Godawfulming’s fed-up dog walkers barking mad!

 Is  Surrey County Council’s new initiative called… Pay and Conserve? 

But the good news is… The disabled can walk their dogs FREE! Whoopee! But you have to pay by credit or debit card or by phone! This includes  Newlands Corner one of the county’s favourite beauty spots.,


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Rodborough Common is the latest area to be targeted as a Surrey County Council cash cow! But Waverley Council has a much better idea. o how to use one of the borough’s car parks. Read it here: Haslemere needs YOU! So let’s all support its petition to save its car park.


Councillor Peter Martin warns parishes … hands off my 25%!

So our local towns and villages take the burden of development – but get a pittance of a handout from the financial proceeds? So who exactly will trouser the cash?

It was pretty clear from the debate that ensued at a meeting of Waverley’s Value for Money Overview & Scrutiny Committee – that when the Community Infrastructure Levy comes into play – (the cash paid by developers to mitigate for the extra burden on local services of more housing) it could disappear into a big black borough and county council hole! And let’s face it, there are lots of them!

So the question is? Is Waverley Borough and Surrey County Councillor Peter Martin minding the county council’s back?

petermartinwantsourCIL Councillor Peter Martin doesn’t even want parishes to get 25% of the funds! (They only get that amount if they have an adopted Neighbourhood Plan in place, if not that figure goes down to just a measly 10%!) He believed there could be a greater need in “other areas.” We wonder where those “other areas”  might be Councillor Martin? Could it be into the big black hole pothole you preside over at Surrey County Council?

One thing is certain: The first dip into the bucket, that according to Waverley Officers will only receive a million pounds in the first year CIL operates will go to – yes you guessed – to ‘Your Waverley,’ for a new member of staff. In subsequent years officers say it will receive more millions. But why not squillions? Simple – nearly all the housing for the next 15 years already has planning consent. Because developments were granted, during a period when Waverley had no Local Plan in place, and therefore was unable to charge CIL!! NO PLAN NO CIL!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.16.21

 The really good news is that  Waverley is just about to spend another douche bag of Council Tax Payer’s hard-earned cash employing a Section 106 Officer! Yes, that’s right folks, you read it here first! Waverley BC has just appointed a Section 106 Officer so now they’ll be no excuse for POW or the Civic Society, Farnham Society or any other Tom, Dick, and Harriet bleating that they don’t understand which developers are shelling out what and where because they’ll all be able to pick up the phone and ask the Section 106 Officer. Apologies in advance to the newly appointed officer who will now, no doubt, be inundated with calls about Developer’s financial largesse. But, look on the bright side, at least we’ve given the newby a heads-up. After all, we know all new recruits at The Burys are told to log onto the Waverley Web if they want to know what’s going on at the Council!

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Here we go Looby Loo! Here we go Looby Lie!




Cranleigh Civic Society could be justly proud of itself last night. On one of the hottest days of the year, it inveigled enough concerned Cranleigh residents to abandon their deck chairs, G&Ts and BBQs and totter down to the Band Room where it was standing room only.

The room was bursting at the seams, it even attracted Godalming Lib Dem Borough Councillor Paul Follows, strange that Cranleigh’s own Borough Councillors – The Stennette Duo and Pat Ellis (soon to seek re-election) didn’t drop in?

The problem was, on taking a closer look, our Cranleigh Correspondent reported that, sadly, there wasn’t a face under fifty in the room! Where have all the young people gone? Oops! We forgot! Silly us! They’ve all moved down the road to Horsham because they can’t afford to live in Cranleigh anymore!

But it was hardly surprising villagers heeded the clarion call from the Civic Society when one looked at the BIG RED SHOUTY CAPITALS that were emblazoned across the Cranleigh Society’s apocalyptic flyer and it’s new Chairman’s presentation material:









It read like a trailer for every disaster movie Hollywood has never made! No wonder the citizens of Cranleigh – all those not on the 19:30 London Waterloo to Guildford that is – abandoned their BBQs in their droves and flooded into the Band Room.

Terry Stewart, Cranleigh Civic Society’s newly elected Chair, has parachuted into the village from Dorset and, keen to blow his own trumpet, has boasted of his position as former Chair, then President of Dorset CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England).

Indeed, according to Mr Stewart, Cranleigh Civic Society ‘has been strengthened and energised to fight the growing avalanche of proposed housing’ following his appointment.’ No false modesty there then! And, having spent eight years leading a team of six villages and communities in their fight to see off the threat of house building throughout Poole and Bournemouth, he’s now landed in Cranleigh and, with the determination of a committed CPRE zealot, wants to do for Cranleigh what he did for Dorset.

We can’t help wondering why he didn’t get to Cranleigh  earlier – shutting door after  horse has bolted comes to mind! 

STAND BY YOUR BEDS, CRANLEIGH! Mr Stewart has littered the Cranleigh Society website with photos of his former campaigns as a small taster of what he has in store for its members – a demonstration outside Parliament and a procession to Downing Street to present a petition to the Prime Minister. But what the Waverley Web wants to know is why, having fought so frigging hard to prevent plans for a new village at Lytchett Minster, he didn’t hang around to enjoy the fruits of his labour?

