More nursing homes beds on their way to Cranleigh?


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The residents of the eastern villages will no doubt be delighted to hear that yet more nursing home places are on their way to Cranleigh?

At our last count on the Internet- there are around eight nursing homes in the environs – with one- the most controversial FOR 60 BEDS – still hanging in the balance!

But now Waverley planners have to consider an application from Caring Homes Healthcare Group to build 23 additional bedrooms onto the well-established and longstanding nursing home called Knowle ~Park Nursing Home, at Knowle in Knowle Lane in Cranleigh.  The home currently has 46 rooms.

Wow! With rooms like this?Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.21.05.png

Strange as one of our correspondents who rang around the homes over there found every home with vacancies for either respite or permanent care.

Perhaps the eastern villages new homes are being bought, or are expected to be bought up, by elderly people, rather than families, and nursing home operators have their eyes set on future clients?  Mind you with the current fiasco going on in Government – we don’t mention the dreaded ‘B’ word here, because our team is divided – we are all getting older by the minute. Even our youngest team member who voted to REMAIN, says he has visibly aged – and now intends to vote LEAVE!

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Surrey’s care workers may be affected if Britain leaves the EU council bosses warn.


VULNERABLE adults who rely on the support of care workers could be affected if Britain leaves the European Union (EU) on October 31, councillors have been warned. 

Staff shortages and tracking illegal goods through trading standards are among the problems Brexit could create for Surrey County Council, according to a report. 

The council has been given £87,500 from a £20million pot from central government to aid Brexit preparations. District and borough councils are set to get £17,484. 

A number of problems had been identified with suggestions on how they could be addressed, and they were presented recently to councillors at a cabinet meeting.

Here are five of the ways Brexit will impact Surrey County Council – according to the cabinet report:

* Trading Standards – The council uses some EU databases that help support service delivery, for instance, to help Trading Standards understand which goods, foods, and businesses pose any threats.

There are also databases and servers based in EU member states. The council is maintaining a “watching brief” and aligning contingency plans with government guidance.

* Staff shortages with suppliers – Potential staff shortages with contractors, particularly those who provide care and construction workers, affecting some of the most vulnerable residents. The council is liaising with providers and suppliers and is establishing contingency plans.

* Traffic management – Congestion building up on Surrey roads due to border delays and lorries stacking up on motorways leading to the ports. The council is working with its counterparts in Kent to minimise any potential implications on Surrey’s transport network.

* Surrey County Council’s workforce – If non-UK EU staff choose to leave or relocate there may be reduced capacity to deliver core services. The council has been providing regular updates to staff around citizens’ rights, as well as helping staff with any paperwork to help them remain in the country. 

* Communicating to residents – The council has a role in place-shaping, which entails creating an environment for businesses to flourish and supporting other organisations. 

There is a web page on Surrey County Council’s website providing key information and guidance, supporting the government’s Get Ready for Brexit campaign.

Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’


It cannot be true – can it? SW Surrey’s MP and local entrepreneur has taken fright and refuses to do local constituency work for Waverley residents?

Has he lost his bottle now that the Potty One isn’t head honcho at The Burys? 
Why does ‘YW’s’ Deputy Leader Paul Follows have to resort to trolling the Farnham Herald to get a response from Jeremy Hunt?
After all – aren’t our local politicians supposed to forget politics with a big P and work together and co-operate on the important issues that affect the future of our borough? Has he ever heard of the saying:

‘People before Politics?”

Has the MP for Guildford & the eastern villages deigned to meet the new Rainbow Coalition? If not – why not? After all, although Anne Milton has lost the Tory whip, her constituents have some very worrying and pressing issues pending on her patch. Issues, that require a good working relationship with the new leaders of Waverley Borough Council.
Screenshots from Farnham Herald’s Facebook page proving the rather desperate lengths that the Waverley administration are now going to!

All quiet on the Woolmead front as Berkeley’s throws a googly​ at ‘Your Waverley.’



Oh dear! OUT goes part of yet another planning consent into ‘Your Waverley’s’ shredder? In comes another revised plan?

Berkeley Homes want to cut the number of parking spaces at Farnham’s Woolmead development by half.

Is this the developer’s way of pulling out of the town and throwing in the cement mixers?

