Oh,​ What folly! – Another Farnham field bites the dust – thanks to an unelected Government Inspector.


The unrelenting determination to target the towns of Farnham and Cranleigh to meet Waverley’s housing targets continued this week.Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 10.27.41.png

An unelected Government Inspector has over-ruled a democratically elected planning authority, and the will of  Farnham residents, by allowing 100 new homes in Folly Hill.

 Waverley planning officers refused the scheme on fields south of Upper Old Park Lane on a site occupying part of the medieval Farnham Old Park, using their delegated powers.

Many hundreds of Farnham people objected to Catesby Estates Ltd and Bewley Homes plans. But the determined developers refused to take NO for an answer and lodged an appeal.

Now a government inspector Philip J Asquith has sent an Exocet missile into Waverley’s Local Plan and blown a gaping hole in Farnham’s Neighbourhood Plan!

He claims Waverley has a “significant shortfall” in its delivery of housing against government targets, and specifically its ability to deliver enough housing to meet demand over the next five years.”

He said: “I consider the council’s stance on a five-year housing land supply to be somewhat optimistic.”


Shops are closing… all around us… Merry Christmas everyone.


Surrey County Council comes in at No 3 in our Top of the Shops spending spree chart.

The scale of these casino investments is eye-watering!

This is the story with all the recent data:



Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 13.31.29.pngThe public overwhelmingly believes councils should provide greater transparency on property investments, a survey by YouGov shared exclusively with the Bureau has found. Our investigation reveals some of the smallest local authorities in England have amassed debts the equivalent of more than ten times their spending power to buy commercial property such as shopping centres, supermarkets and business parks. The number of councils investing in real estate to generate revenue has doubled in the past two years.

Councils say the deals are low risk and bring in extra revenue to replace funding cut by central government. However, some experts have warned borrowing to fund the purchases ties the future of vital public services to the uncertainty of the property market.


Tis the season to be jolly? Isn’t it?


Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.45.52.png

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Yes, folks, it’s the time of year for a little festivity and reflection over the Rhubarb Gin and here, at the Waverley Web, before we hang up our quills for the seasonal frivolities of the New Year we would like to take the time to remind you of some of the highlights of 2018. We will also remind you of some of the moments you may want to forget!

