A new access road into Dunsfold’s new garden village and a major local business have been given the go-ahead.


The decision heralds the start of the long-awaited, and highly controversial – Dunsfold Park Garden Village on the site of an old WW2 airfield on the Surrey/Sussex border.

The first stage of the scheme is a pivotal part of Waverley’s Local Plan and is now supported by both Dunsfold and Alfold Parish Councils and, surprise, surprise! – Protect Or Waverley. But don’t hold your breath? WW suspects there are more battles to come?

Waverley Planners were faced with two planning applications last night for Dunsfold Park.- The first for the re-location of a Shalford business (Gordon Murray Designs) pictured below.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 18.42.03.png

– and another for a new access road into the Dunsfold Park Garden Village off the A281 Horsham/Guildford Road.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 19.27.45.png

Both applications were given the thumbs up – with plaudits all round from councillors from across the whole of the Waverley borough. They ‘welcomed’ the start of what will become one of the Government’s  new  Garden Villages and which, before a brick has been laid,  is already bringing with it – much needed new businesses and the start of almost 500 new jobs.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 19.26.19.pngCouncillor Anna James said she was “ecstatic, saying “we are very lucky” that the Gordon Murray business would remain in Waverley’ – (it is, however, a Guildford business that is being re-located to Waverley.)  She added that the arrival of the company was a good start for the regeneration of the airfield which she described as, the new “Dunsfold Green Town.”  Later after considering the siting of the new access road she and others said they were thrilled with the Avenue of Canadian Maples

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.05.09.png

 Other councillors from other parts of the borough including Farnham and Godalming, said they were very impressed by the developer’s efforts to achieve a considerably improved new access from the (A281) Horsham/ Guildford Rd, which now avoided ancient woodland, and gave a straight, and impressive run into the new settlement.

Two major schemes go before Waverley Planners – that will herald the birth of the new Dunsfold Garden Village.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 19.23.18.png

This is the new road into The Dunsfold Park Garden Village – 300 metres north of the A281’s junction with Alfold Road. The road contains an avenue of Canadian Maples to mark the site’s historic links with the Canadians who founded and built the aerodrome in 1942.

The seven-metre wide new road includes a three-metre wide footpath and cycleway which will eventually serve the proposed 1,800 new homes in the first phase and another 800 included in the Local Plan, and both new and existing commercial uses, at the site. It will also see the closure of the existing Stovolds Hill and Compass Gate entrances into Dunsfold Park.  A detailed  Masterplan for the 1,800 new homes, many of which will be affordable in Phase One, will come forward in the New Year.  You can listen to the meeting here:




Will the Campaign For The Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and Protect Our Waverley (POW) succeed with their High Court bid to scupper Waverley’s Local Plan at Halloween?


The final act in the fight to reduce the housing requirement for the whole of Waverley will be staged in the High Court tomorrow Thursday.

So here goes another shedload of our council taxpayers’ money going down the proverbial legal eagle’s pan?

Out of the cupboard come all the Rollicking Rumpole’s wigs  in readiness for yet another High Court drama between the Campaign for The Preservation of Rural England,  Protect Our Waverley (Campaign Limited) and ‘Your Waverley.’

 Earlier this year CPRE/ POW was granted leave to appeal from the Court of Appeal against the judgment delivered in November 2018 concerning the housing requirement set in Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 1. That November judgment said that the housing requirement of 590 a year should be maintained, including 83 to cover Woking’s perceived “unmet need”.

So ‘YW’ may have to build 498 fewer homes and no doubt POW/CPRE hope that will rule out Phase 2 at Dunsfold, as it certainly won’t want to stop development on the countryside – will they? Or, perhaps they will want to stop another 80 homes in Alfold, shedloads in Farnham, Godalming and on the treasured countryside of Haslemere?  Or, will they disappear in the same puff of smoke, having burned the public’s money they were backed with?

The appeal centres on how a shortfall in housing provision – unmet need – in one borough is allocated to neighbouring boroughs. The clarification of this issue has implications not just for Waverley but for Guildford and across the country. The Right Honourable Lord Justice Singh said:


This latest appeal comes against the background of two important changes. First, Woking Borough Council has declared that it now has no unmet need. Second, new demographic numbers recently released by the Office for National Statistics imply a much-reduced need for new housing.

