To Dump or not to dump – that is the question?



Here’s a suggestion they can’t REFUSE!

They are such meanies at County Towers: on Tuesday they told us all – through the webcast – that they were keeping all of our Community Recycling Centres open. Yes, that’s right, the Recycling Centres had secured a reprieve. Cue a chorus of: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Now, we all know that a day is a long time in politics but they can’t have changed their minds that quickly – or can they?

Oh yes, they can! And it’s no good going into that old chestnut the pantomime routine: Oh no they can’t!

Because it really is a case of OH YES THEY CAN!!!

No less a personage than Mr Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council, has written a letter, alleged to be the Cabinet’s combined response to petitions concerning Community Recycling Centres – we guess that’s what they call ‘Collective Responsibility’. The only problem is, very soon, there’s not going to be any collection going on in Cranleigh!  Read the e-mail below.

According to Mr Oliver, the Council is faced with some very tough decisions about the way it delivers services to ensure it can continue to support its most vulnerable residents. Therefore, he claims, the Council has to look again at the operation of Surrey’s community recycling centres. No shit Sherlock!

Our followers over there in Cranleigh were really hacked off when their recycling centre went from being open seven days a week to only three and arising from that fly-tipping went up exponentially. Do Mr Oliver and his Cabinet care? Not so you’d notice.

Whilst he  acknowledged the concerns raised about fly-tipping, he claimed that from the Cabinet’s experience of recent changes to the service and anecdotal evidence from other local authorities who have already closed sites,


So what’s this then Cllr Oliver? Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 09.43.26

If Mr Oliver and the Cabinet don’t have any experience of it and don’t expect it, it’s not going to happen!!!

Perhaps Mr Oliver and his Cabinet would like to explain to  Cranleigh residents  why, since their recycling centre went from being operational seven days a week to only three, landowners are finding more and more and more rubbish being dumped in beauty spots, on quiet country lanes and even, in some cases, their gateways and drives? A word to the wise, Mr Oliver, Just because it’s not happening on your commute up the A3 doesn’t mean to say it’s not happening on ours through the Surrey Hills!

Just where does fly-tipping have to occur for it to be on Mr Oliver’s radar? County Hall’s Car park?!

How would Mr Oliver and feel if they weren’t able to enter the Council’s premises because fly-tippers dumped their refuse, overnight, in the entrance or – now here’s a thought – in Mr Oliver’s reserved parking space? He claims they have listened carefully to the views expressed in the recent public consultation and taken them into consideration when developing a final plan.

Seriously? Does Mr Oliver really think the residents of Bagshot and Cranleigh (not to mention Dorking and Warlingham) are stupid? Did any of them vote for the permanent closure of their recycling centres from October 2019? We don’t think so. We entirely agree that it is necessary to set a sustainable budget to enable the Council to deliver a service to the residents of Surrey, we just disagree with its way of going about it.

 But, never fear, we’ve got a plan and, dare we say it, it’s a far better plan than Mr Oliver and his Cabinet’s because we, at the Waverley Web, have never been afraid to go where spiders fear to tread!

1. Reduce the salary of Joanna Killian, Chief Executive of Surrey County Council, from £220,000 per annum by half. For all our sakes, the PM is only earning £150,000 and, with the best will in the world, Ms Killian’s role can’t be anywhere near as stressful or demanding as Mrs May’s!

2. Slash the £1.7 million plus allowances that were paid to Surrey county councillors in 2017/18 – the fourth largest payout compared to 27 other county councils in England! Who the hell do these people think they are? The Fat Cats that got the cream, clearly! In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest they’re drowning in the Gold Top!

3. Instead of expecting the poor, unsuspecting Council Tax Payers of Surrey to plug the gaping hole in Surrey County Council’s gold plated Final Salary Pension scheme, via our Council Tax, we suggest the Council gets real and switches to the Defined Pension Contributions scheme that the rest of us pay into and axes the Final Salary scheme. Join the real world outside of the County Council Gold Plated Fish Bowl, why don’t you?