The New Year kicked off with Waverley residents moaning about the reduced hours of the borough’s recycling facilities and being told to get in their 4x4s and travel to Witley!   Many were not impressed – their Chelsea Tractors, with surround sound and plush leather seats, were designed to travel in style not loaded with detritus!  Some threatened to regularly recreate Bonfire Night at the bottom of their garden, others quietly went for an evening jaunt and … fly-tipped!  Result: Surrey County Council found itself footing a £800,000 clear-up bill!  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot …
Over here in Farnham, we end the year on a sour note – that has nothing to do with the Sour Cherry Gin one of our numbers has been distilling for our Christmas festivities – after learning that our own recycling centre- and another over there in Cranleigh – face the big heave-ho!  Apparently, that’s Surrey County Council’s idea of progress!  
Meanwhile, parish councils may make Bonfire Night a monthly event. They could suggest residents pile up their detritus on village greens and Farnham Park and get together to light the fire and exchange gossip over a hot toddy/glass of Pimms?  
See the blazing yule before us
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
Strike the harp and join the chorus
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
Follow me in merry measure
Fa la la la la, la la la la 
Elsewhere, the Berkeley Bunnies continued burrowing in Cranleigh.  Unfortunately – or fortunately, as far as they were concerned! – they claimed they couldn’t see the wood for the ancient trees, which they were felling at an alarming rate.  Typically, POW was nowhere to be seen!  And, with not a breath of opposition from Capt’n Bob, Little Britten and their motley crew, nor a word of criticism from Waverley Planners, job done the Berkeley Bunnies then set their sights on Farnham – and now they’ have demolished the Woolmead! With no affordable homes! We’re tempted to say, they breed like … but we’re advised by our legal eagles that could be misinterpreted as derogatory to rabbits! And…Batty Bamford has the police onto us!
Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.45.52.png
Paul Follows (don’t mention the word Liberal Democrat) Waverley’s new boy on the block started to flex his muscles and irritate everyone at Waverley Towers by asking questions and demanding answers. Some of which he is still waiting for! Who the hell does he think he is … Jeremy Hunt?! Will he get answers? Oh no he won’t!!
Godalming was re-named by locals, Godawfulming after too many scandals to mention – and the less said the better about the former Mayor who has joined the real chain gang rather than the Mayoral one! 
One we will mention, though, is the Hot Air Scandal.  No, silly billies!  Not the one where  JPC Chairman, Peter Isherwood, and his Deputy, Oh-Carole Cockburn, made derogatory remarks about the villages of Cranleigh and Ewhurst when they – now who’s the silly billies?! – forgot to turn off their microphones. No, we’re referring to the Air Quality Scandal when the police were called in to investigate some dodgy goings on in Damien – The Omen’s – department. Needless to say, an underling has been charged and The Omen has bu****** off to pastures new where he’s pocketing another gold-plated salary and pension.
So, there you have it, folks, Waverley Residents get the Dupes of the Year Award and Waverley Borough Council gets the Liar of The Year Award.
Yes, we know you were all betting on Capt’n Bob Lies receiving that one and, we must confess, it was a close run thing but, in the end, Waverley pipped Capt’n Bob to the post.
Talking of Capt’n Bob, it’s been a pretty miserable year for him: not only did a local tradesman name him and shame him for not paying his bills, after 16 years of blood, sweat and chaffing, the Dunsfold Developer finally swept all before him and got his planning consent in the teeth of Capt’n Bob’s lies.
Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.30.51.png
And in the aftermath of Charles William Orange Esq, of Hascombe Place, letting his facade, as a genial local squire, slip when his buttons were pushed at the Public Inquiry into Dunsfold Park and he reverted to his factory settings and revealed what a nasty little hypocrite he is, he was outed as a developer in his own right – in other people’s back gardens, not his own!  What shameless hypocrites some people are.  They hurl unpleasant abuse – about people who live on sink-estates – and tell any lie, all in pursuit of their own NIMBY ambitions.  In these days of social media, you can’t get away with it – what goes on in the Parish Council used to stay in the Parish Council … now it goes on the Waverley Web!  As Crystal Tipps (AKA Widow Twanky) and Nick Pidgeon found out to their cost!
Another  REWARD notice went out for Dr Andrew Povey – best known as Our Little Povey – after he de-bunked his predecessor Alan Young. By the way, has anyone heard of Kodak Pete since his de-selection? And has anyone over there in the East seen or heard of Our Little Povey – other than bidding for the county council head honcho’s job? Didn’t he say something about stopping the over-development of Cranleigh?  Well, we’ve only one question for Our Little Povey: WHEN?
There was lots of angst about building on flood plains over there in the East and lots of angst about kicking the bats out of the Belfry at Farnham’s Blightwells. Needless to say, homes are being built on stilts on the flood-plains and the bats have bu*****d off to Basingstoke in hot pursuit of the former Chief Planning Officer!  Talk about bats – and rats – abandoning a sinking ship!
Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.33.46.png
Poor old Potty has been driven dotty leading ‘Your Waverley’ through the mire into which her Local Plan looked set to sink. But, bolstered by her rave reviews on the Waverley Web (we blame those fishnets!) and the well-honed (not to mention expensive) skills of some notable Rumpoles, she has done a fine job of keeping the Waverley Train on the tracks – so far!  It just goes to show, give a girl the right stockings and she can conquer the world!  Poor Old Capt’n Bob and Little Britten never stood a chance once La Potts took over the helm of the Good Ship Waverley.
After a tough year at the coal face, Liz the Biz – AKA Betty Boot – announced she was hanging up her hobnails and retiring on a high!  Waverley has, after all, an adopted Local Plan under the guidance of Liz the Biz and La Potts.  Something a motley collection of their predecessors – Richard Shut-the-Gates, Robert Knowless and Matthew Evans – singularly failed to achieve.  Just goes to show, if you want something doing, put a woman in charge!!!
For the coming year, those of you with shares in Tiger Balm (which we’re reliably informed has been a regular bulk-buy from Amazon under Betty Boot’s leadership) may want to brace yourselves for a fall in the share price following Liz the Biz’s departure.  
Poor old Hodge the Bodge – leader of the County Council – couldn’t stand Our Little Povey breathing down his neck …, or did slicing squillions off the council’s spending plans all became too much for him? Either way, he resigned as Leader and as Councillor for Warlingham.
It would be very remiss of us not to mention Farnham Residents’ very own Mungo Jerry who, with cat-like-cunning, has refused to be quashed by Betty’s boot or slain by Potty’s whip over the lack of “a proper assessment of the Borough’s Special Protection Areas” (SPA’s).
We could, of course, go on and on and on and on and on … because there have been so many priceless goings-on in the Borough of Waverley again this year but as it’s the season of goodwill we’re going to be kind and draw a line there.
Our apologies to those who are miffed not to get a mention in this year’s highlights – the Lettuce King, Andy Cranleafy, A Touch of Frost, By-Pass Byham, Sleepy Goodridge, to name but a few … it’s not that you’re not worthy of a mention, it’s just that it’s a busy time of year.  But, don’t fret, we’ll still be here next year and we’ll be only too happy to give you prime time as and when you do something to deserve it!
We would like to wish our contributors and followers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you for all your comments and your e-mails, they’re what inspire us and enable us to keep this blog going.
We would also like to thank our local authorities, councillors and statutory agencies for giving us the material to give us a laugh, make us cry, and w promise to keep them on their toes and provide us all with many more memorable moments. 
Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.45.52.png

