Godalming shows us all how political campaigning should​ be conducted.


How refreshing to witness political campaigning Godalming style.

Perhaps we could all learn a lot from Shirley Wardell canvassing for The Green Party and Godalming, Farncombe and Catteshall’s new Waverley Councillor Penny Rivers.

Out pounding the town’s pavements together they delivered one another’s leaflets. This showed the sort of co-operation that should exist in these heady days when politics with a Big P, has become a dirty word.

Let us hope – that the same co-operation continues in the days ahead? if it doesn’t – then we shall ensure our readers know about it!

Screenshot 2019-04-19 at 22.11.42.png

One little anecdote that was passed on to us during polling day, which shows the Tories too – are all heart.

“Just joined the telling in Farncombe mid-morning, and the kind Conservative gentleman offered to share all his numbers.
Unfortunately, he’d spent the last 3 hours writing down an internal Waverley reference number rather than the Polling Card number!”

Bless him – it’s the thought that counts.




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