On nearing of the decision to allow the appeal, Dunsfold resident Bob Lees said: “This is great news! It provides Waverley Borough Council with a golden opportunity to significantly reduce the mandatory number of new houses to be built in the Borough over the next 14 years. POW fought against the housing requirement at the Examination of the Plan in the Council Chamber. POW fought again in the High Court. POW will fight in the Court of Appeal.

POW is fighting to protect our Waverley against unneeded development of our towns, of our villages and in our beautiful countryside.”

Well – if you believe that you will believe in fairies! Because this has nothing to do with protecting Waverley – it is all about preventing development on the largest brownfield site in the borough close to the home of Bob Lies, and his running-mate Alfold Councillor Little Britton who both live in spitting distance from  Dunsfold Park. A development which was .given the go-ahead by the High Court in November. POW is still smarting from this decision

Incidentally, the application for the new entrance into Dunsfold Park goes before Waverley’s Joint Planning Committee on the same day. On Thursday evening councillors will receive officers’ recommendations to approve two schemes. 

Two major schemes go before Waverley Planners – that will herald the birth of the new Dunsfold Garden Village.

The Dunsfold  Masterplan – which includes 1,800 homes, the first phase of the total of 2,600 in the Waverley Local Plan will go out to public consultation shortly.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 20.19.52.png

Here we go, here we go, here we go Ooooh!Screenshot 2019-10-29 14.48.01.png


Was Farnham’s Air Quality Summit another load of hot air?


WW – will let Farnham and villages make up their own minds about the Summit that debated the poor air quality that is wafting over their town.

Sadly our reporter had hoped to attend the event which, we understand trawled over  Surrey County Council and ‘Your Waverley’s failures going back over 20 years.
However, she had her priorities right – and instead attended the GP, with her small daughter, suffering from yet another asthma attack!
Her comment: “Walk to school with young children, or babies, do the people who suggest this ever walk on pavements on busy roads with HGV’s thundering past? Because if they did, they would realise the effects of toxic fumes on the lungs of young children.”
You can listen to Paul Follows’ view on the event by clicking on the link below: There will be a full report in The Farnham Herald.

‘Your Waverley’ getting tougher on unauthorised development in the borough.


Another little missive about the changing face of ‘Your Waverley.’


Waverley’s new regime has increased the amount of information being supplied to members by officers – including regular statistics on enforcement action.


Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.51.56.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.52.26.png

This particular issue has been going on, and on and on for donkey’s years. But now the council has set aside £20,000 of OUR money to take this issue and have it thrashed out once and for all in the High Court. Perhaps the planners will provide the residents of Waverley with the result?


Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.53.39.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.53.55.png

Here’s just a sample of other breaches. Those who ignore the well-tried and tested planning laws, most of us have to abide by. And, many of whom, just fly a kite and get away with it!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.54.12.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.54.58.png

So Mark Andrews, if you intend to prosecute – tell the public when you do, and it will pull all the other wannabe unauthorised developers up by their bootlaces and think twice?

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.53.25.png

So this unauthorised developer was prosecuted in 2017, but the breach continues, though the developer is making improvements? So that’s how some get away with it?

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.54.28.pngScreen Shot 2019-09-20 at 10.54.44.png

So come on Waverley – start telling the people who are paying out for all these court injunctions and court proceedings, exactly what are the outcomes?

A change in the climate is wafting over ‘Your Waverley.’


Apologies for irregular postings -but us blokes here at the Waverley Web have more important matters on their minds and the girls have gone AWOL!
Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 14.29.45.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 22.51.14.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 19.12.35

Waverley’s Mayor Mary Foryszewski Aka ‘Atilla The Bun’ urges members to sit not stand. 

Despite an earlier proposal to the Standards Board being turned down, having sought to  change  the Constitution that would have kept councillors in their seats rather than on their feet when speaking, Tory Mayor, Mary Foryszewski, asked councillors to, “Please be seated.”

So instead of muffled speech, as they moved away from their microphone, they could sit and actually be heard clearly by Jo public. Go, Mary, go!  You sock it to ‘em Mary – and make your own commonsense rules because nobody else will!

