Will the residents of the Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford Ward say – take me to my leader?

Giving up the seat for Farnham’s Upper Hale Ward was a wrench for ‘Your Waverley’s council leader Julia Potts. She leaves the ward she has represented at ‘Your Waverley’ for the past eight years with – “a heavy heart.”

Nothing to do with being fearful that she needed a much safer seat in True, blue Tory Tilford – no – of course not – and the Waverley Web’s true identity is Mary Poppins! And Protect Our Waverley wants to stop development in the borough, and not just at Dunsfold Park!

She also says in the Herald’s new tabloid edition that she is giving up her Farnham Town Council seat so that she can concentrate on with being Leader of Waverley Borough Council? The typical arrogance we have come to expect. A little more humility would not come amiss Potty One.

If you were so confident of your popularity then why not stay loyal to the residents of Upper Hale? 

Let’s hope you get the soft landing you are so confident of receiving from the residents of your new hunting ground?


Julia Potts getting ready to land in her newly acquired ward. Others too are being shuffled and set down like early Spring cuckoos in other ward’s nests. The bid to keep control of ‘Your Waverley’ is on.


Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 08.39.56.png

Is it a bird? Is it a bee? No, it’s Potty parachuting into Tilford.

2 thoughts on “Will the residents of the Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford Ward say – take me to my leader?”

  1. Alas – I cannot vote on this – But seriously Tilford – Get a grip!
    I do hope people realise there are Good Tories and Rubbish Tories – Not all bad – But we all need to sort the Wheat from the Chaff (and by Chaff – I mean Cr*P)

  2. But sadly, it is more likely the good people of Tilford will toddle off and get more of the same, because sadly most voters don’t know who they are voting for. Have no idea whether they have parachuted in from another, less safe ward here in Farnham, and are just being used for political gain. We agree, there are some very fine Tory councillors, who have shown how hard they work for the whole borough of Waverley and not just their little patch. However, there are others who are there as paper candidates, and others who do the minimum to ensure that Waverley Borough Council remains true blue and rules this borough of ours. What we need are checks and balance. At present it comes from one Liberal Democrat and a handful of Farnham Residents’ – it has to change for all our sakes.

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