The temperatures rising.




The shadow’s high on the darker side
Behind the doors, it’s a wilder ride
You can make a break, you can win or lose
That’s a chance you take when the heat’s on you
When the heat is on

Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
Caught up in the action I’ve been looking out for you
Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
(Tell me can you feel it)
(Tell me can you feel it)
(Tell me can you feel it)

The heat is on (yeah) the heat is on, the heat is on
It’s on the street, the heat is on (I can feel the fire)
The heat is on (flames are burning higher)
The heat is on (baby can’t you feel it)
Yeah, it’s on the street
The heat is on (I can feel it in the fire)
The heat is on (flames are burning higher)

The heat was certainly on – cooking on gas, according to our followers  – at the last meeting of Alfold Parish Council, when concerned residents rocked up with the intention of getting to the bottom of the Parish Council’s new role as cash collectors for Waverley’s worried well-to-do?

Unfortunately, Clerk Crystal Tipps-Weddell – had been less than diligent in distributing the requested information, giving only a chosen few,  no time to plough through pages of donations. Fine, if you’re an accountant or someone familiar with analysing spreadsheets at a glance, but not so fine if you’re Joe Public whose only experience of columns of figures is pouring over your monthly bank statement from Lloyds – or, in the case of Waverley’s worried well-to-do, Messrs Coutts & Co! 

Concerned of Alfold hadn’t got to grips with the facts and figures but, no doubt, that was the whole point of the ruse orchestrated by Cash Collectors in-Chief Crystal Tipps and Nic Pigeon. Treat em mean and keep em keen –  telling residents if they want answers – “go back and read all the past minutes.”  Presumably, they want to stay shtumm about the affluent’s effluent?

What was absolutely staggering was the fact that between 20 April and 15 September 2017,  Alfold PC ********d  on POW’s behalf a staggering £246,073.45. In a mere five months! So they were averaging a cleanup rate of £49,214.69 per month! No wonder Crystal Tipps claimed £26.14 in parking fees and £40.04 in postage, she must have been running from bank to post office on a daily basis at the height of her money moving exploits!

Equally interestingly, Alfold PC banked 99 donations in total during that period, which made the average donation £2,485. However, as you might imagine, that was far from the case! Most of the donations were for considerably more, with the most popular sums donated by individuals being £500, £2,500 and £5,000. One or two high rollers (or do we mean developers?!) stumped up £20,050 and £10,000 respectively and there were several dups at circa £7,500 a poop – oops! We meant to say pop!

POW themselves contributed a measly £3,000! Talk about all mouth and no trousers – or, bearing Stacey Strumpette in mind, all fur coat and no knickers!

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Parish Councils that stumped up for the Public Inquiry into Dunsfold Park, decreased to Ocean’s Seven (or, in this case, Little Britton’s Seven!) during this period, contributing £39,100 between them, as follows:

Alfold                  £10,000

Busbridge PC      £5,000
Chiddingfold PC £5,000
Dunsfold PC        £5,000
Hambledon PC   £6,000
Loxwood PC        £3,100
Shalford PC         £5,000
Wonersh PC       £10,000

The moral of this tale: If Capt’n Bob Lies and Little Britton persist in their delusion that a Planning Judge doesn’t understand planning law and decide to pop along to the Court of Appeal TO-DAY and plead poverty – again! – we strongly recommend that the Dunsfold Developer, the Secretary of State and Waverley Borough Council point the Judge to their quite remarkable money-raising powers. If this bunch of Bozos can raise on average £49,214.69 per month, there’s no reason on earth why they shouldn’t pick up the tab for the fights they pick, instead of leaving it to US, the Waverley Tax Payer to run along behind them poop-a-scooping their dirty little dump it all on the taxpayer habits!

Talking of Stacey Strumpette, rumour has it the Dunsfold resident may have attended the Parish Council meeting? 