When the Standards Board met Cllr Michael This-Just-Isn’t-Goodenough, (Con Wonersh) claimed it was disrespectful to the Mayor to remain seated and long-held council protocols and traditions should be upheld.

Trouble is, Councillor Not-Goodenough is a bit like Speaker Bercow in that he sways with the wind – not the wind of change, you understand, but the winds of what suits him as he postures and pontificates of days of old – when councillors weren’t so bold!  On this occasion, he wasn’t swayed by the argument put forward by others that the webcast chopped members’ heads off, and they could not be head succinctly by the public. 

Heard?  Who wants to be heard?  If you’re actually heard saying something you might be held to account and God forbid that ever happens at ‘Your Waverley’!

Other Good news too on the openness and transparency front:

Electronic voting – so everyone can see how your councillor voted. Plus a table showing the votes… and questions from the public will be allowed at The Executive and Full Council meetings. And… wait for it… wait for it… the public may even get answers!  

Democracy and transparency reforms are on the way to ‘Your Waverley,’

Here’s an example. Green Yes  – Red No- and Yellow ABSTAINED.Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 20.25.52.png

Follows (Big P) goes​ head to head with ‘Big Rice’ at Farnham’s Air Quality Summit in Farnham this afternoon?


** Just in case you wondered who The ‘BR’ is – it’s MP Jeremy Hunt’s wife’s nickname for her entrepreneur husband. 

To refresh everyone’s memories – The Leader & Deputy of Waverley Borough Council have been trying to meet with SW Surrey’s – “I’m far too busy,” MP ever since the new boys arrived on the The Burys block. But to-day could be THE day the twain shall meet.

WHY? We hear you cry? Because, ‘BIG R’ decided to call An Air Quality Summit because he is so worried about the air quality situation in Farnham. S*d, Godalming, and Bramley and numerous other hot spots – just Farnham because that is where the votes are perhaps? And, there’s an election on the horizon – and he is up against Steve Williams of The Green Party and Paul Follows of the Lib Dems!

And anyway, he always gets concerned about air quality and traffic congestion about election time! Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

WHY NOW? We hear all those of us who have been choking for years on the fumes. Years during which ‘Your Waverley’ was trotting out false air quality data on a regular basis to its numpties in the council chamber.

And, for which a Council officer gets hung out to dry at Guildford’s Crown Court today.

Come on Jeremy – don’t be a wimp – get out there and meet the guys and gals running ‘Your Waverley?’

Why did it take a Farnham resident and the Farnham Herald to question ‘Your Waverley’s’ air quality data?

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 08.58.25.png

Simples! Because there is an Election in the offing and ‘Big Rice’ wants to get back so that he can support all the people in the Waverley Borough, particularly all of us here in Farnham who are taking out kids to GP’s so we can pick up their Ventolin Inhalers! Get them nebulized, when they are choking because they cannot breathe, and listen to their constant wheezing.

Here’s what The Big P will be asking The Big R.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 08.58.03.png

Two major schemes go before Waverley Planners – that will herald the birth of the new Dunsfold Garden Village.


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 09.44.47.png

A scheme by Gordon Murray Designs – already approved by the planners has been re-sited- signaling the imminent arrival of a World-class automotive research and development centre – the first of its kind in the borough of Waverley. 

The re-location of the company is a key component of the Dunsfold Garden Village Masterplan bringing with it around 500 jobs on the expanding business park formerly the headquarters of British Aerospace. The Gordon Murray business will use 14,000 sq ms of the 26,000 sq ms new employment floorspace that is intended for the employment park.

The new Gordon Murray HQ was given the go-ahead last year. But next week the planners will consider its request to move the building 6 ms to the north of the previous site.  Although moved slightly closer to ancient woodland it is further away from nearby properties at Hall Place in Stovolds Hill Road.

The change described by officers as “fairly minor,” will ensure the building is 500 ms further away from nearby homes.

