The Lone Ranger rides again…?


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Our moles tell us that ‘LB’ was sat upon-or did they say ‘shat upon’? – very firmly when he tried to bully his Alfold PC colleagues to do his bidding and vote against the application.

But, without the capable assistance of Parish Clerk Crystal Tipps Weddell – who has tendered her resignation and is now demob happy – Little Britton was put back in his box and told, a new regime operates in Alfold now. This follows the departure of the old guard (AKA Nick Pidgeon, Betty Ames, and Crystal Tipps). Perhaps, he will have to become more open-minded and work more co-operatively in the future with the Dunsfold Developer?

The unshackled new brooms on the Parish Council, freed from their jailers, no doubt want a seat at the developer’s table and a hand deep in his pockets. – We presume the ‘DD’ will soon be dishing out largess to mitigate the impact his activities will have on the surrounding community – unfettered of course by the past animosity and money-laundering scandal that shrouded Pidgeon & Crystal Tipps’ final months in office? 

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WW would have thought even the biased Little Britton would have welcomed the creation of a new access road which will take thousands of weekly traffic movements off Stovolds Hill – a lane far narrower than Marwick Lane about which there is always such a song-and-dance. A lane that has taken the brunt of all the aerodrome traffic together with  Dunsfold Road, to a lesser extent, for years – but oh no!  The Lone Ranger pressed the Parish Council, of which he is a member and wannabe chairman, to object.

But they didn’t! 

But never fear Tonto – in the form of Protect Our Little Corner – came riding to the rescue as usual and has written to Waverley Borough Council objecting to the creation of the road until a number of conditions have been met, including a Construction Traffic Management Plan preventing construction traffic from using the western access to the A3 via Marwick Lane. 

Well, they would, wouldn’t they?  Heaven forbid that the well-to-do on Marwick Lane – the postcode Heaven of Waverley – are disturbed.

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WW cannot help wondering if Cllr Britton and Mr. Lees have noticed the new gypsy settlement development which has been under construction for more than a year in Stovolds Hill?  Perhaps they have decided to keep schtum about their other near neighbors’ shenanigans? A site now under construction that adjoins the largest concentration of gypsies in the country?

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The gloves were on for Your Waverley’s new Rainbow administration​ as it Declares A Climate Emergency.


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A Special Council Meeting last night was definitely of the lively variety – as members of the new Rainbow Alliance went head-to-head with a rather dog eared bunch of Tories intent on diluting the motion to Declare A Climate Emergency.

Suffice to say a meeting to get the Full Council behind its bid was unlikely to be an easy call for Your Waverley’s new boys on the block. Particularly as half a dozen councillors declared they were formerly employed in the oil industry and had their pensions to prove it. However, despite the fireworks, the Alliance stood firm and won the day.

Why? Because for a new administration to be taking the lead on such an important issue in its honeymoon period, was courageous. As it was not put forward by the old guard – it was therefore ripe for a good drubbing. Nothing like a climate debate to get the juices flowing.

Some Tories claimed the Newbies had not gone far enough – others claimed – they had gone too far. Some argued the document which seeks officers to come forward with an Action Plan in six months was “unrealistic” and was “undeliverable.” Some couldn’t quite make their minds up why they should support what Cllr Steve Williams described as a document that addresses the most serious issue the world faces.

Watched in the gallery by students from Broadwater School, warmly welcomed by Godalming Cllr Williams,  as he hammered home the urgency for action as the earth warms at an alarming rate with dire consequences, particularly for the young and future generations.

“We cannot beat nature.”

Waverley like others around the globe must face up to the dire consequences of global warming, face its responsibilities.  Think globally and act locally by aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030. A situation that would force everyone to adjust their lifestyles.

For some Tories declaring an immediate Climate Emergency was premature. Without enough detail of how it could be achieved and the costs involved. For others, it didn’t go far enough, and with more thought, an earlier date than 2030 could be achieved. 

The gloves came off as a tribe of tetchy Tories put up an amendment to scupper the plan, which they claimed they “supported in principle,” for further consideration. But,  it was pointed out by a host of newbies, that a Climate Emergency was just that… AN EMERGENCY… and the work had already begun.

What the young people in the gallery thought of the slanging match as the debate progressed is anyone’s guess. But suffice to say, it was only the Mayor Mary Foryszewski who always manages to make light of any situation, who continued smiling as she awaited an opportunity after the meeting to flog off her mugs at a tenner a time – for her chosen charity.

