The party may have gone to Pot – but the Potty one will be at the helm of a ‘New Look’ Tory group.

Having turned her back on her Upper Hale residents in return for a safe seat in Frensham, Dockenfield & Tilford. Julia Potts has saved her skin to continue leading the Tory group at ‘Your Waverley.’ Having sacrificed her deputy, Ged Hall (“greater love hath no man than to give up his seat for his leader”)  she has Godalming’s Peter Martin at her side!Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 18.46.49.png

 She says they will be forging a different style when the New Guard takes over the council on 21st May. She wants to “reconnect with residents,” and re-build the party.” Beaten but not bowed by the punishing message given last Thursday – she will lead, what is still the largest group on the council. Perhaps she will persuade her colleagues to start by:-

  • Not voting for totally unsuitable and damaging developments on flood plains in the eastern villages. Areas where infrastructure and amenities are poor, or non-existent? And… then referring to them as “poor old…”


  • Take notice of residents when they fill village and town halls to take votes of NO CONFIDENCE in your administration?


  • Listen, and hear residents’ concerns and instead of ignoring them, bear them in mind?


  • Be more open and transparent and admit to mistakes when they occur. Everyone makes them – just own up – the public would respect you for it.


  • Stop congratulating yourselves and officers.’ It is the officers’ job to provide reports and Self-congratulation is an unnecessary indulgence.


  • Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 17.40.06.png


  • Don’t treat new councillors in the opposition parties like pariahs. The public put them there and have given them the mandate to act on their behalf. Work with them for all our sakes?


Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 15.21.21.png

4 thoughts on “The party may have gone to Pot – but the Potty one will be at the helm of a ‘New Look’ Tory group.”

  1. You are really scrapping the barrel here even by your own low standards.

    Julia Potts is a friend of mine who is a decent hard working person who cares about what she does and who has good self-less motivations. Your vilification of her and others in local public life is both cruel and unhelpful. All parties struggled to attract candidates at the recent election and your toxic agenda is part of the reason.

    Politically I disagree with people like Jez Hyman but I don’t doubt for one second his hard work and commitment but you are constantly vile about Julia Potts who is most certainly a hard working and committed public servant.

    1. It is quite obvious that you are a newcomer to the Waverley Web. But then you are a newcomer to ‘Your Waverley’ due to your being a paper candidate for the election. Which you lost!

      If you had read our posts, you may have read our congratulatory posts. Julia Potts has managed something Robert Knowless and Richard – Shut the Gates had not. To get a Local Plan passed.

      We like to give credit where credit is due. We have never doubted she cares about what she does, and has achieved some major victories, Including ensuring that the largest brownfield site in the borough is developed. Scroll back and read them, before you vilify us.

      She, and her Tory administration has been held to account by the Waverley Web and so will the new council, and its leader.

      Nobody is forced to read the WW – you included.

      We wonder how JP will behave in opposition? Let us hope that she will not allow her party to deal out the same vilification of the large body of coalititon members, that she sat idly by and watched metered out on a regular basis to the previous small opposition group?

  2. Adam – if your beef is with Waverley Web comments, then it is with the electorate. Your blind allegiance to Julia Potts’ agenda is one of the reasons you got half the votes of the elected candidates in your prospective ward.

  3. We agree with the previous comment. Mr TS, if you really believe the Waverley Web had the power to influence the outcome of the recent election, then you are completely deluded.

    As we have said before. All we have done is – tell the truth, something the previous administration repeatedly failed to do, and the public has punished them for it.

    So far the only person to recognise the Tory failing is Ged Hall, a true gentleman, who has paid the price for supporting his Leader. A councillor who, had he been elected, said ublicly he intended to make some very necessary changes.

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