Who do you think​ they are?

Here’s your Yuletide Parlour Game – beats charades any day – Happy Christmas to one and all.

Never mind celebrities tracing their family trees to discover their origins, the Waverley Web has a far more interesting game afoot. It’s the 21st century’s answer to the 19th-century card game …


Forget whiling away the long, dark, Christmas nights playing Scrabble and watching Torville and Dean, or the Strictly Special, instead indulge in our new game of Speculation for all the family (patent pending!) AKA Whose Initials are they?


Following Alfold Parish Council’s reluctant acknowledgement of its Money Dealing activities on behalf of the Dirty Dozen (AKA the Parish Councils) who subsequently became known as Little Briton’s Seven and Protect Our Little Corner, Crystal Tipps Weddell recently opened her Cash Books revealing the astonishing extent of her money gathering operations – take it from us, the Widow Twanky had nothing on Crystal Tipps!

Although some donations had no acknowledgement – which one would think would cause some raised eyebrows, at the very least, amongst the Council’s Auditors – Crystal Tipps did inscribe initials against some donations, thus giving birth to our delightful new Yuletide parlour game!

We anticipate – and apologies in advance – for the not inconsiderable angst this is going to create in some households amongst those who have heretofore blithely given the impression to friends and neighbours that they donated BIG BUCKS to ‘The Cause’ but haven’t. Sorry to out you stingy buggers so publically but, as a gesture of goodwill, if you want to send us an email, contact@waverleyweb.com we’ll happily publicise your donation here on the Waverley Web!

Brace yourselves! Below, we give you the Waverley Web’s very own version of The Sunday Times’ Rich List

Donation Initials       Name?
£5,000       HO
£1,250       RG
£2,500       RG
£2,500       PW                 Peter Winkworth?
£100          MM                Miriam Margolyes? Surely not? This successful Grand Dame of stage and screen would have dug a little deeper, but perhaps she felt she’d done her bit with a voice-over for POW’s PR campaign?
£2,500       BE
£25            DW                  Can’t be Denise Wordsworth? Bless her. She hides nothing? 
£500          AB
£2,500       JH
£500          CH
£10,000     MS
£20            BM
£5,000       MS
£500          AG                    Alan Groundless? Surely not? He’s renowned locally for being as tight as a duck’s ass!
£100          RB
£100          SF
£125          RN
£50            KH
£100          DE
£600          NPL
£100          HA
£500          CC
£100          FP
£1,000       SW
£1,000       VD                Sounds unpleasant … what idiots gave their child those initials?!
£500          AB
£2,500       MS
£2,500       SA
£2,500       VD                 Surely there can’t be two people with the same initials? That would be too much of a coincidence!
£5,000       OH
£300.00     GP                A bit stingy when you consider how many GPs there are in Waverley –  and what they earn!!!

£20.00      H
£2,500      PW                Not Peter Winkworth again, surely? But he’s never made any secret of how much he hates the DD.
£2,500      JW                
£5,000      KI                  Could be a typo. Did Crystal Tipps mean KPI?
£25           AJ                   Surely not! AJ from Strictly?
£2,500      HG
£500         CH
£2,500      SL
£5,000      RC
£100         RTH
£500         AB
£2,500      JH
£5,000      CO                   Charles Orange Esq? Surely not, Crystal Tipps would have called him OJ!
£100         BP
£1000       TD
£5,000      JH
£100         RK
£25           KL
£500         JB
£250         JHS
£2,000      VF
£2,000      CL
£250         LHD
£300         JM                     Jenny Masding?
£1,000     HS

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 21.59.43.png

Congratulations Beverley. Another act in the Awfold pantomime ?

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