4. Restructure the top-heavy Surrey County Council, merge with one or two other County Councils and streamline, streamline, streamline.

5. And – stop making stupid investments in shops – like the £50m invested in Blightwell’s in Farnham! 

Mr Oliver claims changes are absolutely necessary to enable him and his Cabinet to set a sustainable budget. We don’t like to repeat ourselves but someone’s got to –  no shit Sherlock!!!

Never mind simply deferring the closure of Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham recycling centres – whilst noting, cynically, that the Council recognises this will be an unpopular choice with residents who use those sites – and recommending that the opening hours of recycling centres at Camberley, Caterham and Leatherhead are extended. Who the hell is going to schlep from Cranleigh to Camberley or Caterham – let alone Leatherhead? – with their recycling? If they’re going that far, Cranleigh residents might as well go to Kingston-upon-Thames and vote with their feet (or do we mean wheels?) by dumping their recycling on Mr Oliver and the Cabinet’s doorstep. Maybe, just maybe, when they’re at the sharp end of the problem they’ll do something constructive about it!

Here’s the e-mail sent to all the objectors.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 16.00.24.pngScreenshot 2019-01-30 at 16.42.56


There were ten keen councillors sitting in the hall – nine fell out – just leaving Paul.


GTC__CBAProbably the most important meeting on the Town, Parish and Borough Council’s annual calendar is the meeting/session that occurs at this time every year. To set the Budget.

Perhaps Godalming’s voting fodder – that will soon have leaflets shoved through their doors from political parties and hopefully some Independents – might like to know exactly who is standing up for their interests?

Because at a recent Waverley meeting to discuss important financial matters and the direction in which ‘Your Waverley`’ should travel over the next year. Out of 9 Godalming councillors ONE – yes just ONE Tory Cllr Liz Wheatley – turned up.

As the old saying goes – ‘no names no pack drill’ who the other Godalming Cllr was?  We will not be revealing which other Godalming representative takes your interests, seriously in fact very seriously.

So if you want more of the same in May – here’s your man.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 22.05.38.png

Or maybe like lemmings, we will all cling to old habits that die hard and vote this way for four more years of the same old same old?





Who says shouting out loud doesn’t pay dividends? The Eastern villages win their battle to stop Surrey dumping the dump.


Surrey County Council Leader Tim Oliver took the wind out of everyone’s sails when only minutes into the Cabinet meeting he announced that all the county’s Community Recycling Centres would remain open.

Give the man his due – he didn’t stop anyone getting their four minutes of fame allowing them to present their Petitions and tell his Cabinet why their Civic RC’s should remain open.

Over here in Farnham – The Herald’s Don’t Dump the Dump Campaign- had already paid dividends. It was knocked off Surrey’s hit-list a week ago. But that didn’t stop The Herald’s spokesman Daniel Gee from giving them a drubbing for even suggesting the move. He revealed the strength of opposition online and through a petition. He said now residents want their facilities improved.

Hannah Nicholson heading up the Cranleigh campaign argued that with a huge increase in development across the Eastern part of Waverley to remove the CRC would cause problems on narrow country roads on their way to Witley CRC there would be more fly-tipping and bonfires in gardens. Thousands of residents from Ewhurst and Cranleigh had signed her petition.

The route to Witley is shown here: Couldn’t possibly have been the suggestion that everyone give a toot on their horn outside Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt’s country abode on their way to the Witley dump – could it – no of course not.witleytip2

The ‘Don’t dump the dump’ campaign works for Farnham – but not for Cranleigh and the eastern villages?

Representatives from Warlingham – Dorking – Lyne in Chertsey – and more all lined up to have their say – but the county council had already put their hands up Guv – and delivered the result they all wanted. Some sat like rather deflated balloons having prepared themselves for a fight.

Sadly – it ain’t over until the fat county councillor lady sings  – and residents begin to increase proper recycling into the county’s CRC’s.

No black bags full of toot – proper recycling – the sort you know – that can be recycled. And – the council intends to educate us all. We can see it now a GCSE in Recycling?