Deputy Leader Paul Follows said he was “proud” that the new administration had bought this document forward, It should not be delayed and other towns and parishes had already adopted theirs. This was not about gesture politics, as that adopted by Surrey County Council – ouch! An organisation that declared a Climate Emergency one week whilst supporting oil and gas extraction only last week and could soon approve exploration in the borough of Waverley at Dunsfold!

Thanks to The Potty One, whose parachute jump from Farnham into Tilford must have increased her carbon footprint by at least 50%,  stressed her group supported ANY climate emergency measures. But was slightly concerned that the cart was being put before the horse!

It was left to Tory Cllr Seaborne – who had earlier declared his oil industry connection – to explain what she meant. It was all about achievability and realistic dates. “We have no idea how much it will cost, and the impact this will have on Waverley’s residents and businesses, and its services – a study must come first – and then a Climate Emergency declared.

The WW couldn’t understand why Elstead’s Aunty Else-y didn’t mention that 1/5th of Waverley’s population was elderly – therefore contributed more wind into the atmosphere? Matched only by her own, as she said she wanted “very clear assurances” that the borough’s voluntary sector wouldn’t be adversely affected by the decisions to be taken.  Perish the thought that it might affect the elderly – what about future generations that may not enjoy old age, Aunty?

Suffice to say after an enormous amount of hot air spiraling around the chamber, sufficient to power Godalming’s street lighting,  a recorded vote against a Tory Group amendment to the motion to Declare A Climate Emergencywas lost by 30 votes to 17 with two abstentions. (So almost half the TT’s couldn’t bring themselves to vote for their own amendment!?!

So Waverley Council then UNANIMOUSLY Declared A Climate Emergency, despite councillors, including Cllr Mulliner, Seaborne, and Co waxing lyrically against! With 49 votes For.

Another bonkers Tory amendment produced like a rabbit out of a hat by Cllr Robert Knowless- to hold all council meetings during the day to save on light, heat, and transport, was defeated by 31 votes to 18 with Tory Cllr Townsend voting with and congratulated by,  the Rainbow Coalition.

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If you can bear it – you can watch the proceedings here. Don’t ask us why but it starts at 1 hour 12.02.


Dunsfold’s post-mistresses home plan gets returned to sender – address unknown.


Despite impassioned pleas from residents and the parish council Dunsfold’s postmistress will not be allowed to build a modest home in Woodland because of her ‘exceptional circumstances.’ 

Members of the eastern planning committee heard residents describe the plight of their village postmistress in finding an affordable home near her place of work and argued for a bungalow in the middle of ancient woodland at land to the North of North View, in Plaistow Road. The future of the post office in the community shop could depend on it?

Residents claimed Dunsfold Post Office was a “crucial service” to villagers who would be forced to travel to Godalming or Cranleigh if it were to close. The post office and the village shop where income reduced year on year, were inextricably linked and provided a community hub for Dunsfold and Hascombe. With banks closed in Cranleigh, including the recent closure of  Lloyds, in the future the post office would provide an even more vital service.

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Two previous applications had been refused, but, it was not to be the third time lucky. Despite supporters arguing that a small modular log cabin tucked away in woodland three miles from the village would cause no harm as it could easily be removed.

However, planning officers said they could not agree: The site was in protected ancient woodland where any built development nearby could harm the biodiversity of the land and the protected species. The Woodland Trust objected – but there were no comments from Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Offers of making a consent personal to the applicant, and in future sold only to her successor, were rejected by officers and members alike – arguing this would be an impossible condition to uphold.

Claims that the postmistress may have to move away from the area and the post office closed did not persuade planners to overturn their strict planning policies.  Although sympathetic, councillors said they could not support development that was against all their planning policies and officers’ advice and set a damaging precedent and pressure to build isolated homes in the countryside.

Building a property in dense ancient woodland was not acceptable, however sympathetic the committee was to the needs of villagers, and the postmistress should be helped and encouraged to find affordable accommodation near to her place of work.

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So what​ the​ hell is​ going on – with Cranleigh’s private​ nursing home and HC-ONE?


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The Logo of the group campaigning against a Care Home in Cranleigh. A group that now has around 3,000 signatures on petitions supporting its aims.

Is Cranleigh Village Private Nursing Home Trust,  taking a leaf out of Mother Theresa May’s book and simply trying to run down the clock? Because the summer has come – and gone! And… still no date for a decision? Is it still “finalising” its negotiations with “stakeholders.”

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If they are responding directly to questions posed via email then it might be worth getting someone to send them an email posing the following questions. 