Apparently,  Stacey was pouring over a copy of Alfold Parish Council’s Cash Book, trying to identify which initials were who – we’re told Crystal Tipps had, by a sleight of hand, failed to make a note of the names of donors, referring to them instead – much to Stacey’s chagrin – only by their initials, if at all! Our Stacey enquired, hopefully, into one particular donation of £12,100.00 that had caught her eye and looked terribly deflated when she was told this was just a lazy and inept (our words, not Crystal Tipps’ we hasten to add!) bulk donation posting, so could have been from any Tom, Dick or Harriette – not to mention one of any number of desperate developers keen to stop Dunsfold Park in its tracks.

For those of you who are wondering how Alfold Parish Council spent the dosh, wonder no more, just to give you a little flavour:

£85,592.49 on Barton Willmore Planning Consultants
£6,000.00 on ‘professional fees’ for Victoria Hutton of 39 Essex Chambers
£10,102.89 on Motion Consultants Transport Consultancy Services
£10,828.65 on David Huskisson Associates Landscape Expert Witnesses
£64,070.00 legal representation by 39 Essex Chambers

Rumour has it Dunsfold’s Stacey is now considering a change of profession – or, failing that, a change of stomping ground! Goodbye Dunsfold, Hello Inns of Court. Anything Victoria can do, Stacey reckons she can do too – with a little practice … or is it practise!!!

Oh, and in answer to the member of the public who attended and was told by Little Britton “I am nothing whatsoever to do with POW!”

He was announced in his interview on BBC Surrey – as, yes, you guessed – the Deputy Chairman of POW. 



6 thoughts on “The temperatures rising.”

  1. Oh Dear WW
    You really must try and get your facts right – It was Me – Yes Me (who always uses her own name when posting on this Website) who asked the question about the Bulk Posting Donation – I can assure you I have never been a Strumpet or Stacey Strumpet and as you know from my various posts, I live in Alfold (Not Awfold or Dunsfold)

    I did manage to look at the figures and yes I have even managed to prepare a Spreadsheet – I cannot find anything wrong with the Numbers… You just have to recognise that there are rather a lot of Wealthy people in the area and if you took the time to drive on the A281 towards Guildford (especially when it is gridlocked due to a single cyclist on the road) You would notice the VERY MANY large Properties along the length of it. I don’t think the donations made would touch the sides of these very large wallets. As with any request for Donations, you don’t make it Public as to who has donated and why should APC have to?

    We may be one of the smaller Villages but thankfully people that live around here donated to a Good cause, as I did, although my meagre offering would not have contributed to more than a few packets of biscuits!

    Beverley worked hard on this and it cost Alfold nothing beyond what they had committed to spend. Her extra time was paid for out of those donations as was the travel, postage/stationery etc

    SO Please WW – Give us a break – and Stop trying to make out that there was anything Dodgy with these payments. It made sense for there to be one repository for all the donations whether they be individual or from the other Parishes and if you took the time to look, the Accounts have been signed off as all above board by the External Auditor.

    I will happily send you a copy of my Workings – if it will stop you slandering Our Village
    As ever in Grumpiness
    Denise WORDSWORTH – Not Strumpet!

    1. Sorry DW at no time did we wish or intend to confuse you with SS. Who would? We also admire the fact that not only do you put your name to every comment that you make, but your interest is not confined to your patch.

      You are no one-trick pony, and whilst we will never agree with your view that the countryside can be sacrified on the devlopers’ alter whilst there is an accepted brownfield site available, – you are of course entitled to your view.

      It is a sad fact that the villages of Alfold and Dunsfold- and for that matter Cranleigh have in their midst an established aerodrome. A site which has given employment to many thousands of pople over many years. hopefully, it will now provide much-needed homes for many families.As you have said homes that are truly affordable.

      If Dunsfold joins the other direputable developers who are dropping their affordable home numbers, faster than Stacey Strumpett can drop her drawers, then we shall be shouting it from the rooftops. Berkeleys have achieved it here in Farnham at the Woolmead – no AH’s – others in Haslemere, Godalming and Cranleigh have followed.

      As for the parish council and the donors. We rest our case. But were you asked if Alfold PC could spend half its annual precept? Were the people of Chiddingfold, Loxwood, Ifold, Shalford asked? And, why do you suppose Cranleigh, the parish that will take the brunt of the Dunsfold development, decide not to join them? Why did Alfold’s former borough councillor, and Cranleigh councillor Mary Foryszewski back Dunsfold from the outset?