Now riding to the rescue comes Dr Andrew Povey Cranleigh & Ewhurst’s County Councillor – He is to head up a new Waste Strategy Taskforce – because the Public Consultation revealed that you cannot dump the neighbourhood dumps – without creating a huge stink. 

mylittlepovey2But let’s give credit where credit is due – a couple of new brooms have swept into Surrey County Council and they have begun – The Listening Project – and long may it continue.







‘Is Your Waverley’ gearing up the troops to​ gag Farnham’s Hyman?



Here’s a health warning to anyone out there who may be considering standing for public office – at ‘Your Waverley.’

As we are only a couple of months away from the May elections, this is an opportune moment for us to issue a timely warning.


 Where possible keep your mouth shut and your hand up – and don’t question or expect answers from the plumply salaried Stazi rulers of Waverley Towers. 

Because committing that mortal sin of being true to yourself and the people who elected you will see you end up in the same heavy duty dog doo that Farnham Residents’ Councillor Jerry Hyman, has pitched himself into –  up to his neck.

You know the councillor who opposed inappropriate overdevelopment on Cranleigh’s floodplains; also, off numerous narrow country roads in the borough; near Farnham/Elstead/Haslemere Special Protection Area (SPA) without proper assessment of the likely consequences.   He also opposed development on former green belt land in Godalming at Aarons Hill.

HE argued that Non-Material Amendments (NMA’s) on Farnham’s Blightwells were not “non-material.”  This forced planners into referring them to councillors to decide …  the 24/7 closure of the Farnham by-pass which would have wrecked Farnham’s traders’  Christmas. Do you recognise him now? 

 On Friday he appears before Waverleys Standards Committee which has already decided he is GUILTY as charged. Goliath gave David a chance to engage with the process and apologise, but he wouldn’t play the game, stubborn or what? Though he did once and it resulted in a heart attack, followed immediately by heart surgery.

Oh, and in case you are interested in all the CONFIDENTIAL information – minus Mr Hyman’s statement of defence, was there for all to see on Waverley’s website. DON’T LOOK IT’S GONE. Perhaps this was put in the public domain to embarrass Councillor Hyman further?

The WW wrote to Cllr Hyman seeking comment on the above, to which he has not responded, perhaps he’s not allowed? However, we received this message from the Monitoring Officer – which you will note, contains no apology for the serious error. Must be confidential or it wouldn’t have been removed, would it?

We will, of course, agree to the council’s request and remove the offending e-mail. 

Dear sir/madam

Your email to Cllr Jerry Hyman of 26 January 23:04 has been shared with me. You are correct that the detailed papers should not have yet been available online. These papers are not classified as exempt from the public under legislation however under our internal arrangements for standards hearings they were not due to be published prior to Friday.

As you state in your email, the papers included the email address for Waverley’s Independent Person and this should have been redacted from all papers. The Council has today contacted both Ms Cameron and the Information Commissioner’s Office to alert them to this.

When the Standards Panel resolves to publish the detailed papers at item 3 of their business on Friday, the full set of papers (with the Independent Person’s email address redacted) will be posted online and made available in hard copy to anyone in attendance. I would request that you do not share any of the papers you obtained prior to that point and in particular do not publish the page including that disclosing the Independent Person’s email address at any point. I would be grateful if you could delete any documentation containing that email address and refer instead to the version of papers which will be published on Friday.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Robin Taylor
Head of Policy and Governance (Monitoring Officer)
Waverley Borough Council

Whose head will roll for that little error?  Nobody, because there is only accountability for some at ‘Your Waverley.’ And, never if you are a Tory and almost never if you are an officer. We all make mistakes. Here at the WW, we apologise – Mea Culpa, Maxima Mea Culpa. The difference between us and  Waverley Borough Council it – NEVER MAKES MISTAKES. 

In fact, having read through a bible of information from an  ‘Independent’ – panel member, and an outside Consultant brought in by ‘Your Waverley’ who has trousered our council tax cash but admits he has “no legal knowledge”  Farnham’s  champion for the protection of our natural environment  – doesn’t stand as much chance of success as Nelson does of getting his eye back. Possibly Nelson’s chances are greater? 