Although there is a separate application from the developers Dunsfold Park due to be considered at the same meeting to create a new access from the site onto the A281 (this is the subject of a separate post to avoid confusion) the access to the new Gordon Murray buildings is from Stovolds Hill Road and Dunsfold Road. There is no objection from county highways.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.52.33.pngScreen Shot 2019-10-21 at 19.51.19.png

The officers’ recommendation is to approve the scheme – accompanied by pages of conditions relating to building the development, including environmental and highway issues. Dunsfold Airport Ltd is advised that any loss of open space from this application must be mitigated by replacement open space in the forthcoming   Dunsfold Park Masterplan

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 20.06.36.png

Could these petrol heads soon be on their way to Dunsfold? Not if -some of the neighbors – have anything to do with it?

Will ‘Wife of Brian’ succeed in scuppering a decision by Waverley Planners to ditch a​ controversial care home scheme​?


After hearing  Waverley planning officers’ intention was to refuse a Cranleigh Charity’s application to build a private care home in the town  –  ward member Cllr Patricia Ellis registered her intention to call the application in to haveScreen Shot 2019-10-17 at 23.33.17.png it heard and determined in public.

Well, why wouldn’t she? AS SHE HAS PUBLICLY advertised, for years she supports it. Pre-determination or what we hear you mutter into your cornflakes?

Officers indicated a month ago they were minded to REFUSE an application by Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) for a 60 bed-Private Care home with 20 community beds in Knowle Lane – under powers delegated to them. This means the scheme would be refused, with no member participation. 

However, questions are being asked how Cllr Ellis was allowed the ‘call-in’ when she was out of time under the council’s rule-book?

The application was lodged in November last year, with a decision date of  February 2nd.  As the Charity failed to provide the information required by planning officers after nine months, under ‘normal circumstance’ an application would be refused. However, the refusal was not issued due to an officer going on annual leave.

However, it is believed the applicant was forewarned of the imminent REFUSAL, and the information was provided. Thus allowing the unprecedented time-frame change for a member call-in? WW has received video evidence revealing the conflict of interests admitted by the Ellis duo in the scheme which has now been damned by residents of the eastern villages. It is also alledged that Cllr Ellis has ‘entertained’ the applicants in her home. She has also been overheard in Cranleigh repeating her support for the scheme. Which under the council’s rules is not allowed.

The Cranleigh Society – whose management – BUT NOT ITS MEMBERSHIP  – is backing the application, was told of the council’s intentions two weeks ago. But it has stayed silent on the subject, not even deigning to inform its membership!  The Society is operating with an interim chairman and a reducing membership. Earlier this year it was rumoured to be closing if new members and officers could not be found.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 09.37.24.pngMr. Webb, nothing to do with the WW, we hasten to add, initiated a public meeting, where villagers demanded a series of answers from the Charity Trustees who were invited to attend.  Did they bother? Did they heck! They had no intention of facing down their critics who had raised over £1.4m intended to replace their hospital – so they had no option but to address their questions to an empty chair! It appears the charity is a law unto itself made up of carpetbaggers with questionable links to Cranleigh developers who infuriated local residents suspected of supporting the scheme for their own less than charitable purposes – or not to put too fine a point on it – nefarious purposes! Developers whom the Ellis duo chaired “secret meetings” of which the WW holds the meeting notes,  in preparation for carving up Cranleigh.


As a result of this and other public meetings, which CVHT has repeatedly refused to attend,  letters from the public have been sent demanding that the parish council, which donated the land for £1 (yes, not a typo we didn’t miss a few noughts) in exchange for agricultural land worth £10,000 – now a football field,  is returned to the village. Villagers have also been trawling through council documents during a period dubbed ‘The Ellis Era.’ It has been revealed to the WW that large chunks of the decision-making process on the land-exchange are missing!

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 09.45.29.png

The WW is told by the locals that the question on everyone’s lips is – WHY? Would the wife of the parish council chairman – the late Brian Ellis who along with his wife  oversaw the land deal, without the consent of his parishioners and some colleagues, fly in the face of public opinion and seek to impose an unwanted £18m 60 bed- PRIVATE Care Home, with 20 beds for the use of anyone in the CCG area, on an overdeveloped part of Knowle Lane? And, why is a woman, no longer a parish councillor, so hell-bent on defying the will of Cranleigh residents?  The land which is immediately opposite the 425 new homes being built by Berkeley Homes now under construction opposite the site costing up to  £1,375m and which the local GP’s have told the developers – “will never happen, and which, privately,  they do not support?”