Roll on 2019.


Who do you think​ they are?


Here’s your Yuletide Parlour Game – beats charades any day – Happy Christmas to one and all.

Never mind celebrities tracing their family trees to discover their origins, the Waverley Web has a far more interesting game afoot. It’s the 21st century’s answer to the 19th-century card game …


Forget whiling away the long, dark, Christmas nights playing Scrabble and watching Torville and Dean, or the Strictly Special, instead indulge in our new game of Speculation for all the family (patent pending!) AKA Whose Initials are they?


Following Alfold Parish Council’s reluctant acknowledgement of its Money Dealing activities on behalf of the Dirty Dozen (AKA the Parish Councils) who subsequently became known as Little Briton’s Seven and Protect Our Little Corner, Crystal Tipps Weddell recently opened her Cash Books revealing the astonishing extent of her money gathering operations – take it from us, the Widow Twanky had nothing on Crystal Tipps!

Although some donations had no acknowledgement – which one would think would cause some raised eyebrows, at the very least, amongst the Council’s Auditors – Crystal Tipps did inscribe initials against some donations, thus giving birth to our delightful new Yuletide parlour game!

We anticipate – and apologies in advance – for the not inconsiderable angst this is going to create in some households amongst those who have heretofore blithely given the impression to friends and neighbours that they donated BIG BUCKS to ‘The Cause’ but haven’t. Sorry to out you stingy buggers so publically but, as a gesture of goodwill, if you want to send us an email, contact@waverleyweb.com we’ll happily publicise your donation here on the Waverley Web!

Brace yourselves! Below, we give you the Waverley Web’s very own version of The Sunday Times’ Rich List

Donation Initials       Name?
£5,000       HO
£1,250       RG
£2,500       RG
£2,500       PW                 Peter Winkworth?
£100          MM                Miriam Margolyes? Surely not? This successful Grand Dame of stage and screen would have dug a little deeper, but perhaps she felt she’d done her bit with a voice-over for POW’s PR campaign?
£2,500       BE
£25            DW                  Can’t be Denise Wordsworth? Bless her. She hides nothing? 
£500          AB
£2,500       JH
£500          CH
£10,000     MS
£20            BM
£5,000       MS
£500          AG                    Alan Groundless? Surely not? He’s renowned locally for being as tight as a duck’s ass!
£100          RB
£100          SF
£125          RN
£50            KH
£100          DE
£600          NPL
£100          HA
£500          CC
£100          FP
£1,000       SW
£1,000       VD                Sounds unpleasant … what idiots gave their child those initials?!
£500          AB
£2,500       MS
£2,500       SA
£2,500       VD                 Surely there can’t be two people with the same initials? That would be too much of a coincidence!
£5,000       OH
£300.00     GP                A bit stingy when you consider how many GPs there are in Waverley –  and what they earn!!!

£20.00      H
£2,500      PW                Not Peter Winkworth again, surely? But he’s never made any secret of how much he hates the DD.
£2,500      JW                
£5,000      KI                  Could be a typo. Did Crystal Tipps mean KPI?
£25           AJ                   Surely not! AJ from Strictly?
£2,500      HG
£500         CH
£2,500      SL
£5,000      RC
£100         RTH
£500         AB
£2,500      JH
£5,000      CO                   Charles Orange Esq? Surely not, Crystal Tipps would have called him OJ!
£100         BP
£1000       TD
£5,000      JH
£100         RK
£25           KL
£500         JB
£250         JHS
£2,000      VF
£2,000      CL
£250         LHD
£300         JM                     Jenny Masding?
£1,000     HS

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 21.59.43.png

Congratulations Beverley. Another act in the Awfold pantomime ?