Instead, with the bit firmly between his teeth, he appears to have cast around for another borough in need of saving and has brought his fire and brimstone to the village dubbed by Waverley councillors as ‘Poor Old Cranleigh.’ According to a fellow Committee member, who shall be nameless to spare his blushes, Cranleigh Civic Society now bears more than a passing resemblance to the SAS … In their fantasies! More like Dad’s Army if last night’s line up was anything to go by!

Now, we should explain here that the Waverley Web is a firm supporter of the CCS’s efforts – particularly as Cranleigh people have been sleepwalking into a development disaster for years. Quite unlike our Farnham residents. You only have to read the Farnham Herald Letters Pages to see how vocal we can be. However, we are sorry to say Mr Stewart has revealed himself to be a scaremonger who’s not above telling a few porky-pies in order to rabble rouse. Taking his inspiration from Project Fear (and look how that turned out!) during the course of his presentation, Mr Stewart alleged, amongst other things:

  • I met with the highway authority (SCC) today and they are considering widening the Shere Road. (Does he mean over the Surrey Hills – Nelson will get his eye back first!)
  • In our meeting with WBC Leader Julia Potts and CEO Tom Horwood,  they said they are going to build a multi-story car park in Village Way.
  • They are going to knock down Stocklund Square and build another underground car park under flats and shops.
  • Just between you and me, I’ve heard talk of 6,000 houses at Dunsfold!  They’re already building factory units at Dunsfold which are pushing more traffic onto OUR roads!
  •  Why isn’t Dunsfold Park paying any CIL [Community Infrastructure Levy]?
  • In Dunsfold Town, the developer will be building all the houses BEFORE they build any retail outlets! So where are all those new residents going to be coming to shop? Cranleigh! Clogging up the roads into our village and taking up the already limited parking spaces!  Has he stopped to wonder how the hard-press Cranleigh traders feel about him publically objecting to more footfall through their stores?
  •  Crest Nicolson has planning permission for two phases [of development] and is about to put in for a third!

Seriously, folks, this was a rampant scaremongering, half-truths and self-serving propaganda! and it doesn’t serve the interests of the good people of Cranleigh. If you had a passing interest in buying a home over there  you would be running for the Surrey Hills – oops (perhaps not.)

And, not unnaturally, it did what Mr Stewart intended.  There was much huffing and puffing from the audience and it wasn’t anything to do with the lack of air conditioning! People were concerned about what they were hearing. It was apocalyptic stuff. 

Thankfully, It was left to Liz Townsend, a founding member of the Cranleigh Civic Society, Parish and Borough Councillor, to introduce a reality check and tell it like it is, like it really, really is. In measured but cheerful tones Mrs. Townsend corrected many of The Stewards (sic) messages – and in some cases his hugely distorted – pronouncements: She said:

• There is currently permission to build 1,800 homes at Dunsfold with the potential to increase that number to 2,600 and possibly as many as 3,400.

However, even the existing consent for 1,800 homes is under threat as CPRE, and Mr Stewart’s new besties, POW, have launched a Judicial Review to challenge Waverley’s housing allocation and development at Dunsfold Park respectively.

For her part, Mrs Townsend said she very much hoped the JR did not succeed because if CPRE scuppered Waverley’s Local Plan, Cranleigh would be left without any protection whatsoever! Cranleigh was, in her opinion, better off with a Local Plan. Without one it would be virtually impossible to fight off proposals to develop Ruffold Farm, Nottcutts, and Crest Nicolson’s Phase III.

Mrs Townsend admitted she wasn’t completely au fait with the small print surrounding Section 106 Agreements (S106) -v- Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) but she did know that it wasn’t possible to levy CIL unless a local authority had an adopted Local Plan – something Waverley simply did not have when it granted consent for 1800 homes at Dunsfold Park. And, on a positive note, the big advantage, for Cranleigh and other surrounding villages, of Dunsfold Park paying S106 monies instead of CIL was that CIL could be called upon and distributed borough-wide whereas S106 could be retained and spent locally to mitigate the impact of a development on the surrounding area.

And the really good news was that Waverley was just about to spend another douche bag of Council Tax Payer’s hard-earned cash employing a Section 106 Officer! Yes, that’s right folks, you read it here first! Waverley BC has just appointed a Section 106 Officer so now they’ll be no excuse for POW or the Civic Society or any other Tom, Dick, and Harriet bleating that they don’t understand which developers are shelling out what and where because they’ll all be able to pick up the phone and ask the Section 106 Officer. Apologies in advance to the newly appointed officer who will now, no doubt, be inundated with calls about Dunsfold Park’s financial largesse. But, look on the bright side, at least we’ve given the newby a heads-up. After all, we know all new recruits at The Burys are told to log onto the Waverley Web if they want to know what’s going on at the Council!

Suffice to say the Civic Society, which was founded with such good intentions by Liz Townsend et al, appears to be fracturing under the new leadership of Terry Stewart. The people of Cranleigh want FACTS, not FICTION, Mr Stewart! 