Villagers claim It will overlook and have a damaging impact on a ‘modest’ Waverley Council development in Whisker Drive and a damaging impact on the Downs Link?

The developers have also removed a tree screen in Knowle Lane, without the benefit of planning permission, during the bird nesting season.

The application will now be heard at a Joint Planning Committee at the end of November where it will be determined by councillors mainly from Godalming, Haslemere, and Farnham.

More to follow. 

Just hours after villagers delivered a crushing blow to plans to build a private care home in Cranleigh, the application was refused.

Can you help the police?


Following an assault in Guildford Town Centre – a man has died.

A man left gravely injured after a serious assault in Guildford town centre during the early hours of Saturday, 12 October, has now died.

The incident occurred in Park Street, close to the premises of the Guildford Charcoal Grill, around 2.20am and Surrey Police is calling for witnesses. It is believed that the assault followed a dispute around a pre-booked taxi.

 Jamie Smith, 24-years from the Elmbridge area of Surrey, was taken to hospital with serious injuries, but on Friday (October 18) the police announced he had died.

 Jamie’s, family said: “We as a family are utterly heartbroken and devastated at the loss of our son Jamie, he was a loving, kind-hearted and generous young man with an incredibly bright future ahead of him. He had already achieved so much in his 24 years. Jamie was extremely close to his family and was so lucky to have an amazing group of friends.

“We are, and forever will be incredibly proud of him and the young man he became. There are no words to express how much all of us will miss him. Our lives will never be the same again.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Chapman, who is overseeing the investigation into the incident, said: “This incident has tragically ended in the death of a young man. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. We continue to appeal for witnesses who may be able to help us piece together what happened.

“The incident took place as people were leaving the town centre after a night out, we would like to speak to anyone who witnessed this incident, or may have been in the area at the time.”

Barney Thomas Christopher Coyle, 23, of Frog Grove Lane, Guildford was charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm and remanded in custody after appearing at Guildford Crown Court on 14 October. Today (October 21) Surrey Police said he remains under investigation and enquiries are ongoing.

A police spokesperson added: “If you witnessed the incident or have any information (including dashcam footage) which could help us with our enquiries, please call us on 101, quoting crime reference number PR/45190108025. If you do not wish to leave your name, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Have ‘Your Waverley’s’ residents been excluded​ from this consultation?


Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.53.26

Here’s when you will get your real say – there are Surrey County Council elections coming soon.

This is the message from Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council is inviting you to provide your thoughts and opinions on proposed changes to Surrey County Council’s Home to School/College Travel and Transport Policy.   

The Council is reviewing its home to school/college travel arrangements to ensure we continue to deliver our statutory responsibilities to meet the travel needs of children and young people to access education.  We are also seeking to improve outcomes for children and young people by promoting independence and preparation for adulthood.


Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.55.20.png

Your feedback will be used to inform the Council’s decision in early 2020 on a new Home to School/College Travel and Transport Policy.

No doubt a bit like all the feedback you gave to inform them of the proposed closure of children’s centers? Information and feedback that was shredded and mostly ignored.

Surrey CC ticks the box marked – “you have been consulted” and then it does what it intended in the first place?

The survey should take around 20 minutes to complete. The closing date for this consultation is midnight 15 December 2019.

Public Engagement Events

Eight Public Engagement Events will be held as part of this consultation. At these events, representatives of the Council will talk through the detail of the consultation, whilst also listening and responding to feedback and questions to those in attendance. We encourage anyone with an interest in the delivery of Home to School/College travel and transport to attend. Details of confirmed events are listed below including the link needed to reserve a place at each event. The remaining 4 evening dates will be added shortly.

So let us all hope that one of those dates is in the borough of Waverley.

Date Time Venue Link
1 October 2019 11am-1pm Surrey History Centre, Woking https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-73549216687
11 October 2019 11am-1pm Guildford Borough Council https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-73589326657
23 October 2019 11am-1pm Molesey Youth Centre https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-73553335005
6 November 2019 11am-1pm Wray Park, Reigate https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-73551383167
14 November 2019 6pm-8pm Therfield School, Leatherhead https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-74203790535
22 November 2019 6pm-8pm Guildford Borough Council https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/home-to-schoolcollege-travel-and-transport-policy-consultation-events-tickets-75072189941