      Quite simply, because she had the vision to realise that if she didn’t the East would get the worst of both worlds – and sadly now it has!

  2. Ono, now youv’e gone and dunnit Wavey,,, acusing a Respectible Wooman of been a Strumpet!!!

    as She sez Wavey ~~ that was’nt me at the Awfold Parrish Counsel meeting;; i do’nt have time to go out in the evenings,, im 2 bizzy workin … doncha know Wavey we Working Girrls are Lady’s of the Nigth … wev’e not much to do in the Mornings cept Sleep but in the Evenins when the Moon & Starrs cum out; so do we…

    an ive tolled you i do’nt live in Dunsfold … but i do live in Waverly :: look back at my Previuos Posts Wavey ~~~ im not a Duncfold Residant!

    well as Denise sez,, {hello Den,, how ya doin?} theres plenty of Large Wollits around [and as you know thats the only Thing wot imppreses me wheer Men are conserned] … up n down the 281 … but mostly hidden a way in the little Countrie Lanes coz they do’nt like the Traffick much (who duz?)and if they puts their Hands in there Pockits there Donasions would’nt Touch the Sides of there Very Large Wollits!!! Very Well Put,, Den,, wish id’ thourgth of that meself !!! u have a Way with Words … must be coz your a Words’ Worth! 😀

    An e sez [wavey] im’ all fur coat and no knickers,, well Wavey theres some truth in wot your sayin 4 once,,, but how you know it {the no nickers bit} must 4ever Remane a Mistery … im not one to go Carsting Aspertions on Innosent Poeple … unlike Sum. 😉

    AS 4 me considdering a change of Proffesion::: well il’l have u know that Proffesional Fees of £6,000 are not that much to me … on my Scale of Fees;;; yo’ud be Supprized at wot sum Menn will pay me to do,, but it Costs em … corse i like it in used 20pound notes unlike {i geuss} that Victorea you mension … i do’nt like to pay Taxes when i do’nt have to but She”s a Lawwier so she has to Abay the Laww 😉 😉

    Keepit Up Wavey,, go on makin up Stuff outta yer Head::: most of wots on here is Compleat Fixsion and Nuthin todo with Reallity !!!

    WordsWorth was a Poiet was’nt e? i wondered Lonely as a Cow … or sumpthin … plenty of Cows round here {not you Den i mean real Cows,,, black n wite with Horns} down at the Springbox estate wich i think is in Awlfold or may be on the Border … and Dafferdills in spring;;

    Enuff of this Wofflin,, i gotta get ready to go Out … i have an Outcall tonite in a Classy area of Surry were they have a Gaited Comunnity … one of those Plaices with a Nummericle Code to open the Gates … not 1234 either … meating a nice Man with a Very Big Wollit … and h’es on his own 2nite {but not 4 long} ..

    Luv, Stacy {the jennuin one} xxx
    “Keepin it Reel”

    1. Sorry Stacey, here at the WW we have so many fish to fry, particularly over the other side of the borough,we can’t be bothered to respond to the tosh you spew forth. So hopefully now the deed has been done over there in the East of Waverley, and due to the stupidity of people like yourself that part of the borough will now take almost half the borough’s housing quota, you will not darken our doors again?

  3. Stacey – Thank you for making me laugh… After a day of VAT returns – You cheered me up! You really are a hoot – But I have a horrible feeling you are not all you seem – and I hope that you don’t shock your “Guest” tonight with what is below the belt!!
    As ever in Jest

    1. my evenning went very nicely thank you Denise … a real Gentelman … and i think e got his Moneys Worth {payin up front of corse} ,, not on the 6000pounds Proffesional Fees scale [i may of been Exadurating a bit there!;; sorry bout that] … but anyways,, if your someone like me who does’nt mind a bit of the old Rumpy Pumpy;, its a more Conjeaniel way of earnign a Living than submiting vat returns… ;-D

      Luv, Stacy xxx
      “theres no Acounting for Taists”

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