Yesterday… no room at the Inn. To-day no room in the bin?


No room at the Inn for 24 Cranleigh families?


Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.33.46.pngAs we prepare for the Christmas festivities, unleash foodstuffs and gifts from their plastic/wooden cardboard containers – dozens of them – let’s spare a thought for those poor old Surrey County and Waverley Borough councillors. Because after Christmas and the closure of the consultation period on January 4 the county council has to get to grips with the conundrum?  To close or not to close our recycling centres here in Farnham and in Cranleigh? And if they do, our borough councillors may have to pick up the detritus in their ‘bring bins?’

Sadly, Cranleigh looks a dead cert as its RC is deemed (by the county council) to be the least used RC in the county!  And anyway, its residents claim they live in a village? However, Farnham people have almost raised the Riot Act in their opposition to the closure of its huge town recycling centre. Particularly as we will be forced to cross the county boundary into Hampshire, and pay for the privilege of using its facilities.

So what will we all do in 2019? Stop buying and giving? Stop gardening? Stop moving house and extending our properties? Shall we have Bonfire Night every month? Or shall we demand that our essential services remain, and local government staff no long receive final salary pensions – and live like the rest of us who lost ours years ago?

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.45.35.png




No room at the Inn for 24 Cranleigh families?


Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 10.06.32.png

It may be Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine for some of us – but it is more like a Bleak Mid-Winter for the residents of Penwerris- a home of multiple occupancies in Cranleigh New Town. They learned just before Christmas they are about to lose their homes.

Because the property at 124 – 118 Horsham Road, Cranleigh will soon be demolished to make way for a block of 24 des reses for over 55’s (oh! and that’s old in planner-speak). And a few houses – which are now “bungalows” in planner-speak. By  Renaissance Retirement. A one bedroom flat according to the company’s site will cost around £450,000. A snip really?

When the 24 families, including young children, heard Waverley Planning Officers say that their particular homelessness circumstances were…

 not a planning issue” and they would be dealt with by “our housing department`” and  once evicted would be offered accommodation in “a Woking hostel.” 

No Waverley hostels? Really…None? No room in our Inn?

So they can all sleep soundly in their beds this Chrismas in the full knowledge that all will be well? Won’t it?

 Cranleigh councillor Patricia Ellis declared an interest in the scheme, presumably because she wants to occupy one of the des reses? One of the Stennett duos voted against the other half voted for the scheme – which balances things out nicely.

 Cranleigh Councillors and Deputy Mayor Mary Foryszewski voted for the scheme but has since offered her help to the grieving families, which will no doubt reassure them but Councillor Elizabeth Townsend was vehemently opposed and said so in her own inimitable style. 

So the onward march of concrete continues unabated over there in Cranleigh – and in the New Year, there will no doubt, be more to come? Maybe, just maybe, just a few of those oh! so desirable affordable homes coming Cranleigh’s way will be providing a bed or two for the residents of Penwerris? After all, isn’t that who they are being built for – or is it downsizers from London?

Let’s hope the Sorry Advertiser, a regular reader of the Waverley Web, picks this up and runs with it and gives is a splash all over its front page?

 Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 09.12.00.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 19.07.36.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 19.10.11.png




PPP…​Pick up a Parking ticket? Or go around in circles?


Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 09.32.23.png

Or you could just around and around in ever decreasing circles here in Farnham – just looking for a parking spot!

Here’s a letter from David Wyle – one of Farnham’s Fearless Five who is regularly featured on the Farnham Herald’s pages. Same David unmasked as being the hand behind the Waverley Web.


IT WAS interesting to read Carole Allen’s account last week (Herald letters) of the difficulties of parking in Farnham.

Over four days since then, between 10.30am and 12.30pm, I have fitted in time for a morning constitutional around nine Farnham car parks, three of them supermarkets.

The six parks that affect the three streets referred to – the Borough, Downing Street and West Street – were, with minor variations between them and the other three, pretty much as she found them, with drivers circling around to find non-existent spaces.

The other three – St James, Riverside 2 and Riverside 3 – have more empty spaces, with Riverside 3 hardly used at all.

It’s too far away. It takes a quarter of an hour to reach the centre of the town on foot, and if you are frail, have a young family or have lots of stuff, park and stride hold no appeal.