The silence on the East Street site has been deafening in recent weeks – in fact, it looks more like a dessert than a building site – supposedly preparing for a combined home and retail development.
When it sought planning consent two years ago the Berkeley Bunnies upset Waverley’s planning committee when it claimed the site was “commercially unviable” if ‘affordable homes’ were included. However, the scheme was given the go-ahead, as councillors believed the redevelopment of the town eyesore was long overdue.
Now, in line with other developments underway in the borough, Berkeley’s accountancy bunnies are re-evaluating their schemes. It has told ‘Your Waverley’s Executive that the Woolmead’s value has now been marked down from £14m to £10m due to a drastic reduction in the value of the retail element.

So now the BB’s want to cut parking by half – or delay the scheme indefinitely – leaving a big empty hole in Farnham – at least, until the retail market recovers. Wonder when that will be – this year, next year, sometime, never?

Presumably, the whole development will crash and burn unless Waverley accepts the compromise – and then if it doesn’t? Who gets the blame – well ‘Your Waverley’ of course.
The Berkeley Bunnies, have of course claimed that there is a move away from car ownership. Really? So will remove 20 percent of the one-bed car spaces probably claiming that it is really doing everyone a favor b helping the council’s declared – Climate Emergency.
When in actual fact cars will be scattered around local roads or, in the free car park at Farnham Hospital., where many of us commuters park, much to the dislike of its genuine users and staff! But, needs must.
As a sop to the planners, the spaces that remain in the remaining half of the underground car park will each get electric vehicle charging points or facilities nearby. Oh! and the use of A car from the Farnham car club. Let us all hope they can all afford electric vehicles!
Will the revised application to come before the planners shortly, be followed by another from Crest Nicholson. A developer intending to build 28 shops and restaurants, as well as homes on the nearby Blightwells Yard with £57m provided by our cash-strapped Surrey County Council?
Watch this space?
The Waverley Web wonders what the businesses evicted from the old Woolmead think about this latest Farnham fiasco?

Why did it take a Farnham resident and the Farnham Herald to question ‘Your Waverley’s’ air quality data?


Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 16.22.45.pngDid she just not actually go out and take the measurements, but charged mileage anyway, and then made up the figures? Was it just laziness rather than conspiracy?

Or was it down to the pressure of work? And who was her line-manager? No doubt when this goes to the Crown Court – all will be revealed.

And here’s the man who exposed Waverley’s air quality scandal.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 15.29.35.png

And here’s the Farnham Herald Reporter who broke the scandal.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 19.49.24.png

A major study has found that air pollution significantly raises the risk of death in babies during their first year. A project tracking eight million infants born in England and Wales found that exposure to chemicals in the air drove up the risk by up to 50%.

Babies are more at risk because their prams and buggies are closer to the ground and therefore, closer to exhaust emissions. So we ask ‘Your Waverley’ how does walking children to school help?

Wakey, wakey Alfold? Get up off your backsides and start writing before more of your village goes under concrete.


Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 08.01.41.png

We apologise to our readers for being a bit preoccupied with our part of the borough lately – so we are handing over to Alfold resident Denise Wordsworth. Why would we speak out on this Surrey/Sussex border village’s plight when she can do it so much better.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 08.57.55.png

Dear WW

I know that you have been somewhat preoccupied with Farnham – and who can blame you? But yet again Alfold is subject to Planning appeals coming out of our Bally ears! Who could believe it – certainly not the majority of the Village that seems to have no idea what is going on – Because you only hear of anything if  you happen to live next door to it or you have previously commented on the application.

We now have the following appeals:

  1. Alfold Garden Centre going to appeal for 56 Homes. WA/2018/2264

Their figures for Alfold are skewed and I will raise this on the Appeal site as are their comments regarding PDL land

  1. Sweeters’ Fields/Reach going for the additional 80 homes on top of the 55 currently being built
    WA/2019/07453. We also have the developer at the Land Adjacent to Brockhurst Farm wanting to add another 7 homes to the Planning Application for 23 new houses granted at Appeal By squeezing additional 7 new houses into the small field next door – I feel for the new residents of Brockhurst Farm and Magnolia Cottage and I noticed that Yeoman’s Cottage to the rear is now up for sale… Who can blame them?
    WA/2019/1324In addition to the 130  already granted in Alfold, that is an additional 133 New Homes (if you deduct the 10 already given permission at Alfold Garden Centre)

    One of the comments posted regarding the Garden Centre Appeal was that only 13 objections had been raised. – In their eyes, a small amount and therefore the village is not against it to any degree.