1. Could someone explain exactly whose community these 20 beds are intended to be used by?

2. There has been considerable confusion over many years concerning the description of the development. As recently as the public consultation at The Baptist Church Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust were still referring to the development as ‘A Hospital’ rather than, more accurately, a ‘Care Home.’ Why?

3. The wrongly named CVHT is also giving the impression that it is providing facilities in the existing Village Hospital when these facilities are clearly being provided by The League of Friends. Why is it doing this?

4. The Lof F is a separate outfit with separate charitable accounts and has distanced itself from CVHT? So where is the ‘community benefit’ of this ‘Care Home’?

5. Can the Parish Council explain why no public consultation took place before it sold parish-owned land, for £1, to CVHT? For 20 years, this sale has provided no benefit to the village whatsoever. Given where it is now, why not just divert the remaining monies to upgrade the existing Cranleigh Village Hospital?

6. Will the Parish Council explain why the Covenant attached to the sale of this land was so loosely worded and why it failed to take the land back after the five year period clause mentioned in the covenant? Had that happened the Parish Council could have been saved from this disastrous sale.

It is rumoured that the Parish Councillors could be sued for failing to comply with the terms of the Covenant. Are the Parish Councillors aware of this?

7. Can the Parish Council explain who was responsible for ensuring the Conditions attached to the planning permission for road improvements, over a decade ago, on the Bruce McKenzie Fields were not carried out? Who has now paid for those roadworks?

8. Why did CVHT Trustee, Mr. Vrijland, put a ransom strip around the land he provided in return for the hospital site? Ransom strips are normally put in place by developers looking to secure future benefit. What benefit does he hope to receive from this ransom strip, and shouldn’t it be removed immediately?

9. Residents of Cranleigh and the outlying villages genuinely believed the community beds would be for them – now we understand they could be for the Guildford & Waverley Commissioning Group – which covers from Churt to Worplesdon/Little Bookham and Guildford.  Is that the case?  If so, then the project was mis-sold to local residents and businesses.  Should they not get their money back? This is tantamount to extracting money from people under false pretenses.

10. Are the community beds in the proposed new Care Home time limited? Will they disappear after a period of time? If that is the case what recompense will the village receive for the additional income that these beds will generate for the privately owned Care Home?

11. Can the members of the Parish Council tell us if they would have even considered giving away parish-owned land to-day for an 80-bed privately owned Care Home and residential accommodation in the heart of the village without any recompense or community benefit whatsoever?

12. Why should Cranleigh be providing more affordable accommodation for Surrey’s health workers when there are already hundreds of homes being built in the immediate vicinity.  Is this another ploy for this privately owned company to make money at the expense of Cranleigh residents.

13. Many people who contributed to the fundraising campaign, believe they have been duped. The village where they were born is now set to provide a site for a national care home operator, at their expense, for a business which is, apparently, up for sale and in debt!

Cranleigh will now have to suffer more development – which means more traffic – and associated facilities to satisfy the needs of wider Surrey residents who did not provide one penny toward it on land given away by the parish for a playing field with a ransom strip around it!

Andy Webb (nothing to do with the WW! who is trying to get to the bottom of this saga wrote this on the Cranleigh Community Group board, which is attracting followers, faster than knotweed can grow? It contains a baffling response from CVHT Chairman Robin Fawkner.

Bearing in mind that the planning application lodged last November and was due to be heard and determined on 28th January, and ever-since – now appears to have gone AWOL.

Please note: CVHT “Still talking to stakeholders?” Cannot appear at a public meeting because of the Purdah of the May elections? The next public consultation event will be held in the Summer? What – after the planning application has been cosidered – or before?


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Could SW Surrey’s grass soon be greener?


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 20.50.36.pngFollowing on from his success in leading ‘Your Waverley’s’ bid to Declare a Climate Emergency Steve Williams has thrown his hat into the ring to stand as Member of Parliament for South West Surrey. If successful could this see the present incumbent,  local entrepreneur Jeremy Hunt, spending more time he craves, with his family?


After leading ‘Your Waverley’s’  hugely successful listening exercise on proposed oil and gas exploration in Dunsfold recently, Cllr Williams has been chosen by the Green Party to stand in the next General Election for South West Surrey. The deputy leader of Godalming Town Council can be seen here on the link below- chairing the recent Listening Exercise.

Well done’ Your Waverley’s’ first listening exercise was a rollicking success – and there are calls for more.

Passionate about building progressive politics in our area he believes, “years of dominance by the Conservatives led to a view locally that things could never change – a view which was blown apart by the spectacular gains by Greens, Liberal Democrats and Labour in the recent local elections.”

We should add here that the Farnham Residents’ is not a political party, which is why it is not mentioned.