Riverside 3 is the one years ago that Cllr Taylor Smith claimed didn’t exist and covered up with expensive turf before unveiling it fully fledged some months later.

It is not that Waverley hasn’t tried, it has just made bad choices, particularly with the outer three, and has no ideas on offer pre-Christmas to compensate for the loss of around 280 spaces in the Dogflud and old cinema sites because of the horrors of East Street.

Why not, for example, open the parts of the site not being worked at the moment, like the old tennis courts and, indeed, the cinema site?

We know by now that imagination, flair and thought for the public are not Waverley’s defining traits, but it would be more than a little welcome if it could at least try.

So as you trail, in increasing pre-Christmas frustration and despair, from one park to another, put the responsibility where it belongs – on our stumbling, fumbling, unimaginative council.

David Wylde,
St James Terrace, Farnham

WW Happy Christmas David and keep up the good work.

In the meantime commiserations to all those shoppers who will be picking up their Christmas presents/groceries and… a parking ticket!

If it makes you feel better – Waverley councillors can park for free in any of the borough’s car parks.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.41.12.png17.05.18 – Haslemere Herald – Waverly accused over fines in ‘parking blitz’

The great private nursing home debate goes on and on – ad nauseam.



Here at the Waverley Web, we have been covering, from afar, a saga over there in the East of the borough over a replacement cottage hospital that has morphed into a Private Nursing Home. Villagers are becoming increasingly upset because they can’t get answers to their quite legitimate questions. What exactly is the money they raised being used for? We believe it was around £1m. Why did the parish council agree to its land being used for a private venture? Why did it permit access to residential development of 28 flats for health workers from anywhere? The rumble in the Cranleigh jungle is growing… watch this space!

Is the parish council, which supported the scheme just a week ago having second thoughts? Because tonight it has an item on its Agenda where it will consider, behind closed doors,  taking legal advice which it says is – in the public interest.

Isn’t it time Cranleigh people received answers to their questions. Isn’t it time Cranleigh Parish Council called a public meeting? 


Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.45.28.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.45.56.png

I’ve got to say that I’m humbled by peoples interest in my background and where I come from, you only had to ask.!!!!!! The other question I got asked was why I am so interested in Cranleigh Village Hospital?
Well, I have lived in and around Cranleigh all my life, we were brought up in council housing and my parents were very hard workers, and doing so whilst bringing up 6 children. I can never remember my dad or mum ever being out of work.
Cranleigh was a close-knit community back then with a village hospital, loads of independent shops and everyone seemed to get along pretty well.
As the years went by and more and more houses were being built there was a great need for a village hospital, and our family often ended up there to have wounds dealt with or to see an out of hours doctor.
To cut a very long story short, my mum used to do voluntary work at the hospital with many others as she wanted to give something back to the community. My mum also helped run the Friday club for mentally handicapped adults which as a family used to help out with.
My mum sadly passed away earlier this year and it got me thinking about how people like my mum who cared for other people so much would have loved to have that same community spirit back again.
I am not doing this to get my name out there or to get thanks but simply to try and get our Village hospital back for those people that worked so hard to keep it going.
I hope that you now know why I feel so passionate about losing everything that Cranleigh used to offer.

Hodge the Bodge CBE off to enjoy more time with his golf clubs/family/garden…?


Former Tory Council Leader David Hodge has decided to follow the example set by former Prime Minister David Cameron to leave his Local Government post  –  and let his successors clear up the trail of mess he leaves behind?

The Conservative Councillor for Warlingham has now offered the county council his resignation forcing a By-Election in his Surrey constituency seat. Still, what’s a few more thousand pounds of our money going down the pan to find yet another Tory to replace him?

What is it about these Tory politicians that when they are no longer head honcho that they simply cannot bear to continue working for the voting fodder who elected them? Here at the Waverley Web, we suppose it’s not much fun dealing with the everyday concerns of Warlingham folk when you have spent seven years playing your very own game of  SODOPOLY with taxpayers’ money.  


Councillor Hodge was the subject of national controversy in 2017, shortly after being awarded his gong when he proposed a referendum to increase Surrey’s council tax by 15%, to deal with its burgeoning financial problems.

He claimed he had done a deal with the then Communities Secretary Sajid Javid over future funding. Perhaps, he just couldn’t stand the thought of continuing his county role when SJ becomes the next Prime Minister?