Democracy and transparency reforms are on the way to ‘Your Waverley,’



Will ‘Your Waverley’ be there to listen to what YOU have to say – not just for YOU to hear what IT has to say? 



Tonight the Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council’s new administration will be introducing some of the changes he promised in the May elections.

Cllr Paul Follows, on behalf of the new administration,  seeks to change the council’s Constitution and re-introduce the formal public question-time at the start of Full Council sessions. A function that has been a constant source of frustration to members of the public since it was removed by the previous administration. 

Said Cllr Follows:

This is something we recently did at Godalming Town Council and for meetings of the WBC Executive.

We think it is important that residents can just come along to council sessions and speak.

It is also intended that there will be full electronic voting at all full council and planning committee sessions (these will be displayed on a screen during webcasts).

Great! At last, the public will know how their elected representatives vote on issues affecting theirs’ and other people’s lives.

We understand, this equipment was installed in the council chamber some time back but has not been used during the course of several former administrations. Now the new boys and girls on the block intend to turn it back on and make its use mandatory from now on.

 In future, all votes will be ‘recorded votes’ and the outcomes published on the Waverley Website.

At last, we will all be able to see what our councillors voted on, and how they voted. A practice that is long overdue.

The WW has noticed, that already the Chairmen of planning committee’s have adopted a more civilised approach to public speakers during meetings when applications are being considered. Formerly, some chairmen had public speakers’ many unfamiliar with public speaking, quaking in their boots. Some of whom, unless they had timed their allotted 4 minutes to the second, were cut off in their prime.

If these reforms pass tonight (Monday evening) they will go to the Full Council meeting in October for ratification. 

 Whisper who dares – to object?

Full agenda for the Standards Committee can be found here:…/Agenda%20frontsheet%2030th…

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