Steve is founder and chair of SW Surrey Compass, which has fostered collaborative cross-party working in the area since 2015. He is also a co-author with Susan Ryland, Penny Rivers and Louise Irvine of the book – A New Way of Doing Politics which tells the story of the 2017 general election in SW Surrey.


If you don’t live in Farnham – but care about what is happening in the borough of Waverley – watch this film … and be suitably shocked.


Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 14.55.10.png

The film has been produced by The Farnham Society.


As 16 shops are closing on the country’s high streets every day – work on Farnham’s Blightwells Yard continues! And, as far as we know – which includes 28 retail shops and restaurants.  Last week “Your Waverley’s’ Executive declared a climate emergency sand the traffic build-up in Farnham has been awful over the Summer months.  You can read why here:

‘Your Waverley’ has taken the first vital step to declare – A Climate Emergency.

This could be endorsed shortly by the Full Council. However, to make way for the Blightwells development in Farnham 100 trees have already been lost – and probably more to come.  All sacrificed to provide homes and more shops and restaurants – when 2,868 similar outlets closed down in the first six months of this year. And if that isn’t bad enough – Waverley Borough Council is partnered by Surrey County Council.

The county council is investing over £50m towards Farnham’s new shopping experience!

So will ‘YW’ soon be reconsidering the make-up of its Blightwells fiasco under the new regime now running the show? Or is it already too late?

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Police Chief David Munro booted by the Tories. Has everyone gone to the moon?




Have the local Conservatives been taking advice from their mate former Cranleigh School pupil songwriter, music producer Jonathan King?? 


They chose somebody else, and then say he can’t even be a member of the Conservative party, even after campaigning in Farnham for them at the local elections. What level of madness have the Tories descended to?


Surrey’s outgoing Tory – now Independent Police and Crime Commissioner, David Munro is a former Farnham Town and Waverley Borough Councillor. He spent almost two decades as a Surrey County Councillor and has worked as a Tory activist since the early 1980s. For all that effort he has now joined a new order.  The Order of the Boot!

WHY? We hear you all cry, sob, sob – or perhaps not ALL our readers?

Because he stands accused in these intolerant times in which we now lurk, of campaigning against Conservative candidates. Not the young lady who snatched the plumply salaried role from his grasp? Surely not? Never.

‘Moanalot Munro gets mouthy after losing Surrey Police& Crime Commissioner job. He claims he has “NEVER” campaigned against any Conservative candidate.

Here at the Waverley Web, we say, perish the thought that this career politician would ever do such a thing?

Fear not folks, as PCC Chief Munro says the reason he left the Conservative Group at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, was to have the “freedom to argue for Surrey’s interests” he will no doubt soon be fighting his corner as…AN INDEPENDENT? 

So coming to a mailbox near you in 2020? Thousands of leaflets – and just you wait for that knock, knock – -a – knocking on your door?



What does this decision by Surrey County Council say about proposed oil & gas exploration in Dunsfold?


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The fightback​ has begun to deal with anti-social behavior – “and make Farncombe great again.”


 Take two determined local councillors’ – a good helping of local residents – and the police – mix them together and what do you get? The start of a concerted effort to fight back against the anti-social behavior of a minority of Farncombe youngsters. Let’s face it – what is happening in Farncombe is happening all around Waverley’s towns and villages.



Here at the Waverley Web, we have heard from dozens of other town and village folk, particularly the elderly, who are now fearful of leaving their homes at night.

Now a meeting – chaired by Godalming Councillor Penny Rivers – has brought one local situation to a head – and work is underway to engage with, both young people and the statutory authorities to make Farncombe, Fit and Fab again.


Coming soon – a decision on the siting​ of Cranleigh’s new Leisure Centre?


Not that the WW actually believes everything it reads on the council’s forward planning papers will happen when it says.

But here it is folks. Coming soon to a new site near you?

We hope for your sakes over there in the eastern villages that there is some forward/joined-up planning between, developers,  all the service authorities and ‘Your Waverley’ before they start digging up the center of Cranleigh for an £18m Care Home and a £14m New Leisure Centre in the Village Way Area of the town?  Or maybe, just maybe you will get the same traffic chaos that has ensued here in Farnham over the last nine months!

Last Saturday in Farnham Town Centre car parking spaces were as rare as rocking horse poo. Central car park; Upper Hale car park; Waggon Yard – all full.  Cars pumping out toxic fumes as they meandered around the town. Here at the WW, we are thinking of a new board game – called Snakes and Spaces?  Could it soon be like that in the center of the eastern village? Tell us do?


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