Because in a nutshell – Your Waverley” still accepts Natural England’s opinion on International Environmental Law – despite the Sweetman case having proved them wrong. – But of course – ‘Your Waverley’ will continue to ignore it – along with others. The Sweetman Judgement read it here- paragraph 35-38.;jsessionid=3F9139A41D9912E1A7DFC1C79DC6A206?text=&docid=200970&pageIndex=0&doclang=en&mode=lst&dir=&occ=first&part=1&cid=9256487

But the best way of shutting up a councillor is to drag him/her before the Monitoring Officer for a good slap, be put on the naughty step and told to Beeehaaave  – and apologise. However, if you are committed to obeying Environmental Law – you know the laws that protect our natural habitat the Wealden heaths, the birds, bees, flora and fauna that are disappearing fast… you could be thrown off Waverley’s influential Joint Planning Committee. Why not just wipe out endangered species, that is happening all over our borough.

Fear, not prospective councillors – you can fall asleep Sweet Dreams are made of this? – and Sleepy will probably chair the Standards Committee – you can even insult the eastern villages off piste like this As two of Your Waverley councillors sneer and deride the villages of Ewhurst and Cranleigh, officers are daft enough to remove the incriminating remarks from U-Tube.

But don’t ever dare,  criticise, or tell the officers that they might be wrong.   What’s more, don’t you dare to stand up for what YOU believe is right – particularly if you have the misfortune to be part of the POLITICAL OPPOSITION – because they will gag you. So-play nicely – or else!

As Lord Lambing said in the Victoria Climbie Inquiry: “Councillors must not accept at face value what they are told.”

Unless of course they happen to be part of the rotten borough of Waverley.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.52.38.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.53.35.png

Here’s a paragraph from the Consultant’s report.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.59.23.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.59.51.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.00.19.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.32.46.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.26.37H

Annexe 8 Alex Oram – Final report Councillor Hyman issued to all parties 8.6.18_Redacted2



Another little effort to turn Godalming’s Green Belt into 50 shades of grey.



Please, Sir can we have some more… (houses)?

Save Broom and Lees
… because Godalming residents believe the Green Belt matters.

Broom and Lees is a large sports field on the northeastern side of Hurtmore Road in Godalming, Surrey owned by Charterhouse School.

‘Your Waverley’  has repeatedly sought to protect the Green Belt status of this historic field, which falls within an Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV),
but Charterhouse is demanding that protection is set aside to make way for a housing estate to fill its coffers.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 21.29.58.png

Obviously, David Armitage the schools’ Director of Finance and Strategy is doing a little schmoozing with the locals, and taking his time before lobbing in yet another controversial application at ‘Your Waverley?’ After all, there are only so many proposals for development in the Green Belt that even this sleazy organisation can accept.

But perhaps it will get a little help from its old alumni – or is he too busy climbing up the greasy pole? After all its common knowledge he prefers green fields to brownfield sites!

Calling in the Dunsfold Aerodrome (brownfield site) plan with his colleague MP Anne Milton has delayed development there for years.

Had Dunsfold got consent in 2008/9 it would certainly have prevented most of the development around Cranleigh and almost certainly on the former Green Belt land in Godalming? Thank you Councillor Knowless – and Bramley’s Shut the Gates.
But more recently,  PoW’s challenge has held Dunsfold yet again. Since December 2016 when consent was granted. So it needs  2 years to deal with the infrastructure before even starting to build houses.

So it is two years behind thanks to the call in and the court action. DELIVERY of housing there is now two years behind, leaving the rest of Waverley vulnerable.



21 December 2018
Today a number of residents received a letter, dated 18 December and distributed by SP Broadway, from David Armitage Director of Finance and Strategy at Charterhouse. The heading is ‘Broom and Lees Fields Consultation’.It was written to all those who provided written comment at or following the School’s public exhibition held on 5th July 2018.

