 20% cheaper than normal.  So is not actually affordable for your average Doug and Doris.

Since the arrival at ‘Your Waverley’ of the  Rainbow Alliance in May 2019 much work has been going on behind the scenes by the new administration on an entirely new housing strategy. To, ensure, at last, that new homes are genuinely affordable for local people.

 At a recent central planning committee, it saw the results of work which has been going on behind the scenes over the Summer.

It will deliver 7 out of 9 properties at…

Orchard Farm, Wormley Lane, Hambledon

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 11.07.19.png

Full marks to the new boys, and girls on the Waverley Block. A feather in the caps of Leader John Ward and his deputy Paul Follows.  They don’t just talk about improving the lives of Waverley residents – they are actually doing it!

But just like Oliver Twist… We want more?



Godalming Town Council off to pastures new in 2020?

And, could the town council soon be followed by ‘Your Waverley?’IMG_20191220_151151.jpg

What does the future hold for ‘Your Waverley’ and Godalming Town Council’s offices in 2020? Watch this space?


Godalming Town Council leaders could soon be moving into premises it owns in the High Street.   It may soon be rubbing shoulders with the Godalming Museum.

And – Waverley Towers could soon be up for grabs too – as the cash-strapped council – looks to follow the Town Council? A review by borough council officers of its accommodation in The Burys has been on-going for more than two years. Will the new coalition finally make a decision to -downsize. If so, presumably, the new administration will get the blame?

A planning application has been lodged with Waverley Planners for a change of use of The Racquet Shop, at 107-109 High Street, which is/has closed down.

Now the Town Council led by the Lib Dems and others has decided to seek permission for a change of use from retail to offices of the building it owns. It wants to make some internal and external alterations including a new external staircase. And – the Tories left on the town council are backing the move.

The council presently operates from Municipal Buildings in Bridge Street, (pictured above) but the move to a building it owns opposite the historic landmark at the Pepperpot could save Godalming taxpayers considerable funds, and which town leaders believe could be better spent elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 20.36.25.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 20.37.36.png

The Waverley Web is watching…


And so is most of the world.Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 22.17.27.png

Although most of the Waverley Web’s traffic is generated in the UK – as you will see from the graphic above = all those countries depicted in pink are regularly logging onto our site too.  We have heard from many of those followers around the world some of whom once lived or worked in Surrey/Waverley. Many of them contact us on our private e-mail address” contact@waverleyweb.com


Spare a thought this Christmas for everyone who is working to keep us safe.

While you are raising a glass, tucking into a turkey dinner and enjoying the festivities with family and friends, spare a thought for everyone who is working over Christmas.

Over the past week, Surrey has suffered flood and tempest, landslips, accidents and a fair bit of road and rail misery.

Over one million people will be at work today.

Just because the holidays are now upon us doesn’t mean the real world stands still. Throughout the country care workers will be making their way to nursing homes to make life just a little brighter for the elderly. Community nurses and carers will travel day and at night whatever the weather brings, to care for the sick and the elderly in their own homes. Hospitals will work as usual caring for patients – people will die and babies will be born.

The work of highway engineers and ambulance personnel and paramedics, doctors and nurses will carry on regardless of the jivolity some of us are enjoying. Firemen and women will be waiting at their posts for the alarm to signal that yet another festive candle has caught fire to the table decorations. As the shout is raised and they race to the rescue  – let us all spare a thought for everyone who is working over Christmas.


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Thank you to every single one of you for your support throughout 2019. We are grateful for all the encouragement, thoughts and ideas you send our way.

The Waverley Web Team wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.