And facts are what some residents wanted  in relation to what is going on with the long-awaited Cranleigh Village Hospital? And then another argument was narrowly avoided as Trevor Dale and Liz Townsend clashed over their understanding of …, well …, not to put too fine a point on it, what’s NOT happening at Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust! Strange that one of its Trustees never opened his mouth?

But that, dear readers, is a whole other post; yet another tale of scandal and skulduggery in leafy, lettuce strewn Cranleigh!

What can we say except: Watch this space!

Haslemere needs YOU! So let’s all support its petition​ to save its car park.

Haslemere which was one of the country’s original rotten boroughs is now seeking support to fight the rotten borough of Waverley.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 15.50.05.png
Bet they wish they still did?
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 23.20.05.png
This is the popular town car park which once hosted fun fairs and which is now under threat.

Another one bites the dust – unless of course we all gang together.

Waverley Borough Council has submitted a Section 16 application to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the Wey Hill (Fairground) car park. A popular car park that hosts around 190 cars per day.

Its cunning plans are included in the Local Plan Part 2 under its Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

Proposed deregistration of common land by Waverley Borough Council’s – Wey Hill (Fairground) Car Park, Case Reference: 3205089

Waverley Borough Council wants to deregister this site as common land and temporarily resurface it, with a mixed-use redevelopment of the site, including around 50 flats, likely to come forward later in the plan.

No surprise there then?

The council makes no specific mention of the 50 flats in its Section 16 application, dated 14th June 2018, to deregister the land. That decision was made in February this year by the Waverley EXECUTIVE.

This is a petition sent to the Waverley Web by the concerned folk of Haslemere Town. If you live in the far reaches of the borough you may not want to take the trouble to sign the petition? But remember it will be your turn next and one day soon you may need their help!

We, the signatories of this petition, believe the loss of this precious common land and community asset in the heart of Wey Hill in Haslemere is not in the best interests of the neighbourhood because it can currently be used for the benefit of the community, including for parking, whereas, if it is deregistered, it can be used for any purpose without being in the interests of the neighbourhood.
* Copy of Section 16 application to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the Wey Hill (Fairground) car park
** Waverley Borough Council – Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies
(Any individual representations in respect of the proposed deregistration and exchange may also be sent in writing ON or BEFORE Monday 16 July 2018 to: Common Land Team, The Planning Inspectorate, 3F Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN or commonlandcasework@pins.gsi.gov.uk.)

This site has been included In Haslemere’s Neighbourhood Plan, but until Part 2 of the Local Plan is in place, the NP is not yet constituted. Of course, there is no mention of the 50 or so dwellings in the application to de-register the common land, all that comes later! In the Community Engagement exercise, the locals wanted a mixed-use development, including parking underneath with community space above.

People are suspicious Waverley just want to deregister so they can sell it on and generate revenue. You can see in the petition comments from unhappy of Haslemere.,
Is this Waverley’s idea or the Town Council’s? If it is a WBC cunning plan – who is behind it?

Click on the link below to sign up to help Haslemere.



They ain’t giving up until the fat lady sings and the singing takes place in the High Court on July 12th.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 05.36.20



Anxious wait for High Court judicial review hearing – ON 12th JULY 2018.

OBJECTORS who lodged three High Court challenges against the “excessive housing numbers” in Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan will hear ON JULY 12TH – if they will be granted a Judicial Review according to  WAVERLEY’S DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS.

Waverley has set aside £300,000 to defend its Local Plan Part 1 against two judicial reviews launched by campaign group Protect Our Waverley (POW) – and one from CPRE Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Waverley approved part one of its planning blueprints to 2032 in February. In April, POW and CPRE Surrey lodged separate challenges objecting that the housing target of building 11,200 homes by 2032 is too high, given the borough’s landscape constraints.

Both groups object to Waverley taking up half of Woking’s “unmet” housing need as well as its own, which adds  1,600 more houses. They argue the decision was “unsound”.

In May, POW launched a further High Court challenge against the Secretary of State’s recent decision to approve 1,800 houses as “unsustainable” at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

POW’s action is effectively a renewed assault on part one of the Local Plan, which relies on at least 2,600 houses being built at the airfield to help meet Waverley’s housing target.

 Subjects including Dunsfold are to be discussed at the AGM of The Cranleigh Society to be held at The Band Hall in Village way Cranleigh to-day Tuesday. at 7 p.m. The village dubbed by ‘Your Waverley’ as ‘Poor old Cranleigh’ is getting quite desperate? Is it because house prices are dropping and the property market is deader than a doorknob?

Waverley received an order from the High Court stating that the challenges against Waverley’s Local Plan and the decision to grant planning permission for Dunsfold Aerodrome will be now be heard together.and all parties were notified that a High Court hearing to decide if the challenges should go to judicial review was to have been heard on Thursday, July 5, and each welcomed the decision to draw the three challenges together. 

Obviously, some or all of the parties had difficulty in getting their acts together as it has now been put back a week.

Responding, Waverley leader and Upper Hale councillor Julia Potts, said: “In the interests of efficiency and in the public interest this is the right decision for Waverley and its residents.”