In summary, the letter explains that since that time the School has been reviewing the comments received and discussing its proposals with various organisations and has also met with some residents.

The School now “better understands the concerns of the local community” and is “keen to examine these further”. Rather than “rush into a planning application” the School has “decided to review its proposals and re-consider the matter in the early part of 2019”.

Recipients are promised that should there be any further developments David Armitage will be in contact again.

This website   Save Broom and Lees Campaign was established to help provide information to local residents, and many other interested parties,
whose aim is to Save Broom and Lees.

More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.


Its raining concrete – halleluiah? 

Developers – Alfold Estates is digging in for 56 new homes – 19 of which it claims will be “affordable” – only months after receiving permission for 10 homes – two of which were “affordable.”

Yup, you did read that right, in the infamous words of Grace Brothers: ‘Going up!’ From 10 to 56 – that’s a whopping 460% increase!!!

We don’t like to say we told you so but … oh, go on then, why hold back?

We bloody well told you so!

The size of the site of the former Wyevale Garden Centre is the same as the previously approved scheme but the developer has just got greedier. Though at least this is a Brownfield site due to it being – a garden centre – and there won’t be many of those judging by the development we have witnessed.

Isn’t increasing numbers once permission has been granted getting to be a bit of a habit in this borough of ours?

 A month ago Waverley agreed to allow A2 Dominion to remove all the affordable homes in Phase 1 of its consent for 265  in nearby Alfold Road, Cranleigh.  It intends to put them in one great lump across the road at West Cranleigh Nurseries. Now the developer wants to increase the 67 to 75 of phase 1. saying – “Please Sir – can we have more? 

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.27.43

Here’s what Alfold’s councillor Kevin Deanus said last time: No doubt he will have another fight on his hands – 

Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

Because here’s what the developer claims: There is unprecedented housing need and the Government wants 300,000 homes built every year to meet the need.

  •  There is concern Waverley itself is not producing enough homes to meet the identified need.
  • Only 519 completions in the borough 2017-2018. Falling short of the 590 p.a. in the Local Plan Part 1. Reminding  Waverley has also continuously delayed the production of its Local Plan `Part 2 and Neighbourhood Plans which demonstrates that the council DOES NOT  have a five-year land supply. Completely ignores the 1,800 homes permitted a few hundred yards away!

The locals cannot believe how Cr*p the Alfold scheme is. They claim there is nothing innovative about the builds asking:  – “How many houses in Alfold have balconies and Teeny Tiny front Patios?? The developer’s  Design & Access statement regurgitates all the usual drivel of the wealth of facilities in the Village within walking distance.

An M & S and a cafe = a self-service in a garage with a drink dispenser!   Residents have no idea where the Café is…. Any ideas appreciated.

One told the WW…

“I am so glad that you can walk down Loxwood road to the Vets – Apart from General Appointments how many people walk their sick dogs to the Vets for 1/2hr???” This developer like all the others is Piggy-Backing off the back of the Dunsfold Park Development saying it is they (Dunsfold Park) who is going to provide all the new Infrastructure for the Village – so why should they have to??

If the residents of Awfold, Bramley, Kerchingfold, Cranleigh, Duncefold, Where-Has-all-the-traffic-Comb-from et al had only listened to the better informed they might well have avoided all the over-development of the countryside that is now raining down upon them.


What are they offering the Village of Alfold? NOTHING except more Houses and Traffic – There has been no Real consultation with the Village just a few meetings with Neighbours, Parish Council and WBC – What about the Village?– This is development by stealth because they don’t think anyone in the Village will notice it. Grumpy Denise of  Alfold.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 15.05.58.png




The ‘Don’t dump the dump’ campaign works​ for​ Farnham – but not for Cranleigh and​ the eastern villages?


Here in Farnham, there is jubilation that the  County Council has decided not to close our town dump. – But there might not be such good news next Tuesday for the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as  – “poor old Cranleigh.” 

Here’s what one Cranleigh man said: Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 13.55.51.png



Perhaps all those in the East will give the Foreign Secretary and MP for Farnham a toot on their horns as they pass on their way to Witley? Or, will they go through Godalming and add to the traffic there?