    I would have thought the 130 New homes being built was sufficient for the village at this stage of its growth bearing in mind the limited facilities we have here – But maybe I am wrong and the village does want to see growth like that in Broadbridge Heath etc…

There is no doubt more to come from the Springbok Estate.  It rightly deserves to improve the facilities for their residents. I have no problem with them building new homes for their seafarers near existing facilities, not even for the development of some of their land for residential properties for the people who work on the agricultural land, but in order to fund this, it will want more market houses to the rear of properties on Loxwood Road!

Alfold is in a mess due to the inability of WBC to finalise the Local Plan Part 2 and as we have no AONB or Special protection such as Greenbelt for the village – Just like Cranleigh – I fear we are going to be shafted!

I will not have to seek school places for any young children or places at the Medical/Dental Practices for them.  But the younger people in the village WILL and they will be out-placed by people moving into the village.. who will undoubtedly work outside the village and add to the already intolerable traffic on the A281 and Loxwood Road.

Perhaps if WBC tried to instigate something like the amazing Social Housing development that just won the RIBA Housing award 2019…/awards/riba-stirling-prize
It is NOT Affordable housing – which isn’t really ‘Affordable’ – but really amazing Social Housing – (used to be called Council Houses – But look incredible) and offers a proper family-friendly and environmentally friendly housing scheme. – No doubt there is not enough profit for these sort of homes for the average property developer!

Unfortunately – we live in a Developers World – where they dictate the rules because our Planners/Councillors who cannot sort out the mess that is Local Plan Part 2 and the 5-year Housing Supply and our Neighbourhood Plan is still considered to be in its infancy! One of the reasons that WBC is not meeting its ‘affordable homes’ target can surely be placed on the fact that once Outline Planning is given – developers change the rules and say they cannot justify the 30% Affordable Housing they promised? And we seem to be unable to simply say NO!

Will you take a minute to avert your eyes from Farnham and look at what is going on in the rest of the Borough?

Best as ever


PS. Looking back on our file, Alfold has flooding, sewage and water problems. Has no village school, and GP’s in Cranleigh & Loxwood in West Sussex. The WW cannot help wonder – where is POW? The Protect Our Waverley Group.

Our apologies to the people of Alfold – maybe the Waverley Web has been a bit parochial lately.


Oh dear, what can the matter be? Councillors banned​ from the car park at Waverley.



When the roulette wheel spins on this suggestion who will win?

Rumour has that angry councillors are bombarding one another with e-mails complaining about a new ruse that the new administration has up its sleeve to ease its parking problems.

The Executive has proposed to ask,  or is it tell,  councillors to park in future in the public car parks – which are free to them anyway. This would leave more parking spaces in The Burys car park for the essential users – in other words, the staff, and police. All parking in the borough is free for Waverley councillors, but not for the council workers. 

Occupants of homes in the residential roads around the centre of Godalming are clogged up with the office and shopworkers’ cars, and residents are becoming increasingly concerned that their roads resemble public car parks.

Some of the older, infirm members – of which there are a few – are complaining that they are unable to walk very far, and need easy access to the council offices for day-time meetings.  Though the WW understands from ‘inside Your Waverley’ that the disabled parking will remain and so will special places for The Mayor & Deputy Mayor.

Will members of the council still be able to park at The Burys for evening meetings – which is when most of them are there?




Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 22.42.41.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.31.19.png


Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.30.55.png


Waverley’s Full Council has ratified the new Executive’s recommendation to spend £12.7m (some of which will be borrowed) to provide a new leisure complex on a new site in Cranleigh.

Officers have already begun work on a detailed scheme with a firm of external consultants to identify exactly where the new building will be sited. But villagers are asking on their Facebook Group  – “why are we waiting?”

Once the new location of the building has been identified – it is believed it will be located very near to the existing building in the Village Way car park – officers will report back to the Executive with firm proposals but haven’t said when.