Here’s our Farnham Herald today.

The huge outcry from Farnham people was heard by the county’s decision-makers, but sadly when the county meets on Tuesday (29 January) it recommends dumping Cranleigh. 

Despite being Waverley’s latest growth town in the East of the borough – 1,800 homes proposed on Dunsfold Aerodrome –  1,700 + in Cranleigh + hundreds more in nearby villages – residents could be forced to travel to Witley to dispose of their rubbish.  

More than 12,000 people responded to the recycling centre consultation. The only two centres Surrey’s “kitchen cabinet”  proposes saving are Lyne in Chertsey and ours in Farnham. Residents in the East are already travelling across the county boundary into West Sussex, but measures are being taken by the counties’ recycling authority to stop border-bouncing.

Let’s all dump on poor old Witley?

Among the cuts proposed in its “transformation programme” to save £200m, the county council will close 37 children’s centres on Tuesday – including those in Waverley – and is withdrawing concessionary bus passes for disabled people and their companions before and after 11pm on weekdays. Next on the hit list could be local libraries. 

Or perhaps – Cranleigh’s county councillor Dr Andrew Povey, who said three years ago he would oppose further housing development over there –  can pull something out of the bag – and stop the closure?




When will Waverley drop the shops at Blightwells?


Did you miss the revised Waverley timeline for Blightwells Yard in Farnham?


Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 10.08.10.png

Will the Waverley Wallies and the County Bozos shape-up and follow Guildford Borough Council’s example and drop the shops?

The neighbouring borough has obviously read the retail runes. It intends to -abandon its ambitious retail development in North Street and provide more housing.  Council leader Paul Spooner said:

 “Like any sensible council, we have looked again at the retail market and  agree to now progress  with a primarily  residential-based scheme.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 10.20.24.png

Maybe, we’ve missed the latest retail unit that has rocked up to Waverley/Surrey Councils offering to take one of their posh new shops in the aptly named -Blightwells Yard?  Because let’s face it we all know how popular it is!

  Only 5,833

… voted against the East Street development which Waverley and its New Best Friend (NBF) Surrey County Council have foisted upon us all. Perhaps as a kind of punishment for seeking Independence a few years ago?  Now a two-way punishment on the now chaotic one-way A31 dual carriageway using our dwindling taxpayer’s money!

Breaking new from Santander. They’re closing their banks in Godalming, Haslemere & Guildford later this year. More empty shops in our  High Streets?

Now that Farnham town is gridlocked most of the time with traffic, we are all wondering how many more of our existing shops will put up the closed signs? After watching the site deteriorate for 14 years, and watching it resemble a war zone for the past 18 months, Farnham people are asking “haven’t you punished us enough.”

What clever planners we have? Who in their right mind decides that Berkeley’s scheme to demolish Woolmead can go ahead at the same time as the redevelopment of East Street. A development containing not one “affordable home.” Some supporters believe that getting rid of the eyesore is a bonus, others hoped that just a few of Farnham’s period features could have been included in the new development plans. But hey, ho, so much better to have a block of residential flats that look more like Inland Revenue offices. Because whatever they do to it, it can never look worse than what was there before.





Common sense goes out of ‘Your Waverley’s’ window.


Watching ‘Your Waverley’ spending ‘Our Money’ has never been WW’s favourite way to find pleasure, so we’re more than delighted to be able, to sum up, the Waverley budget charade with a well-fitting cartoon found lurking on a Farnham facebook group post.

Council Tax Increase cartoon.jpg

And together with our new best friends, we are investing over £50m in Farnham’s Blightwells shops?

As you’d expect, ‘Your Waverley’ is proposing another above-inflation increase in Council Tax. There will be hefty hikes in most  Fees and Charges, (even dying gets more expensive.) In life and death, let’s squeeze a little bit more out of the voting fodder rather than tackle the unpleasant job of cleaning up and streamlining the crumbling Burys operation. The three-week ‘public’ process of budget setting began last night with the O  & S committee, 

The Conservative administration’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee proposed a 2.99% rise in the Waverley precept – the maximum currently allowed by the government – will then be shoved through at the Executive Meeting scheduled for 6pm on 5th February, before it’s adoption by the Full Council Meeting at 7pm on 12th February.
Sadly the unusually sparse committee papers provide precious little detail of where the big numbers come from, so we can but hope that someone is keeping a beady eye behind the scenes for us here at the Waverley Web. We love hearing from officers who are as disenchanted as we are?  

The Waverley Precept forms roughly 10% of the overall Council Tax Bill that we pay, with some going to Surrey Police, and the lion’s share going to Surrey County Council. Last year Surrey hiked up their precept with an extra Adult Social Care increase.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 13.27.43.png

This year we’ve also had Surrey Police Commissioner David Munro begging. “Please, sir can we have more?’ Which judging from the crime-wave sweeping the county, he certainly needs something.

In Cranleigh, – there were 19 incidents – yes 19 in one night last week, the village where developers are knocking £20,000 off new homes and offering more incentives than PPI. Soon no doubt buyers will buy one get one free?

So we can forget about improved efficiency, we must simply get used to the idea of paying more and more for dwindling services. Read a post we made earlier.  Let’s all dump on poor old Witley?

Who, we wonder, is serving who?

Surrey County Council decided yesterday  – despite massive objection – to close 31 children’s centres right across the county – including those in the borough of Waverley. These include centres in Haslemere; Cranleigh; and Farnham. 

Let’s all dump on poor old Witley?



Darling, can you programme the SatNav to the tip?


The powers that be at  County Towers have more or less decided that recycling centres here in Farnham and Cranleigh will close. Ye, ye, we all know there’s a public consultation exercise going on so that they can say they have ticked all the boxes by asking US what THEY want!

And here’s WHY?  Surrey’s head honcho – Tim Oliver told the Waverley Partnership Committee the county council’s finances were in heavy duty dog doo – or words to that effect. It needed to save zillions and flog off County Towers to make ends meet!  The man the WW tipped to become Surrey County Council’s new Leader was first past the post.

They claim – and this is straight from the binman’s mouth – that 55,000 fewer tonnes of waste was collected at the Witley centre last year – because all us goody-goodies are being much more sensible about the stuff we throw away. The Cranleigh tip is the least used and Farnham’s Recycling Centre is to be dumped – literally, because, according to refuse experts it is no longer fit for purpose, is not big enough and the staff there are – “not very engaging. He also Confirmed ” there won’t be a new one provided elsewhere in the present financial climate!’

Wouldn’t more houses increase Farnham’s needs – asked Councillor Carole Cockburn? And the thousands of new homes under construction in Cranleigh, asked Councillors’ Townsend & Povey? What about increased incidents of flying tipping, asked Bramley’s, Councillor Seaborne?

“Fly-tipping in the county of Surrey has decreased said the expert.”

Cranleigh is closing because “it doesn’t generate enough recycling rubbish.”

But it was Surrey County and Waverley Councillor (Godalming Holloway) Peter Martin that turned the wheelie bin on its head when he exclaimed –Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 14.17.31.png

“But even more recycling trips to Witley by residents of Farnham and Cranleigh is certainly going to cause very harmful congestion in my area.”

Because Farnham people will have to travel via Godalming or Elstead.   Cranleigh people will either have to travel on a one-way, no passing places across Hascombe Hills at Loxhill named “The Rat Run” by Protect Our Waverley – where everyone can give a toot to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt or do a crap run through – yes – you guessed – Godawfulming.

So there you have it, folks- we are not generating enough recycling – which is why the people of Farnham and Cranleigh may have to go to Witley. 

In other words: It’s our own bloody fault for doing what we are told by ‘Your Waverley and Your Surrey Councils. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 10.50.06.png Surrey County Council decided this morning after holding its public consultation to close 31 children’s centres across the county including those in Waverley. These include the thriving centres in Haslemere, Farnham and in Cranleigh.