The present state of the Cranleigh Leisure Centre is very poor, and the boilers have been a source of concern there for some considerable time. Although well-used it is long past its sell-by date, and desperately needs refurbishment.

Some money towards the cost of the new building will come from the 106 contributions – made by developers as their contributions towards improving Cranleigh’s infrastructure.

However, villagers are claiming that although new homes are being provided and families are moving in – no major infrastructure improvements have yet been made, and it is time these caught up.

Schools are full; water pressure is down; burst water pipes are now an everyday occurrence and little or no major road improvements have either been made or are on the cards.  

So when will Waverley Borough Council use some of those 106 financial contributions made by developers? Or, have these contributions actually been made?

Much ado about the location of a new Cranleigh Leisure Centre.

Will Waverley’s leisure centres soon get a facelift?

Millions will be poured into the borough’s leisure facilities – but Cranleigh could be the biggest winner with a £12.7m jackpot.

Watch out there’s an election about?


Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 10.09.20No longer a Minister, our SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt has remembered where his constituency is and is giving it a bit of a polish just in case there is an early general election and he can have another go at the top job?

Although, didn’t he say something about hoping that our Boris was enjoying the job of PM as much he was enjoying NOT doing the job?

However we aren’t really cynics – we are delighted to see somebody – anybody – champion the cause of Air Pollution in Farnham. Even though Farnham residents have been choking on fumes for years.  

Perhaps Gerry Hyman, the Farnham Residents’ councillor for Firgrove Ward who, along with other Farnham residents, has been working and worrying officers’ on the issue for years, should have been on that walk with Mr. Hunt?


Oh! And he sets up a Charity, according to the health Service Journal.Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 09.18.20.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 09.18.37.png

A message from the WW to Mr. Hunt.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time – but not all of the people all of the time.’

You have used Farnham’s pollution and traffic problems as your electoral bandwagon, onto which you have just loaded The Haslemere Hospital.  Don’t be surprised if your cynical attempt at getting the hospital’s staff or any other local NHS staff on-side backfires. Because many of us who worked under your leadership in the health service, have long memories.


Has the MP found time to meet with the new Leaders of Waverley Borough Council yet? We heard numerous meetings have been cancelled because he has been so busy? Perhaps dealing with Farnham’s traffic and pollution problems?

Veolia Out…Biffa In – as a new refuse service​ soon to arrive in Waverley.


One of the last major decisions made by the Conservative Administration was to change suppliers of the borough’s waste collection system.


Goes Veolia, which has its own recycling centre, and a waste collection depot on the A31 between Alton & Winchester.


Comes Biffa – which will be transporting general waste to the Slyfield Depot on the Woking Road in Guildford and recycling to Camberley in the Surrey Heath district. Food Waste will be collected separately.

The new service is expected to save ‘Your Waverley,’ £50,000 per year.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.37.59.png

Here’s a Message from Waverley’s Deputy ~Leader ~Paul Follows: ON CHANGES TO WASTE COLLECTION ARRANGEMENTS

As many residents will now be aware, there are some changes to local waste collection arrangements in Waverley and so I wanted to take this opportunity to get the details out.



Your bins will be emptied by Biffa ‪from 4 November 2019‬.

The change has been made to improve the way we collect your waste, increase recycling levels and provide the most cost-effective solution.


Biffa will collect your bins for the first time ‪from 4 November 2019‬.


Initially, your bin collection day won’t change – rubbish and recycling collections will continue every other week and food waste collections weekly.

Collections may change from February 2020.

We will let you know of any changes in advance.


Your food and waste will be collected separately.

This means your food waste caddy may be emptied at a different time to your rubbish or recycling bin.

This will reduce journeys to tipping points and help reduce vehicle pollution.

Please put out your bins by ‪6am‬ as collections will be starting earlier.


From Spring 2020, we will also collect textiles and small electrical goods for recycling.
In the meantime, you can recycle these items at recycling sites around the borough.


Yes, you can still check your bin collection day online.‬

You should be receiving a leaflet on this any day now, and the next ‘Your Waverley’ magazine will repeat the information for anyone that missed it. Happy also to take questions or comments myself on here or at